High Council Of Orion Message 4th July

High Council Of Orion Message 4th July

by Karen Doonan

July 4, 2011, Comments(4)

Welcome beloveds, we are the high council of orion and we come to support and guide you at this time in your life journey. Many of you struggled with our words and we are here to guide you through the changes using different words and scenarios. We cannot stress more the importance of owning your truth dear ones, of fully absorbing and living your truth. As the energies move and flow within and around you drama will play out. As the dramas play out you may be pulled back into the drama by illusion if you are not in your truth at all times.

The high vibration that many of you have attained may waiver at times when illusion plays upon the seeds of fear within you that you may not have looked at or even realised were there. We guide you dear ones to detach from the dramas that are created by illusion to lower your vibration and to pull you back down. It is perfectly possible to maintain a high vibration and live in truth whilst being surrounded by those who are still asleep. The symptoms you experience when you are affected by illusion may vary but may not be pleasant. These symptoms occur as you try to rationalise two different worlds and vibrations at the same time. We guide you to be wary of trying to live in this way as the illusion will try to gain more and more access to your vibration and will ultimately lower it once more.

Those who have raised their vibration manage to keep the vibration high by acknowledging the truth regarding energy signatures and vibrations. Many of you are unaware of the vibration of another until you descend into drama with that other. Be aware that you are as musical notes moving through your life journey and sometimes the notes will clash with others. This is no reflection on either party involved it simply shows that the vibration does not match. Planet earth is made up of vibration, YOU are vibration, everything alive on the planet is a vibration.

Many of you have difficulty with this concept for you cannot SEE the vibration, the vibration can be felt. That is why we guide living from the heart as the heart can FEEL the vibration of what is around. The illusion guides to use only eyes and ears and teaches that anything not picked up by either does not exist, we guide you to examine this closely, why would this be taught? It has been taught for so long that many across planet earth do not even question the truth in this, many will stay within the confines of the illusions teaching and reach out to those who do question to bring them back in. We guide that this is not truth, there is much, much more but to rely solely on eyes and ears will make this difficult for you to absorb.

Many scientists across planet earth have made inroads into that which is not able to be picked up by eyes and ears but this information is stifled by the illusion. Born of a fear dear ones, a fear that once this is acknowledge by most of the human population then a veil will be torn down. We guide you to have trust and faith in what you FEEL when you read our words not only what you see or hear from them. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do we make sense?

Many of you are now struggling as you were led to believe that energies would settle and life would return to “normal” after the past few months. Perhaps many of you were led to believe that the new age would appear before your very eyes at this time. We guide you to FEEL the new age, it is already here dear ones, it is created by you at all times. Many across the planet are looking outwith themselves for the new age and this is lowering the vibration of human consciousness. It is the resulting confusion between the two differing views, those who understand that the creation is from within and those who look outwith for the creation that is creating the drama that seeks to lower the vibration across the planet.

YOU create dear ones, YOU are responsible for what you create. We acknowledge how helpless many of you feel but we guide that illusion is showing you helplessness for truly you are powerful BEings. The illusion sweeps the rug away from under your feet by creating drama and many attach to that drama. We ask the question why so much drama? Why so much death and destruction across the media, if it was not to lower and maintain your vibration at that low level.

The illusion is aware of how humans feel or it would not play to your fears. For many humans across the planet the fear is so huge that they feel smothered by it, they see no way out of the fear, so big has their mind created the fears. We guide you dear ones to move into your hearts, fear cannot reside in the human heart when it is connected to, for love is there and love will transmute fear. Those across the planet consumed with fear will attach to the drama BECAUSE of the fear that resides within themselves. They are unable to see that it is their energy that fuels more fear and creates more drama.

We guide you to be mindful of your thoughts at all times as the creation within you is beginning to gain power. It can be very easy to create what you don’t want if you focus has shifted without realisation. Fear is an emotion that is easy to spread across the world, many are still programmed to default into fear when not fully mindful of what they think. This creates drama and unrest which further fuels the fears within the human race. We guide you to weed out and keep weeding out the seeds of fear.

Many will try to tell you that you are not living in reality, that you have detached from the world and that you are on the edge of madness. Look at this statement dear ones and absorb what they try to tell you for one moment. In a world that puts money before lives, puts war before peace and continually reinforces pain, many will tell you that you do not live in reality? The nightmare that is playing before the eyes of many is created from the mind of many. It is their fears made solid. Their fears are so strong that they cannot detach so they try to connect more to their fears to make them feel secure. But security is not found in fear dear ones it is only found in love. LOVE is the only vibration that offers security.

Be mindful of what you watch and what you read, for fear is produced in various modes, from books to films, to documentaries , all can produce fear. All can stimulate the mind into thinking that this is the end. The mind creates pictures, but it does not know which pictures are real, ONLY THE HEART can tell and it does this by FEELING.

Many of you feel that you enter into battle with those asleep and we guide you to detach from these thoughts. Many believe they have a mission to convert those asleep to the truth and we again strongly guide you to detach from these thoughts. Many who are asleep slumber deeply dear ones, they are immersed in what is churned out to them by the illusion. Many of them will not wake up in this lifetime, that is their option dear ones, for they agreed to this life experience and they are in full control of the life experience.

We guide that you are all BEings of light and love and this is truth dear ones. Those asleep came to learn but you cannot know the lessons they are here to learn for you are not experiencing the life journey they are experiencing. Do our words make sense? Many try to live through others and we guide you detach from living this way. A human life experience is for the human alone. Many do not understand this way of living and continually try to control those around them, to live through their children, to live through their partners etc. This is born out of fear dear ones, it is born out of the fear portrayed in the illusion that they are not good enough.

Each one of you is more than good enough. Each one of you is a PURE BEing of light, it is down to each individual to unearth and connect to that BEing of light. The seed is within your hearts dear ones. Each one of you can be who you want to be, you just need to connect with the truth that lives within you.

Once more we guide you to detach dear ones, do not get drawn into others fears and worries. Many will try to pull you in, to reason with you and try to lower your vibration. They do this out of fear. They live from fear. Someone who lives immersed in fear must be supported by love dear ones. Pour love into the drama/situation and stand back. Many will pour love through a situation then try to take control of said situation, this is illusion. It is not possible to control another dear ones, to try is to wander back into illusion.

Each human being alive on the planet has responsibility for their own actions, no one can MAKE them do anything that do not agree to on some level. Many live through the fear of others thoughts and feelings, this is illusion. This is illusion maintaining that others have a right to judge you and accept or reject you. The truth dear ones is that NO ONE sits in judgement of YOU but YOU. No one can accept or reject you apart from YOU. Many reject themselves, many denounce their skills due to living in the illusion that those skills must match what illusion projects as being acceptable. Many humans live under the illusion that they must fit under a label or they are not worthy. This is judgement dear ones and no one sits in judgement of YOU but YOU.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and guidance. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. This is the birth of the new age dear ones and some births are more easy to navigate than others. Trust in yourselves, FEEL the new age dear ones, FEEL your new way of living and keep your vibration high. Resist the temptation to try to control and awaken others who are asleep. They will awaken in the timescale they agreed to before incarnation. We are here to guide and support at all times dear ones, connect to us at will. We love you, we have always loved you, WE ARE ONE.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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These Messages Truly Do Feel

I Am That I Am

July 7, 2011, 2:55 pm
These messages truly do feel personal and they are beautiful! They help me recognize my deep seeded fears and lower vibrations, and bring Light to them in a Loving and Compassionate way. I Am truly thankful to Beloved Karen and the High Council! Love and Light to All and One!

Last Evening I Read This


July 5, 2011, 5:38 am
Last evening I read this message carefully and I realized that it has so much truth and yes, it is almost personally... . I know we should tune in our hearts more and more...and to start creating ...surely everything is possible. We have to raise and maintain our vibration at a high level...and for that the key is LOVE and detaching from drama...especially if it is not our karmic drama...and even if it is we must balance...release...let go!

Thank you for these useful informations...support...guidance!


Excelent Message


July 4, 2011, 2:45 pm
Another welcome and excellent message. Thank you.

So Helpful And Guiding


July 4, 2011, 12:35 pm
I would really like to take a moment to thank Karen Doonan and of course The High Council of Orion for these words. I try to read them every day and it feels like they are almost personally for me, and i'm sure others have the same feeling as well. Since i started waking up i have never ever felt so happy and good even if i still make mistakes, because they help me to learn.

Love to you all!


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