Strength - A Message From Ascended Master, Pallas Athena

Strength - A Message From Ascended Master, Pallas Athena

by Julie Miller

July 10, 2011, Comments(1)
Ascended Masters

Strength - A Message from Ascended Master, Pallas Athena
Channeled: Julie Miller
July 10, 2011

It is beautiful to speak with you dear children. I am Ascended Master, Pallas Athena. I am the Chohan of the 12th Ray and I am the Goddess of Truth. I have a seat on the Karmic board, and I represent the 5th Ray, the ray of science, order, logic and reason. I ascended as Master, just before the fall of Atlantis. And I am anxious today to speak to you dear souls about many things that make up very important aspect of who you are: Strength.

What is it that you think makes a person strong? Is a person strong when they pick up a weapon and fight in a battle or war? Is a person strong when they face prejiduce? Is a person strong when they find the courage to stand up for what they believe in, against the odds of who are supposed to be friends? Is a person strong when they face life challenges or everyday hazards? It takes strength to do all this and more dear ones. And the strength is already with you; inside of each and every one of you.

I know there are many women who have left difficult situations; with or without children and started a new life. That takes great strength to begin again as a single parent or to start over at any time in a person's life. The challenges that a person will face when starting over a new life, can be very traumatic. The strength to not allow the situation to become more than an area of life to learn from is huge.

It takes strength to stand up to someone who criticizes you for your colour, race, beliefs, etchics, choice of mate, etc. When a person finally can no longer hear the ugly words that are more hurtful than any sticks or stones, they are able to dig deep and speak clearly what it is they are feeling and wanting. They know by doing this, it puts them at risk for further hurtful remarks. There comes a time dear ones when you must do this. In a way that does not cause harm to yourself or others, you will find the strength to validate who you are.

All this strength, comes from knowing you are. This is when your I AM statements come in to reinforce this knowledge. When facing a diffult moment in your life, remember the I Am statements or say them outloud at that moment: I AM a good parent, I AM truthful, I AM capable of love, I AM a good teacher, I AM of the Light; these are only examples dear ones. What these statements do dear ones, is offer encouragement from YOU. Helps increase your own self-awareness.

Dear ones, just like others before me, I need to relate the importance of cleansing all negativity from your life and transforming that negativity into positive energy, which opens your heart and soul to see yourself in ALL the ways you were meant to. All aspects of yourself have two opposite sides and they need to be in balance. This will require reflection and looking deep within yourselves. Find your male and female selves, find your intuitive and logical selves, find your irrational and rational selves, etc. Ask with your heart dear ones what aspects that are unbalanced and where you need to focus more on. Because you asked with your heart, you know you can trust your answer.

All of you dear ones are very strong, so courageous. You get up everyday, to a new day, with renewed hope and faith. Everyday gives you the opportunity to shine who you are. And you are all beautiful. I myself have been in battle, I fought as a warrior. I think of all of you warriors of your own life. You go through your life experiences and battle against the negativities and obstacles you face. It is tiring, I know this well and so does the one that I speak through today. Ask her some day. Even though some days you are so tired, you still get up and try. That dear ones is Strength! In your hearts of hearts dear one, if you give your life 100% of pure, honest effort, you have done well and you need to congratulate yourself.

I will take leave now dear ones. I truly enjoyed speaking through this one today with all of you. Whenever you need further encouragement in a situation that you are facing, call me and I will be there. Believe knowing you are never alone and with just a call from you, you have so many able to support you.

Joy and pleasure in life is yours - Pallas Athena

I Am Strong...


July 10, 2011, 1:29 pm
There is an old Helen Reddy song, which I haven't heard in a zillion years, "I am strong..." is part of the lyrics and that came to mind (I didn't relate so much to the "I am woman, I am strong" part of the song, but that's okay)

I do think that negative energy is transmutable into positive energy. More then that, I also feel that within us is our true strength & an incredible reservoir waiting to be tapped into.

Thanks for your message Julie!


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