High Council Of Orion Message For 26th June

High Council Of Orion Message For 26th June

by Karen Doonan

June 27, 2011, Comments(3)

Welcome beloveds, once more we are here to guide and support you at this time of major flux across the planet. Many of you are now moving into a new way of BEing and living, this has resulted in much chaos around you and within you. We guide you to detach from the chaos and move into your hearts.

Many of you are struggling to logically deal with your life at this time and we guide you strongly to move from trying to make sense of your life to enjoying and creating your life experience. We guide you as we have previously guided you to move through the new energies and to move into your BEing. For many of you at this time it will be difficult for you to accept how to do this, it will be difficult for you to accept how much power and how much creation is within your BEing. We guide you strongly to move slowly through the initial period of creating so that you do not descend into fear of creation.

The “time” between the thinking and the pouring of energies into your creation and the creation coming into form will shorten and shorten as you move through this process. Be aware dear ones that this will happen and be very careful with the thoughts that go into your creation. It will become easier and easier for you to manifest rapidly.

We guide that as you step into the power that is you that you must accept responsibility for all that your life contains. If you reject the responsibility you may fall back into illusion and frustration. There is nothing in your life that you have not created dear ones, you may have been swayed by illusion to create but create you have. We realise that our words will resonate with many, but equally many will be unable at this time to accept the words that we guide you with.

Know that your outside mirrors your inside at all times. As you move through the process of the new energies this will become more and more apparent to you. Use the mirror to find the shadows that hide deep within yourself. When you see a reflection that you do not feel comfortable with then please take it as the opportunity that it is to work through the shadow that you have just illuminated. It is the process of illumination that will work through your deepest shadows. Please dear ones do not see them as wrong or as a fallen part of your BEing, you are being given the opportunity to work at a very deep level with shadow, embrace this with all your Being and once more watch as you shift and change and hold more light.

The more light that you hold dear ones the more that shadow will become obvious to you. Working with shadow will bring you nearer and nearer to the truth and the shadow will be transformed into the light that in reality it is. Expect major transformations for many of you dear ones, those who are dedicated to bring their core into the light will find this process at times painful but the process is part of the path to joy that your very core BEing is striving for.

Many of you will wonder if you can move through the illusion of fear at the deepest shadows that you encounter, know that the human logical mind will try to stop you from taking the step forward and to move into the shadow to transform it. Know dear ones if the shadow has come to visit and to be cleared then that shadow is within your reach of transforming. Do not be dismayed if you happen upon a lot of shadow that looks deep and painful, this is where you most amazing transformations can occur.

All is now major opportunity for you to move through to more light and love. KNOW that for many of you this is a clearing and major vibrational change to your core BEing. Do not fall into the illusions trap of trying to define what love and light is, we guide you dear ones that LOVE JUST IS. To define when you have “arrived” is to fall into illusion. This is an ongoing process dear ones and as you climb up through the process it will become clearer and clearer to you how the process works. Soon many of you will be able to recognise the shadows instantly and then will transform them at a faster and faster pace. Please do not attempt to move through shadows to get to the other side, the movement through the shadow is the experience that is the key to the next level of transformation that you will reach. This is a process that is followed and followed and followed. There is no “end” goal in any of this dear ones, that is illusion trying to move your view of the moment into the future to lower your vibration. Do our words resonate with you dear ones?

We guide you to allow the process to continue within your BEing, shadow is to be experienced as well as light dear ones. We guide that shadow is not negative, shadow just IS. This process that many of you are experiencing is ongoing and deepening. We guide you strongly to be more keenly aware of the aspects of yourself that are beginning to reveal themselves to you. Work WITH these aspects of yourself. You project you onto the screen that is your life experience, do these words resonate with you, can you see dear ones where we guide you? You create the life experience with your thoughts and feelings about ALL that is within you. It is the ”within you” that creates the life experience. To be able to create the life that you wish to lead you have to be aware of that which is within. To be unaware will show up in your life experience as the unexpected, the pull back into illusion, the tripping up or over. Do our words reach you?

To work with shadow is to uncover your deepest fears dears one, but uncovering them allows you to transform them and it is this light that is then added to the light that you have already within your BEing. Do you see how you add to the light within? How you can expand continually by continually working with the projections that appear on the screen in front of you?

We are here to help and guide you through these experiences dear ones. Know that everything that shows up that is negative in your life experience is a shadow waiting to be uncovered INSIDE of yourself. There is nothing around you that is not you. Do our words resonate with you? We understand and accept that for many of you reading our words this is not a truth that you are comfortable with and for many of you it is not a truth that you can reveal to yourself at this point in the process. We guide you strongly to let it sit within your hearts so that the truth may work its way through your BEing and that you can absorb this truth.

You are now beginning to live fully in your truth dear ones and we acknowledge the great work that you do in this. Know that you are all shining brightly dear ones but also know that you can shine EVEN MORE brightly when you begin to realise what it is that you are projecting. This is a process that is ongoing and will be for some time as you have absorbed a lot of illusion over many lifetimes dear ones.

We wish to guide you on illusion with regard to projection so that it is clear what we mean by projection. We wish to guide a scenario to reflect our meaning. Many of you will read something that triggers you, be it an advert for something, a review of something or something that another has created. Instead of being just aware that it is happening many of you will be triggered into feeling that it is a slight on your BEing. You may feel angry, upset, tearful, anxious or afraid when reading or experiencing what another has created. This is a shadow dear ones. It is actually something that YOU fear that is being triggered by the creation of another. It is not the actual creation for that just IS, the feeling that is triggered is your signal that there are seeds of fear. Acknowledge where the feeling resides within your body, then look inward, look to see what has been triggered. When you can acknowledge that this is an aspect of self then you will heal and move forward, whilst you are stuck with the feeling you ignore the shadow. Do our words resonate with you dear ones?

Everything around you that you experience is of YOUR creation, you are interacting with others creations as well. Know that creation just IS. It is not negative nor positive, it just IS. If you experience the negative you gain access to your shadow. When you experience the positive you gain access to your heart. Both will take you to the truth for you need to process the negative with your heart to reveal the truth.

This process may be hard for many of you, for many of you this process will be a step too far at this point in your life journey. Know that when YOU are ready you will be able to process our guidance and absorb it. YOU will be able to reveal YOUR truth to YOU. This journey, this life time dear one is all about YOU. Know that YOU create, YOU reveal and YOU heal.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We send much love and blessings to you all, from our hearts to yours, for we are ONE. Know that you cannot fail in what you set your heart on if you listen to that heart. Follow your hearts dear ones for that is your road to truth and to freedom. It all starts with listening to your heart.

We wrap you in the love that is within you, around you and IS YOU. We will communicate with you in due course. To communicate with us personally please connect to us. We are here for each and every one of you across the planet. Stand within your heart dear ones, stand within your power. You are each one of you a child of the universe.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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I Always Appreciate The


June 28, 2011, 5:19 am
I always appreciate the teachings of the High Council of Orion. There is much for me to learn and integrate in my life. They resonate with me.

True, some teachings are harder to accept than others but I want so much to grow, to be more free and more happy.

Lots of love and appreciation!!!!

High Council Of Orion... I Am


June 27, 2011, 8:07 pm
High Council of Orion... I am shocked, surprised, without words...wow!!! A few minutes ago I wrote a comment, a reply to Courtland's message and I used my experience as example (what I experienced today..and during the past days)and I gave a few details about it. Then I accessed this message and I read exactly what I have been experiencing!!!!!! ...Oh My God!...I am feeling blessed...loved...amazed ! A heartfelt gratitude! Wow, my HEART! Thank you High Council of Orion! Love & Light! HannaH



June 27, 2011, 6:35 pm
Once again it resonates. And yes, it is hard and getting a bit easier.


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