Twin Flame Being Kept From Me What Should I Do?

Twin Flame Being Kept From Me What Should I Do?

by Godsend 2012

June 9, 2011, Comments(9)
Ascension talk

So i'll start this story out by saying when i was 17 years old i feel absolutely head over heels in love with a girl.. however she said she didn't feel the same way but i knew she did but was afraid to admit it. so i left town to live my life but i always kept going back to i know she loves i gave up trying to pursue her about a year ago. I've been working on myself... b4 hand we both went through so much darkness in the last 5 years and i mean pitch black darkness.... so anyways about a month ago on may 2 to be exact i decided to send her a message telling her how great full i was to have had her in my life and told her to let go of the past because it helped me become the person i am today.... her loved saved me at my darkest hour but she wasn't ready so i had to leave.. so she replied back your welcome and we should catch up.... i said ok but we never got around to it... so i got on facebook like 4 days ago.... and she had posted something about almost being admitted into a insane asylum.... so i IM her to see what was going on and it's the exact same thing that's going on with me... sever synchronicity's of all the same numbers jumping out at us... beginning to see aura's having vision's.... so i call her later that night and we talked for hours and hours about everything and i felt so amazing. the day she was almost admitted to the hospital was exactly 30 day from the day i wrote that letter. ..... now her family has taken away her cell phone and laptop and won't let her talk to me bc they think i'm making it worse.... but i think i'm the only one who can help her and they just don't understand.... i really believe she is my twin flame....

do you guys think i have found my twin flame & what should i do

thanks ahead of time for all the help

Peace, Love and Light



August 29, 2011, 9:59 pm
Dont look into the logic from the mind. Look from the heart. We cant tell you. But your heart can . If it feels so to you maybe so it is.. And maybe much more then maybe.
After all this you should be shure atleast that this person is important for you for a reason. So find a way to be with her.
I just recived an idea wich may answer your qustion. Do some past life regression meditations and ask her to do the same. Ask your HigherSelfs to lead you on those past lifes wich you were toghther. And compare the visions. (smile) you may find one usefull guided meditation about this on . Not shure if it is still there. Workerd for me.
Much blessings and love,

Definition Of A Twin Flame


August 29, 2011, 4:09 pm
I would like to add a couple of comments.

First, do you know the definition of a twin flame? It is one soul split apart into male and female energies. Opposite and different energies that compliment and complete each other. To find your true twin flame is a rare and wonderful thing.

Not all people have twin flames. They may have a "Soul Mate". This is someone who resonates with your energy. In other words, you feel drawn to them.

I don't think you can directly intervene, however. Because you are not a family member your actions are limited. Send her your prayers, loving intent, and Most Beneficial Outcome or something even better for her present situation.


Twin Flame


August 29, 2011, 4:07 pm
Yes it doesnt matter whether she is your twin flame. I've read alot about the subject and have still been confused whether we are or not ( I guess a clairvoyant can tell? or meeting another TF couple though I am still uncertain)but now I have to except that he is in my life(for now at least)and deal with what it is we have. I can say though I have been spiritually progressing faster than him but I've learnt to accept that. Interested in the numbers that were coming up for you? The number 11 used to come up alot. I kept a list of these occurances.

What Difference Does It Make?


August 29, 2011, 1:12 pm
What difference does it make if she is your twin flame or what?

I mean would you treat her differently if she was or was not? Would you stop caring about her if she was not your twin flame?

Why is this idea of a twin flame such a big deal to you?

I say let go of such ideas and just look after her so that she'll get better. Then learn the things you need and that serve you of that relationship and leave everything else behind. New people, new ideas, and new ways of interacting will come. This is not to say that you won't or can't be with her. This is to say that being fixed on such concepts as twin flames or whatever hinder your spiritual progress and add up extra baggage when you're worrying whether or not she is what you think she might be. Just let go all of that.

Boy, I never thought I would have written all that considering my rant about twin flames a while ago. I guess I'm a different person now.

Twin Flame


August 29, 2011, 11:27 am
I am also seperated by my twin flame but we do try to see each other. We have felt the physical pain when we are apart but I am learning to connect to our love. I have also started to keep a journal with all my feelings which helps. Please be in touch. I am sure there is lots to discuss about twin flames! Some days I disconnect and wonder if we are twin flames at all (those are the lonely days!) but whatever it may be I still believe in my heart we have an amazing spiritual connection. I think if you are twin flames you can never be apart even though you might be on a physically level. I miss talking to him, I miss his voice but I feel his presence all around me.

That's Wonderful. Don't Let

Awaken Louise

June 23, 2011, 7:58 pm
That's wonderful. Don't let fear enter your mind and don't worry about the future. You'll be together again. Let the Angels take care of it. I would advise you to dedicate some of your meditations to her so your higher selves can connect.

Be in a state of Joy and the energies will flow and things that have to happen will happen.



Thank You Both.... I'm Just

Godsend 2012

June 10, 2011, 7:18 pm
thank you both.... i'm just going to step back and let fate take it's course bc in the end she has to do this on her own..... i have faith that we will be together soon enough..... the truth is i think she is still very confused but i know with every fiber of my being that she is my twin flame.... she has to do some work on herself and i still have work of my own to do...... so until that day i'll live every moment of my life knowing that god's love will hold me over until we reunite.......

Peace, Love & Light- scotty

If Your Lives Are Syn


June 10, 2011, 4:30 am
If your lives are syn chronic, use that to your advantage. Make something happen in your life so profound that it will release her parents' hold on her and allow her to come to you. If she's an adult, they have no right to take her things from her. If all else fails, you could report them for theft, but only do that if it's super necessary because it comes with severe repercussions for her parents. Yes it will blast away their grip, but try not to use that method unless you can't get around it. Also, if you want to try the opposite approach, Heather's post sounds quite credible. I'm also bias towards my way because I can't stand people trying to take another person's free will and freedom away. It bothers me to the core, so know that that does play a factor in what I told you, but discern for yourself which way you feel is best in using your heart. Peace = the right direction, tensing up in your heart = wrong way.



June 9, 2011, 5:11 am
It most likely is your twinflame and this seperation process is normal. I would even look at it as a good thing and as progress. When you and your twinflame are seperated, then that means there is more spiritual learning and growing that is about to take place. The reason you can't do it together is because you and she need to become whole within yourself and not whole together through each other. Once you are both whole within yourselves, then there will be more synchronicities. The two of you will be meeting up and seperating several times. Just know that when one of those events take place, that you both are growing and doing what you should be doing. Also, just a side note, don't force anything no matter how hard it may be. You will just be hitting your head against a brick wall and won't accomplish anything. Just allow things to flow in the universe, have faith and know that everything will happen in it's due time!



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