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June 9, 2011, Comments(12)
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Weaponized e. Coli Found to Contain Plague DNA

Dr. Rima Reports on the extraordinary breaking story: Plague DNA Inserted into the Super e. Coli! What are we to make of this? General Bert’s eyebrows went up when he heard. “Weaponized disease… again…” is all he has said so far. But Dr. Rima reports, clearly, another data point has been stored in his mind… What to do? Dr. Rima recommends, and explains below, Nano Silver.

They tell us the “Super bug E. coli 0104:H” is terrorizing Germany, causing otherwise healthy people to develop Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS) in which their kidneys fail, their red blood cells explode and then, tragically, they die.

Germ sleuths and clinicians alike have been even more horrified than the average Spanish cucumber eater (the vegetable pinned with the blame for the lethal outbreak). The general public just wants the disaster to go away. The doctors want to know why, what and, now, WHO is responsible.

E. coli is found in the guts of every mammal and is generally harmless. In fact, it is present in massive quantities: half of the volume of the normal bowel excretion is made up of their huge numbers. But when a good germ goes wrong, it can cause disease in the host or anyone who picks it up through contamination or lack of hygiene.

And E. coli 0104:H4 has gone very, very wrong, with, it would appear, quite a bit of help from its friends.

Mike Adams, the intrepid Health Ranger, revealed to the English speaking world that this extraordinarily aggressive E. coli (from a family of bugs which are normally passive and non-aggressive in the extreme) had been systematically genetically altered through laboratory manipulation, to be totally resistant to 8 classes of antibiotics.

Natural News Article Link:

“European health authorities are leaping at the opportunity to spread fear about organic foods while ignoring the obvious true cause of the contamination in the first place — the widespread abuse of antibiotics in animal farming operations… The e.coli blame game has become a circus of musical chairs. First, they blamed the Spaniards as a form of retaliation for Spain’s resistance to accepting GMOs. This act drove Spanish farmers into bankruptcy through a savage campaign of rumor-mongering. After ravaging the Spanish vegetable farmers, they began to randomly instill widespread fear about a variety of vegetables: First it was cucumbers, then lettuce and then finally tomatoes. And now, the blame has come full circle and is now being cast upon organic sprout growers in Germany!”

Learn more:

He pointed out, quite correctly, that without sustained and careful laboratory manipulation there would be no way for this organism to acquire total resistance to these drugs since the drugs are not used in agriculture and the bacteria would not encounter all eight of them in nature.

The only reasonable conclusion is that colonies of normal E. coli had been intentionally, systematically exposed to each of the antibiotics in turn and the surviving colonies had been propagated and then exposed to the next antibiotic. The surviving germs were now resistant to both of the antibiotics to which they had been exposed. The process was repeated until a super bug was created which would not yield to any of the antibiotics that doctors would customarily use to treat the infection.

This is the only rational conclusion to which the evidence points.

Of course, by who, and why, the altered organism was deployed has not yet been established. A psychotic graduate student with aspirations to be a mass murderer? A corporate ploy to discredit independent agriculture and force the total industrialization of food to keep it “safe” from contamination (that is, the organized intentional contamination of all food by the folks who make the agrochemicals and GMOs which allow more of them to poison us and the drugs that you take when you get sick from the food)? A dedicated globalist loyally pursuing the “great culling” of us “useless eaters”?

NO Food Control Action Item:

So what we knew was that a forced natural selection had been used to create killer super-super bugs. Now we know that genetic manipulation of the GMO sort has been used, as well. Truly, a weaponized bug if there ever was one…

Helge Karch, the director of the Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s CDC). who heads a consulting laboratory at the Münster University Hospital in Germany says that he has discovered that the super killer contains DNA from E. coli, which is what he expected. It also contains (unexpectedly for those who don’t expect such genocidal manipulations) DNA from the organism that causes plague, responsible for wiping out a quarter of Europe’s population during the Black Death (1348-1351).

Please pay attention here: we are talking about the Black Death. Seriously.

Bubonic plague is caused by Yersinia pestis and is one of the most feared of all disorders. So when Dr. Karch blithely assured the German population that there is little danger of an outbreak of plague from this organism, he is clearly whistling through his Spanish cucumber.

Although we all love to be reassured, there is no one on planet Earth who can reassure us that we are not already facing a new plague. This one, however, rather than resulting from an unplanned, but wildly toxic combination of rats, lice and history, would be the intentional outcome of an unnatural selection process and a high-tech genetic manipulation to create a death bug. A weaponized bug.

Deny the genocidal agenda at your peril. I, for one, can see no reasonable option to the conclusion that the mad [wo]men at the helm of the realm are consummate murderers, killing randomly for their own unspeakable ends.

A bright note, however: there is no way in which any organism can become resistant to nano silver. None. Faced with the presence of a plague, a weaponized super plague, an ordinary infection or a genocidal assault through organisms of death, I want nano silver on hand, lots of it. Nano-silver is a nutrient that supports normal immune system function.

Ah, yes, nano silver was declared illegal in Europe on January 1, 2011. Can’t use an illegal substance, now can we. The good people of Europe are expected to be good citizens of the New World Order and… just die.

Civil disobedience, anyone? Or perhaps the people are ready to fight for their silver!

I get mine, which is called “Silver Sol” at You should, too.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima –
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation

Your Comment Was Not Abrasive

Eva Sophia

June 13, 2011, 6:28 pm
Your comment was not abrasive at all.

To me it seems that the trend in Congress -- via
lobbyist pressure [aka source of Congressional campaign finance] & in governmental agencies - whose
main mandate is to protect its citizens - is that both are caving into corporate pressure more than ever and serving corporate profits vs. welfare of the general public. I believe people are
waking up to this fact & it is private groups of concerned citizens that are gathering momentum
to inform our government peacefully that this is a democratic republic, not a corporatocracy.

Namaste! ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

Please Forgive Me . . .


June 13, 2011, 9:07 am
if my comment sounded a bit abrasive.
You are absolutely right that this situation is troublesome.
Obviously the whole truth is not out yet.
What is most troubling is that 'Big Pharma' has the power not
just to sway governments - but even to influence the kind of
legislation they create.
In my view it is time we told governments everywhere that we
are not a resource to be plundered, we are a people who demand
honest government and the right to enjoy the basic human rights
and freedoms we are supposed to have.

Blessings - O

Dr. Rima IS A Professional,

Eva Sophia

June 10, 2011, 4:46 pm
Dr. Rima IS a professional, in fact an MD.

Please check out Dr. Blaylock, MD & his explanation on e-coli, part of which is called, "E-coli 101."

Orthodox "officialdom" in the medical fields are heavily imbued with politics and monetary interests
[our entire health system is a business model for profit] so I question the pure, neutral bias that
you assert it is based on.

I take nothing personally and I refrain from advising people as to what they
"accept as TRUTH." It is for each person to come to his/her own truth and conclusions.

As a freshman in college, a reading list contained the book, "How to Lie With Statistics" so even
pure numbers can be manipulated and twisted to fit a "hypothesis." And yes, the "scientific method" is merely based on a "hypothesis" which can ultimately be overturned & revised. "Nothing is written in stone" -- there is no static, stationary TRUTH except the immutable laws of how the cosmos works.

Mainstream media is most often a "handmaiden" of corporate interests [via ownership & advertising] so I wouldn't place too much blame on them in propagating "untruths."

Thank you for your input; our perspectives are very divergent but VIVE LA DIFFERENCE. As long as
we "agree to disagree" and remain civil, it is all good! ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

I Understood Ur

Earth Angel

June 10, 2011, 6:52 am

I understood ur intention and I know it was not to frighten and mess up people. I only wanna say that there are more than enough false information about this E. Coli epidemy around. Of course people read all kind of stuff in the media, they have to sell themselves. My problem is the unbased and false information that they spread and scare people. I just cannot see why people don't look for information from professionals. Maybe there is no conspiracy everywhere after all. Maybe part of the world's population just doing their jobs and living their lives. I remember the H1N1 pandemia created urban legends and fake facts and such. It's happenining time after time, this is human nature I think.
All what I wrote was really about my dismay toward the media, and I hope you don't take anything personally. :-) Also I advice people what they accept as truth...

Untampered With E-coli Are

Eva Sophia

June 9, 2011, 2:14 pm
Untampered with e-coli are ubiquitous within our biological systems, esp. in the gut.
They are not to be feared -- they serve a purpose; everything in Nature, has a function.

It is when we disrupt the "ecology" of an aspect, creating dis-harmony and imbalance that
we start running into trouble.

Yes, washing our hands and vegetables is helpful and a common sense measure; perhaps even
more important is keeping our immune system -- the body's natural defense system -- at
optimal levels through healthy, non-synthetic foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Warmly, ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

Creating Chaos? It Is Already

Eva Sophia

June 9, 2011, 2:09 pm
Creating chaos? It is already in place -- we're just noticing it.

Being a LW means "navigating" intelligently many kinds and textures of energy -- it is not all
"peaches and cream" I'm afraid.

This too shall pass, as the integration and assimilation of the higher energies will make the denser energies via pathogens a moot point. Unfortunately, this understanding is not yet held by the majority of people.

Namaste. ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

I Am Merely Passing On

Eva Sophia

June 9, 2011, 2:04 pm
I am merely passing on information from a reputable doctor and a reputable

As I mentioned in another e-mail above, it is for each LW to
discern if this "rings true" or not.

I am not intimately involved in gathering scientific information on this occurrence, just passing on information for the benefit and ultimate protection of others via measures they can
take for themselves.

The ultimate answers are not in, but what is being discovered as this unravels is troublesome.

Namaste. ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

Fear-mongering Is The Last

Eva Sophia

June 9, 2011, 2:00 pm
Fear-mongering is the last thing I have on my mind -- difficult information is
for each person to discern.

I have been following Dr. Rima's work for many years and this is a woman of integrity.
I would never post anything by anyone I am not familiar with.

It is up to each person to DISCERN -- with an intent of utmost integrity, whether
information "resonates" or not. Please do the same.

Challenging information is difficult to assess and assimilate, but it must be faced
in order not to be "broadsided" by events & preclude taking intelligent action.

Anything I share -- on whatever subject, comes with the caveat,"Take what resonates and leave the rest."

Namaste. ~*~*~*Eva Sophia

Correct Hygiene

Black Ishtar

June 9, 2011, 6:39 am
Hi darling Eva,

Thanks for posting this. Yes it is alarming - every day you hear of a new outbreak of some weird and bizaar disease or bug, never seen or known about before. E Coli has been around since year dot. Infection is easily preventable if you adhere to a strict hygiene regime. Always wash your hands properly before handling any food source, particularly meat. Always thoroughly rinse vegetables, particularly raw ones that you may have in a salad (I hear the E Coli outbreak in Germany originated from bean sprouts). Cook all meat, particularly poultry (Listeria) completely and keep everything hot and cold at the correct required temperatures. Simple, basic measures that can prevent a very nasty and unpleasant experience. Better still - try growing your own veges instead - that is - if you are allowed.
These days, it's really difficult not to absorb these lethal toxins - they're in everything - from the water we drink, to the air we breathe including the soil that grows the food we eat. It's been going on for decades. I feel it's way beyond us now.

Much love to you


And Sorry For The

Earth Angel

June 9, 2011, 6:25 am
And sorry for the typos...LOL...already at my desk and should do my work here :-)

Shiga Toxin Producin E. Coli Strains

Earth Angel

June 9, 2011, 6:24 am

After reading stuff here about E Coli I only can say that of course anyone can thing anything...but
I work for the National Epidemiology Center of my country, I an epidemiologist who is day by day take an active part in the surveillance in epidemies.Also, as I am here I am a lightworker, a warrior of light. Maybe, just maybe we should be more careful what we are posting here, fearmongering never helped anyone as far as I know. We are suspicious, yea...from govermenet conspirations to reptilian bad boys...but c'mon seriouisly guys is thios the best we are capable for? Instead of creating a chaos we should navigate in it...spreading light or something...


Greed And Ignorance -


June 9, 2011, 3:59 am
You could quite possible be right in what you say - but one aspect of this sorry
situation that has not been mentioned in the major media is that Germany breeds massive
numbers of pigs in factory farms.
Pigs are well known to suffer from E. coli infections and quite often whole litters
of piglets can be lost through this kind of infection. Pig farmers use antibiotics
to treat the disorder.
Presumably the farms with the worst hygiene have the most frequent incidence of E. coli
outbreaks and it is not inconceivable that as one antibiotic becomes useless the farmer
switches to another.
Given that farmers are in the business of breeding pigs it is not inconceivable that
one farmer may obtain breeding stock to cross with his own and introduce a new strain
of E. coli to his farm further complicating the resistance situation.
These massive numbers of pigs produce massive quantities of manure - and in Germany the
practice of manuring fields with this effluent is wide spread.
It takes little imagination therefore to suspect that any kind of vegetables grown in an
environment (much of Germany) that is overloaded with manure may pose a threat to
human health.
Bubonic plague is endemic in various species of rodents, so it's easy to see how that
could get into pig feed etc.
It seems to me that when you use artificial methods to sustain a huge concentration of
animal life within a very limited area, that imbalance is going to produce undesirable
In my view we don't need to look for culprits in the form of mad genocidal scientists
when our own collective greed and ignorance leaves us wide open to biological disasters.

Blessings - O


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