High Level Soul Partnering

Monday, July 11, 2011 High Level Soul Partnering Ascension Partnering The time has come to review our spiritual love relationships once again. Accelerated changes require that we review and upgrade continuously. This is not shallow, for love is deep. The waters of love move in waves and spirals across the planet, all must flow or stagnation occurs. The same is true of spiritual love partnership. All is an energetic flow of Golden Liquid Light between swirling bodies of Love. We are all rainbows of undulating light in human form, and the more we focus on this reality the more flowing, flexible and loving our lives become. Human Evolutionary Partnership is reaching new levels of experience, as we uncover individually our True Nature, it become tantamount that Right Relating becomes absolutely a daily fulfilling requirement. One can however only see as one can perceive at any given moment in the reality matrix of time. Individually, we dig through the muck of our rich and earthy experience to ultimately SEE THE LIGHT IN OUR OWN VERY LILLY NATURE . This becomes a major breakthrough in the LOVING SELF page of life. Over and over the movie scripts are played out in full color and full emotional detail, sometimes drawing others even into the Skakespearean drama of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING…..until one day, in time, we become too tired, to exhausted, too broke, too overwhelmed, too devastated, etc…to even care anymore…WE GIVE UP….oh, but are we weak, so very weak when this happen? Not in the least, we become STRENGTH OF LOVING EXPRESSION….we might feel so humanly humiliated, so embarrassed, so jealous of others….but WE DECIDE TO SHAKE OFF THE CHAINS OF EGO LINKS… and then we enter a new spiral stairway of infinite possibility….how can this be? It seems just fairy talks as, WE GIVE UP EVERYTHING, TO GET EVERYTHING….WE BECOME NOTHING, TO BECOME EVERYTHING. WE ENTER THE GARDEN. Yes, of course, we still go back and forth to dabble in our dramatic stories a bit more, but something significant has changed about us, something drastically and tangibly real…THE UNRREAL BECOMES REAL. As we inch along at what feels like snail-human ascension speed our sluggish meanderings…become a conscious ACCELERATED sprint to love. We direct our bows and arrows to the Source of All, in an effort to complete ourselves, so that in fact we can complete our in time our collective HU-man LOVE legacy in time. This completion is actually only another beginning but IN REALITY IT IS A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE CO-CREATED TOGETHER. Take a moment and let this sink into your golden cells. Nature seeks connection. Your natural state is connective love with the other. NATURAL partnerships are only of love and beauty. When nature is not in a harmonic state it naturally dies, returns to earth, and is reborn to new life and beauty. It is time all relationships are revamped and transitioned into more harmonic clarity. All unconscious misaligned behaviors must be removed from all ascension partnerships now or the partnerships will dissolve to be reborn into new Golden Soul Partnering Forms at another time. The heightened collective goal is to restructure all forms of relating, initially through INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY ENDEAVORS. Many of you will find this difficult to resolve, as you are transcending and transforming Karmic Relationships, at this time.These are the toughest of moments for many. These are relationships in which both souls chose to work on many past negative patterns from previous incarnations and to clear them all now. Yet, somehow many cannot meet The Mark on the Target. We do our best. Yet, Human birth creates a heavy density cloud of forgetfulness and usually one partner wakes up sooner than the other. You may find that one may not, or will not choose or cannot further themselves on The Path. Do not force, do not give ultimatums…live love and if need be lovingly move one to Live Life more fully. Many of you are at a crossroads now. YOU MUST CHOOSE YOUR TRUTH, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, AND RESPECT THE OTHER. Constant conscious communication is a must, as you flow within the natural pathways of love. Soul mates are appearing for many, as the personal work is reaching and clearing deeper levels of self. Now the Planet together with all life has achieved collective frequency awards that can sustain PURE LOVE RELATIONSHIPS IN FORM!!! CELEBRATE AS PURE LOVE MEETS PURE LOVE. Your heart will leap when you look into this person’s eyes. Time will stand still. They will finish your sentences (even, telepathically!). They will have similar likes and dislikes and share similar interests. You may be taken even for brother and sister. You will receive Golden Light dreams before meeting him or her saying I AM ON MY WAY. A miraculous feeling of love and grace will fill your every moment. Depending on your soul’s relationship growth progression you will evolve through many karmic relationships before reaching a soul to soul connecting partnership, but it even gets better….because many of you also have incarnated to unveil GOLDEN TWIN SOUL PARTNERING on Earth. This is an Ascension Golden Soul Partnership with A MISSION TO SERVE! If you have had a near death experience or possibly a Light encodement experience or you have been born with Golden DNA encodements turned on at birth, you are certainly chosen for this higher relationship work which is unfolding now on earth. You will know what to do, you soul is guided with loving purpose to fulfill this Dream on Earth. Let this be your sign this is for you! It is one of the highest way to serve The One, in fact, as it is multiplying at quantum levels, your shared Golden Soul Encodement of Love Frequency is healing the Earth. We must let go of all forms of relating which no longer serve this purpose as soon as possible, for it is in the Greater Good of All That Is, that the Earth Return to The Garden of Love. Review, and if need be, recycle the love in Higher forms of relating. Take Personal Self Responsibility seriously now. LOVE SELF and BE AN ATTRACTOR OF HIGH LOVE NOW ON EARTH. Work on additionally clearing finer levels of self sabotage, of finer levels of negative self patterns, and of worthiness issues, etc. WORK ON SELF only. Realize now, it is never The Other but The Self which realizes SELF. The Other is not your responsibility, never has been, never will be. BE THE EXAMPLE OF NATURAL HUMAN BLISS. Stay tuned to shifts, as you relate with your partner and if it feels OFF, in even the slightest way, communicate immediately and clearly, then choose a LOVE STEP, and if ultimately necessary get off to a new partnership beginning elsewhere. Let your Self Fly together! There is no greater gift to the other/the world than to BE LOVE NOW. Anything that makes you cringe in any way is a sign to move on, stay away and love self more, however difficult it may feel. Love More, feel more love, invite in the love, and it will do wonders for your family and friends, and FOR YOURSELF. Clear the space. It is time to make a fresh start now, either by transforming your current partnership or by attracting a more heightened love partner form to you. Wave after wave of love, new and fresh forms of blissful Liquid Light of Love, are coming your way. As we each choose and attract Higher Love the world Love Frequency is expanded by our diligent and meaningful dedication. It is truly the most wonderful Win-Win Project on the Planet at this time. The hummingbird finds the flower now, Blessings of life’s nectar, lilli



July 12, 2011, 5:20 pm
Yes this speaks to me how deeply can we love ! what an awesome journey, the more healing, the more merging ,the more loving, deeper and deeper we go ! coming home at least bringing heaven to earth thankyou for posting.

Namaste Rose x


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