Astro-Update-:Meteors, Solar Winds & Powerful Full Moon - Aug 13

Astro-Update-:Meteors, Solar Winds & Powerful Full Moon - Aug 13

by Tyberron (Earth Keeper)

August 12, 2011, Comments(2)

The Perseids Meteor Shower reaches its peak on August 13th. It's a time to 'Get Real'.

This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. And all the energy waves cascading into the Earth amplify the forces. The solar winds, the meteor shower, the Mercury Retrograde and interesting planetary angles make for a potentially volatile combination. Just look at the crashing of the stock markets, government deadlocks, riots in Britain and continuing issues in the Middle East. Its a time of release.

The full moon in Aquarius opposes a Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction in Leo. Since, moon in Aquarius oft represents the rebellious, wild, irrational, and unpredictable it is essential for us to remain balanced. Yet within this exterior turmoil, is also a time for deep introspection in Neptune and Pluto influence. The 'house clearing' of release in relationships that began in late May and continued through June and July's eclipses is still ongoing, reaching its finale. Time to get honest clarity in relationships, review the truth that actions speak louder than words. Truth is revealed in the equity & inequity of 'takers & givers', manipulators and straight-shooters. It is a uniquely empowered energy in which to let go of attachments that do not serve. Change the 'agreement' in relationships that are one-sided or false. It is a time of sabbatical, to release relationships that are pseudo, unbalanced, one-way or outgrown.

The silver-lining of this intense 'energetic cocktail' , is that it amplifies an opportunity for focused introspection and clarity. There is available a revealing light in this moon that brings into view previously subtle & hidden aspects that were previously difficult to see. A time to remove obstacles.

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Writing In From Vacation:heard Of Meteor Showers, Saw Fullmoon


August 13, 2011, 12:47 am
knew if there was any place to get the 'scoop', it'd be Here, Home at LW.
Thanks, Sensi. I heed Tyberron's sensibilities. This has been one wild ride for me lately.
I value Clarity more than ever before in my Life. No more illusions, only clear sight.
What IS, not what I want it to be. Discernment & Clarity.

Thank You


August 12, 2011, 5:33 pm
Your brief description is much appreciated. Sometimes wordy explanations end up becoming more confusing rather than being helpful.

Thank you for sharing this update.


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