Attracting The Fifth Dimension

Attracting The Fifth Dimension

by veruska

July 1, 2011, Comments(5)
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June 11, 2011 GOF Lecture
Attracting Fifth-Dimensional Energy

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us look at the concept of attracting fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light both to yourself and to the planet. The main purpose of our working together is focusing on the fifth dimension and on bringing the fifth-dimensional energy to you personally and also to bring the fifth-dimensional energies to the Earth. There is personal work, personal technology and there is planetary technology.

When we look at the planetary technology, then we are clear that the third dimension and the fifth dimension are close to each other. We are also clear that the Earth and the third-dimensional energies must be accelerated, and there must be created an attraction, an attractive energy force, that will bring the fifth dimension into the third dimension. This will allow the fifth-dimensional energy to be downloaded into the third dimension.

This downloading process is also true for you on a personal basis. We would like to first discuss in more detail how you bring fifth-dimensional energy into your personal life. Then we want to discuss in more detail how, as a planet, you can bring fifth-dimensional energy into the planet. Then we will also work with the activation of the Ladder of Ascension in Australia, and we will work with the activation of a new Planetary City of Light that will occur in this session. That Planetary City of Light is to be Nelson Bay, which is also the home of the new Ladder of Ascension. This activation of the Ladder of Ascension and the Planetary Cities of Light is exactly what needs to be activated for continuing this path of attracting fifth-dimensional spheres and fifth-dimensional light to the planet Earth.

First I want to look at you as a personal being incarnating on this planet. Many of you always want to know how can my life be better, how can I improve my situation. Everyone is aware that this planet is increasingly becoming more difficult to live on. Everyone is aware of the many Earth changes that you are personally seeing which are affecting everyone, no matter where you are. Many people have earlier asked where is the safest place to be on the Earth. Where can I go so that I can be away and protected from the Earth changes?

Now it is even more obvious that every place on this planet is vulnerable, and it is difficult to find any place that is not going to be affected by the Earth changes. It is clear that these many changes are going to make your life more difficult. At the same time, connecting with this fifth-dimensional spiritual technology can help improve your life and can help you to cope and to change yourself and adapt.

One of the main adaptations is in the physical body. When you look at the Earth changes, one has to become aware of one’s immune system. The immune system of the physical body has to be recharged and needs to be interacting with fifth-dimensional energy. There must be a greater understanding of clearing and repatterning your immune system. This can be done basically through the techniques that are known as vibrational energy work and vibrational medicine. Vibrational energy work and vibrational medicine are part of the fifth-dimensional new technology that will help the physical body. This vibrational work and vibrational energy is in many cases more effective than some of the traditional techniques of the Western world.

The physical body and the aura and the awareness of the aura are also an important factor in connecting with fifth-dimensional energy on a personal basis. You have to become more aware of yourself as a vibrational energy force, and you have to work with your aura. One of the best ways of working with the aura has always been in the concept of the Cosmic Egg. The updated information is that we need to continually update your aura and continually work with the pulse of your aura. Work with your physical body and connect your physical body with the fifth dimension. You can connect your physical body by working with the vibrational energies and working with your aura and working with the pulsing of your aura.

The pulsing of your aura is an interesting matter. Many people compare the pulse of the aura with the pulse of the human body. You know that if your pulse becomes overly active or overly high, then this could be an indication of a problem. Paradoxically, with the human aura, when the aura is pulsing at a higher speed, you are approaching your fifth-dimensional light and fifth-dimensional energy. In fact, in our exercises with the shimmering, we are introducing now the concept of pulsing the outline of your aura as the introductory step towards relating and interacting with the fifth dimension. You all know that when you meet people who are at a lower energy state, their aura is also pulsing in a lower vibration. One of the spiritual problems is that when there are two people together and one is in a lower vibrational state, then that person will try to bring down the other person to the lower vibrational state. So you have to protect yourself so that people in a lower vibrational pulse do not interfere and do not make your aura pulse at a lower rate.

Many of you are already protecting yourselves with the work that we are doing. Let us look at the second level of how to bring down fifth-dimensional energy into your personal life using your emotional body.

The emotional body also must be activated so that it is receiving fifth-dimensional energy. There are many techniques that can be used for the emotional body. I know that in the past forty years, there has been a tremendous downloading of newer energy and newer techniques for healing the emotional body. Advancements have been made in spiritual psychology and in soul psychology. Advancements have been made in releasing older aspects of the self and reintegrating the self with higher energy. These advances have been truly monumental.

The newer level of emotional healing focuses on soul psychology and with working with the awareness of your previous lifetimes and your soul mission. One now understands that one of the main reasons why you are incarnating here is to work on some of the emotions that you are experiencing. It is clear that the Earth has a unique ability to offer a broad emotional experience that is truly unique. Many other extraterrestrial beings are trying to understand what this emotional energy is about. We have mentioned before the Grays, and how they have no emotional body and how they are interested in transmuting the emotional body of the Earth into their genetic structure.

The fifth-dimensional emotional perspective is also important. There are certain higher vibrational energies, which include love, compassion, understanding and acceptance. These are higher-level emotions. It is challenging in this time to be able to experience that higher level of emotion, especially when you see some of the destruction and some of the suffering and pain, and I must say, some of the illogic of the actions of Man. How can you maintain these higher emotions? You do not want to experience lower third-dimensional emotions, the emotions of jealousy, the emotions of rage, the emotions of anger and the ego. Those are the lower emotions. You want to experience the higher fifth-dimensional emotions. You can connect with your higher self in the fifth dimension. Higher aspects of yourself are already in the fifth dimension, and these higher aspects are able to give you a fifth-dimensional perspective.

What is that perspective? The perspective for your emotional body that will help you connect with fifth-dimensional energy is to realize that what you are observing on the Earth is a drama. Not only is this an Earth drama, but it also is a galactic drama. Clearly there are many different sources, genetically, and of different races and of different energies and of different patterns that have be comingled into the Earth. Those other cominglings are remnants of prior civilizations that have come to the Earth and that have been downloaded into the genetic codes and structures of mankind.

The multiple religions and the multiple languages and the multiple races are representative of a drama that is truly galactic. This in itself raises the question of karma and raises the question of cosmic karma. That is to say that many of the episodes of conflict are based on interactions that actually go beyond the normal cause-and-effect relationships that you see on the Earth. It is difficult to really explain and to understand and justify everything that is happening on the Earth lately. Look at all the different wars and all the interactions and the terrible tragedies occurring now. One cannot comfortably justify the range of suffering and the range of destruction.

These sufferings on the Earth challenge the emotional body. Do not get stuck on the lower vibrations of fear and of anger about all of this. The solution for your emotions is getting a different perspective. The solution from the emotional body’s standpoint is detachment. It is a special kind of detachment, which means that you still care and you still feel. Truly, you don’t want to see this destruction, but you also understand that this is a play you are seeing. This is a drama that you are experiencing. There is a reason even why you have to see this drama. Part of the reason for many of you is that you are being trained to become ascended masters. You are here in part as a learning experience because you are going to go on to other planetary systems. You are going to go on to other realms. This experience that you are now having here on the Earth is so invaluable. It is so valuable for you to witness and understand all of these interactions. That means that you must try to stay on the higher vibrational energy. Emotions can override all of the powerful higher vibrational healing and vibrational energy.

It is unbelievable when you look at the strength of emotions on the Earth and the strength of emotions that you can experience. We particularly recommend that you work with the heart energy and that you keep your Heart Chakra open and clear and that you connect with some of the higher masters that are experts in working with the heart energy. Also, the other big emotional issue is fear because fear is based on the belief that you are not united, that you are not in the unity. When you do not feel connected, you feel isolated and alone. Fear is at the root of many of the emotional and spiritual problems on the planet. People are feeling cut off. The answer to that emotional issue again is to work with the heart energy and for people to realize that there is a greater dimension, there is a greater interaction. People need to feel the higher dimensional and to experience it emotionally.

Now we have to look at the mental body and how you connect with fifth-dimensional energy through the mental body. The mental body is based on affirmations, on belief systems and on thought constructs. This is an important specialty of ours, understanding the thought patterns. It is our understanding that the thought patterns hold together a dimension. This is a profound perspective because on one level, if you look at the third dimension and at the Earth, you have to ask the question: What keeps this together? What keeps together your culture? What keeps together your society? What keeps together all the interactions?

There is an agreed upon thought structure that has been created for the third dimension and that transcends even the lifetime of one person. This thought structure is actually an energy pattern. Your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself and about reality actually create threads of thought and threads of energy. They hold your perception of yourself.

We have talked about the Assemblage Point earlier. The Assemblage Point is a point that is on the energy field of each person that can be activated. It opens up the perception so that you no longer see things through the thought structure of the third dimension that is the basic core that holds together this reality. In fact, there is a greater reality, and the Assemblage Point, when it is opened, will let you see higher energy. You have been acculturated and you have been trained to hold a certain thought structure. We are not making any judgments about the third-dimensional thought structure. We know that we also have to hold together a thought structure on the fifth dimension. We have people meditating that are working full-time to create and hold certain thought patterns. Remember, thought patterns are energy. On the fifth dimension, you can see and experience the energy of thoughts directly. You can see what people are thinking. You do not see what people are thinking on the third dimension. When I say “see,” I mean actually telepathically see and receive their thoughts traveling through the atmosphere.

In working with the fifth dimension and bringing the fifth-dimensional energy into your mental body, you have to work with your thought patterns, and you have to work with your belief systems. What is your belief system about reality? What is your belief system about the fifth dimension? How can you work with higher thought patterns which we call quantum thoughts?

Your belief system is especially important when you are talking about healing. I think when you are faced with physical issues that relate to health, then your belief system about yourself and your belief system about reality becomes even more important. One basic belief that is part of the third dimension is logic, cause-and-effect and linear thinking. Again I am not making a judgment about logic and linear thinking. We can say that logic and linear thinking and science have really brought a great accomplishment and a great advancement in the civilization.

It is also clear that this logic and linear thinking are not going to be able to solve the predicament that the Earth is in. Logically it does not look like there is any answer. Logically it looks like the pollution is going to destroy the atmosphere. The Earth warming is going to make the planet unlivable. There are going to be major shifts so that the current stability of whole civilization will crumble. That is what the future of the Earth looks like logically.

What I am suggesting to you is that there is a transcendent pattern that goes beyond cause-and-effect. That is particularly evident when you are working on healing and when you are working with people who have cancers and when you are working with people who have certain illnesses and do not seem like they are going to recover because there is no pill that is going to solve this issue. There is a belief system, there is a thought structure that will allow a fifth-dimensional intervention into the energy and will allow the healing. That thought structure is based on quantum healing and based on quantum light.

Believing in quantum healing and quantum light is saying that there is a fifth-dimensional energy, a fifth-dimensional pattern. If that fifth-dimensional energy is part of your belief system, and if you believe that you can access an energy that transcends the third dimension, and if you believe that that energy will have an overriding effect on your own third-dimensional situation, then you are opening yourself up for a totally transcendent interaction and intervention.

I am encouraging everyone to work with their belief system and to try and find the new way of thinking with fifth dimension energy. Also this new belief system will include who you are, namely a multidimensional being. Many people want to know who they are and why they are here. In order to understand who you are, we have introduced the concepts of holographic energy. Understand that this part of yourself that you are now experiencing is only a part of yourself. You are a greater self. This greater self includes parts of yourself on other dimensions. This greater self has a presence in another dimension, namely the fifth dimension. You have had many other lifetimes, and you now have the ability to bring together and work with this greater part of yourself through the concept of holographic energy and the perspective of holographic work.

This is a brief summary of the mental body and how to work with the mental body and the fifth dimension. Remember, we are working to connect the four different bodies into the fifth dimension.

The last body we have to look at in this lecture is the spirit body. How do you connect the spirit body to the fifth dimension? How do you attract fifth-dimensional energy to your spirit body? That is what we are working with when we are talking about multidimensional presence. We are saying that you have an existence on another dimension, namely the fifth dimension and that you can access with your spirit that fifth-dimensional body. You personally can receive that fifth-dimensional energy spiritually when you project yourself and when you consciously travel and link yourself to the fifth dimension and then bring that fifth-dimensional energy back into your physical body. This process is, in our opinion, a spiritual revolution and thus a spiritual evolution for mankind. Man is multidimensional.

We continually talk to you about the evolution of Man. We have continually talked to you about how we are observing you on an evolutionary brink, a precipice and a crisis, and humanity must go to the next level. There is a core group of people that must make the change to ensure that all of humanity can evolve. We have referred to this as the “hundredth monkey effect.” This is a term that an Earth anthropologist has come up with to explain about how a large group of monkeys on an isolated island learned as a group a new type of behavior. After the “hundredth” monkey learned the behavior, then the entire group learned it as well. It is very apropos to the current situation of mankind where there needs to be a core group of people who are spiritually awakened.

We are aware that science has advanced more rapidly than spirituality. To help humanity evolve spiritually, we have introduced a new spiritual paradigm called the Sacred Triangle. This is a spiritual paradigm uniting galactic thinking with mystical thinking and Native concepts. The Sacred Triangle is teaching that there is a unity of spiritual thinking that must be embraced that will give you a special perspective. One of the keys of that unity is galactic spirituality, galactic energy and the existence of higher-dimensional beings. Humanity has a rich source of mystical teachings in all of Earth’s religions. Many of the mystical teachings actually have originated from galactic spirituality and galactic sources. Each religion that you look at has links to galactic energies. I assure you that each religion and each prophet has had communications with higher-dimensional beings and the fifth dimension. In some cases there has actually been direct interaction.

Many mystical connections to the religions are connected with galactic spirituality. The Sacred Triangle also teaches that the Native connections to the Earth are also a key component to this new spiritual paradigm. This unites the Native perspective with the Sacred Triangle energy. This leads us directly into our planetary work. You can connect yourself to the fifth dimension, and you can also connect the planet into the fifth dimension. Basically making this powerful connection becomes the task of the planetary healers. One of the main ways in connecting this planet to the fifth dimension is through the Planetary Cities of Light. Planetary Cities of Light are sacred cities on the planet which are being protected and activated to hold fifth-dimensional energy by the Arcturian lightworkers. Currently there are 42 Planetary Cities of Light participating in this Arcturian project. Other concepts which help move the Earth to the fifth dimension include using etheric crystals and downloading Ladders of Ascension around the Earth.

In other words, there is planetary healing technology that can attract and hold fifth-dimensional energies into this planet. Using that planetary technology is one of the main missions of you, the Arcturian starseeds. You are planetary healers. You have come and incarnated here so that you can introduce and use this planetary healing technology here on Earth.

Become aware of your aura. Become aware that it is shaped in the shape of the Cosmic Egg. Become aware that there is a solid line around your aura and think of that solid line as the color of deep blue. Become aware that that solid line is pulsing. It is representing the pulse of your own energy field. Become aware that you can, by your commands, raise and increase the pulsing of that energy of your aura. Listen to the tones of my voice as coming through the channel. As the tones increase in vibration, you can increase the vibrational pulsing of your aura. (Tones “Tat, tat, tat, tat, taaa….”)

Sense that your aura is now pulsing at a higher speed. As it is opening, pulsing at a higher speed, you are opening up your mental body, your spiritual body, the physical body and the emotional body to fifth-dimensional energy. Now, as you are pulsing at the higher speed, you are opening yourself up to planetary fifth-dimensional energy, and you are opening yourself up to the planetary mission. Understand that there is a core number of people that must bring and achieve this fifth-dimensional awareness so that the species of mankind, the Adam species, can make the evolutionary change.

Now, let us take the same concepts and become aware that there is a core number of Planetary Cities of Light that must be created, that must be activated, on the Earth. There is a core number of Ladders of Ascension. There have already been the 12 etheric crystals that have been downloaded. When more people participate in this, then this is going to raise what I call the spiritual light quotient, the spiritual light energy, of the Earth. This will help to attract the fifth-dimensional energies to the Earth. One of your missions is to help make the Earth more magnetically attracted, and therefore, there can be a link. The Earth has an electromagnetic aura, and that electromagnetic aura must be in resonance with the fifth dimension so that the fifth dimension can synchronistically resonate and interact with the third dimension. The fifth dimension can only do that when there is a resonant frequency of light. The resonant frequency of light is coming to the Planetary Cities of Light, to the Ladders of Ascension and to the etheric crystals and also the energy patterns that we have been speaking of relating to the biorelativity and the working with the Earth’s energy field.

In fact, what needs to be asked is, how can you raise the pulse of the Earth? How can you shimmer the Earth? I am happy that we are activating today the Planetary City of Light that is known as Nelson Bay, which is near Sidney, Australia. There are many lightworkers there now who have been able to create an energy vibrational field around the city, and they have worked on placing crystals in key points around the city. And, they are willing to work on and protect the energy field to ensure that only higher energy, higher thought waves, will be working through all the participants.

Think of this city of Nelson Bay, a beautiful city on the bay. Maybe you can visualize it, and I, Juliano, see a great etheric light basket underneath the city. This light basket is so large that the whole city is on top of the basket, and the basket is underneath it. It is an etheric basket. At the count of three, we are going to raise the basket and raise the Nelson Bay etheric energy so that it is directly connected to the fifth dimension. One, two, three, now… and the Nelson Bay, in etheric, is being raised up above the ocean and going up into the fifth dimension and connecting in the fifth dimension to the other Planetary Cities of Light on the planet and also to other Planetary Cities of Light in the galaxy. Remember, each Planetary City of Light is linked not only to each other, but they also now are forming links to the galaxy and to the other Planetary Cities of Light throughout the galaxy. Let us hold this vision of Nelson Bay as a Planetary City of Light. On this day we activate, through this etheric vibrational exercise, Nelson Bay as a Planetary City of Light.

Those who are in Nelson Bay, I will ask you at the end of this exercise, when we are done with the phone conference, to speak to each other and speak about visions of beauty in Nelson Bay. Speak about how you see Nelson Bay becoming a fifth-dimensional city. See how you will be attracting other energies, other workshops, and other people to the area that will continue to hold the fifth-dimensional energies.

Visualize the energetic ring of light around the aura which is the aura of Nelson Bay and visualize now that we are pulsing, we are raising the vibrational energy, the pulse of Nelson Bay. All of you are sending beautiful energy and light to Nelson Bay and I, Juliano, lower the basket back down to the Earth. This etheric energy field has been received by Nelson Bay and by the Group of Forty there in Australia. It is so beautiful that Nelson Bay now is also going to be the home of the next Ladder of Ascension. The next Ladder of Ascension is in a promontory, in a small beautiful hill that is called Tomaree Point [Tomaree Head], and the channel and his wife, Gudrun, with Caroline from the Group of Forty in Australia had previously, around two months ago, gone to the top of this point. They immediately understood that it is a sacred area overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and it has links to many ancient energies from the Pacific. It has links to the energies of the dolphins. It has links to the energy of the whales, and it has links to a clear and very pristine Earth energy force. We are preparing now the fourth Ladder of Ascension on Tomaree Point. For this part of the exercise, I am going to ask Tomar, our Arcturian guide and friend, to oversee the downloading of the Ladder of Ascension at Tomaree Point. I am Juliano. Good day.

Greetings, I am Tomar. I am loving your spiritual energy and your commitment to upgrading and connecting the beautiful Earth to the fifth dimension. I am so moved that you are so dedicated to your planetary work. We on Arcturus love our planet. We are all trained as planetary healers. I think that part of your interest in us is that you want to learn more about planetary healing. We are educated; this is part of our curriculum. Can you imagine if there was a new curriculum in your high schools called “Planetary Healing?” This is going to come.

I am especially connected to Tomaree Point. I am especially connected to Nelson Bay because this is an area of deep connections to the ancient mammals, to the ancient seas. It is also deeply connected to the Aboriginals, and we know that Tomaree is an aboriginal word. Remember my friends, the Aborigines were connecting to the Arcturians, and I have had connections with the Aborigines, and they in their dreamtime have been connecting to their star brothers and sisters. They are aware of the star family. They have used Tomaree Point to look at the stars and to connect with the Arcturians. They were receiving visions, and they were receiving messages from the star brothers and sisters. They would climb to the top and they were fasting. They would be on a period of time where they would be looking for visions on top of this hill.

I, Tomar, am activating Tomaree Point. I am aligning the Starship Athena with Juliano. I am opening up a light corridor. Those who are there at Tomaree Point may be able to see a blue beam of light directly over Tomaree Point, a brilliant blue-white light. I set up a corridor of light over Tomaree Point, a fifth-dimensional corridor of light.

The lightworkers that are there are helping as I am getting ready to download this Ladder of Ascension. You who are there at Tomaree Point are there to receive, and you will feel a new connection, a new access to the fifth dimension. I, Tomar, bring down the fourth Ladder of Ascension onto Tomaree Point now.

There is a great activation of the ancient spirits, the Aboriginal spirits. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the ancient spiritual Aboriginal leaders are in joy and happiness at this acknowledgement. They are happy that we are acknowledging and making more sacred awareness of Tomaree Point. The Ladder of Ascension is now downloaded on top of this beautiful promontory. There will be sightings of dimensional ships that will be around. This Ladder of Ascension is linked to the fifth dimension, and it is linked also to many other dimensions and is linked to many other higher-dimensional beings. This will allow higher-dimensional beings, higher ascended masters, to interact and to visit Nelson Bay. We are happy that this Ladder of Ascension is in the city.

We realize that there are different suburbs, and that Tomaree Point is in a suburb outside of Nelson Bay, but we are considering the whole area as the Planetary City of Light. Those in Australia working with this city, please consider the area as the holder of the Planetary City of Light, with Nelson Bay as the name of the area and Tomaree Point as the holder of the fourth Ladder of Ascension. The Ladder of Ascension is now downloaded.

I would like all of you who are listening to visually connect and also to send your blessings to Tomaree Point. Now send blessings to the Ladder of Ascension on Mt. Fuji. Send blessings to the Ladder of Ascension in Sedona at Bell Rock. Send blessings to the Ladder of Ascension at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Know that all of these four ladders are connected, and they are forming an interactive magnetic link, and this energy is part of a great attractive force so that the spiritual light quotient of the Earth is raised, and the magnetic attractive force of the Earth is increased, and the Earth will now better be able to hold and attract more fifth-dimensional energy. And, the Earth as a planet has the ability at a higher level to attract the fifth dimension, and the fifth-dimensional intersection is coming to the Earth. You are preparing for your own personal ascension. You are also preparing for the planetary ascension.

The Earth as a planet will ascend also. I, Tomar, have seen other planets ascend, and it is such a moving, overwhelming joy to work with and be on a planet that is ascending. Blessings to you. I am Tomar. We are the Arcturians. Good day.

My Immune System Got


July 3, 2011, 4:33 am
"taken down" about 10 years ago, its been a battle getting it back on line since then. I do feel it coming around, I wish they said more about it in this channel. I love when my heart amps up, I've always known it was good energetic work going on and not a bad thing. I will work diligently on pulsing my aura I like the idea. I also think/know my backyard is my individual City of Light. I have put hundreds of hours in anchoring it and lifting my little section of earth up into fifth dimension. Its reciprocal, my yard is boosting me up to 5D too!! What a lovely to think/feel of it all. Thank you for a beautiful sharing, Peace, Light n LOve, Karen

Yesterday, I Mean On 1st


July 2, 2011, 8:13 am
Yesterday, I mean on 1st July, I had a racing heart ...and I have had this feelings for a couple of days and even now. Honestly it could be both the pulse of the aura and the pulse of the human body too. The last two weeks have brought up to the surface so much emotions...very intense ones. We dig deep and deeper in our hearts...we are releasing so much...we feel so much pain (in fact I feel so)...challenges that try our spiritual level. I am sorry for the fact that I still feel pain in my heart...this means I still have shadows...and I know that not detachment will solve these issues but tuning in the core of in these emotions, to digest them, to release and transmute them this way we can get free from these shadows and acces the energy of a higher dimension. Hard work...indeed! Sometimes I think I cannot do it anymore!

It is a very useful information and it resonates with my experiences.

Thank you for this channeling!


That Happened To Me Both Last


July 1, 2011, 11:31 pm
That happened to me both last year & has been happening to me again this year. It's kinda of like your vibrating really fast inside. The past few times it's happened I also started to feel like I was crazy high on something or not exactly in 'reality'. The feeling passes after a little while. I'm pretty sure we get these feelings when we are making a big vibrational jump.

I Feel You


July 1, 2011, 10:37 pm
I too am feeling what you are feeling. I feel like I have an over abundance of energy like i'm about to explode. I feel like every cell in my body is shaking really fast, almost like a pressure is on me. Last night I also had a really intense dream about a solar eclipse and that I ascended and became really light after it was over. Everything still looked the same but the feelings I had were far more intense.

I Was Just Sitting And Was


July 1, 2011, 9:07 pm
I was just sitting and was going to meditate for the second time today and I felt as though I was shaking but on the inside. Similar to how it feels when my heart chakra is spinning fast when i am trying to go to sleep and I feel like I am shaking slightly. But it is my whole if I was wearing a astrounat suit but inside it I was shaking or bopping up and down or something...inside it.

Then this morning I felt such overwhelming energy that even though I was sitting down I had to lay down cause I thought I would pass out and felt that if I tried to stand I would pass out.

I came to the site to see if maybe there was any channeling relating what I am feeling to July 1st or the eclipse and read...

"The pulsing of your aura is an interesting matter. Many people compare the pulse of the aura with the pulse of the human body. You know that if your pulse becomes overly active or overly high, then this could be an indication of a problem. Paradoxically, with the human aura, when the aura is pulsing at a higher speed, you are approaching your fifth-dimensional light and fifth-dimensional energy."

I have been daily working on my aura...I guess I would say then I have been working on it pretty intensely...seriously...and also merging with my higher self.

What the heck is happening to me? lol

Can anyone tell me where to find more info or even if I need to? I feel so funny.



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