How To Cleanse Your The Home From Negativity

How To Cleanse Your The Home From Negativity

by Daystar

August 15, 2011, Comments(3)
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How To Cleanse Negativity From The Home

Smudging and Other Simple Techniques to Clearing Space from Negative Imprints

Clear negativity at home with cleansing agents like salt, smudging with sage, ringing a bell, letting in adequate sunlight and fresh air, besides getting rid of clutter for "good movement".

Homes can accumulate negative energy over a period of time, especially if the space has not been cleansed in a long time. Clearing the space of negative energy is especially important when moving into a previously occupied home.
Many believe that fights, conflicts, deaths, unpleasant traumatic episodes tend to leave their negative residual energy behind. Energy sensitive people may be able to sense this if a particular place feels unsettled or not good. Here are some basic easy ways to energetically cleanse a home of negativity.

Smudging, a Native American Ritual Gets Rid of Negativity

Smudging has been used for centuries in the Native American ritual tradition. In smudging, herbs such as sage, sweetgrass and cedar, are tied together, dried naturally and then bundled together into a smudge stick. The smudge stick is lit and quickly extinguished and the smoke is gently guided with the use of a feather or the hands to clear the area or person of negativity.

Positively Charged Candles

As fire purifies and burns away negativity, lighting a simple candle or using incense also helps clear bad odors and unpleasant energies with a favorable smell and calming atmosfere

Removing Clutter Promotes Positve Movement and Clears Mental Blocks

Another basic step to bringing in positive energy is to clear one's surroundings of any clutter. Clutter in the house, acts as a mental block hindering relaxing and creativity. Donating or selling unused items collecting dust and dirt in the past year might be a good way of starting to space clean exposing more comfortable living area.

Salt Water Absorbs Negative Energy

Salt is a natural cleanser. A product of the sea, sea salt has been associated with magic and mysticism. For centuries it has been used for consecration and purification purposes. A handful of salt mixed with water can be kept in a bowl in a undistrubed corner of the house and changed every day.Sea salt is highly recommended for the cleansing process, however if sea salt cannot be obtained, regular table salt can be used and has the same purifying qualities.

Ringing a Bell Removes Stagnant Energy and Promotes Positive Flow

Ringing of bell resonates higher vibrations within a space naturally dispersing negative energy. You may have heard before, "the air or room was filled with tension." A higher pleasant pitch clears the space.This usage of bells ringing maybe a reason, bells are prevalent in many places of religious worship, eastern and western. Wind chimes also offer similar benefits.

Allowing Air and Light into a Room Removes Odors, Kills Germs and Cleanses

Periodically open doors and windows to help circulate fresh air and light. At the time of cleansing it is beneficial to mention the intention of being surrounded by positive, loving energy. As words have power to give life or destroy, even voicing a simple mantra will induce a flow of positive movement and state of well-being. The process of energy cleansing need not be complicated or time consuming. The elements of nature themselves act as a potent cleansing agent.



August 16, 2011, 2:51 am
That sounds like a super-duper power cleanse. Will save that one for a special occasion-LOL, K

Thank You


August 16, 2011, 2:50 am
for this information. I have a little Tibetan singing bowl with a lovely twinkling tone, I have only rung it in my bedroom where I keep it, I shall have to "ring" the whole house, Peace, Karen

I Have Another


August 15, 2011, 4:48 pm
This technique works extremely well....I got it from one of Joshua Stones books. You take a big pot and put on the floor on top of something that will protect the floor. Put a few table spoons of epsom salts in the pan and then get some rubbing alcohol and pour it on top of the epsom salts enough to cover them. Light a match and throw it in the pan. Let it burn until it the flames die down completly. Just make sure that nothing is around the pan with in 5 ft. This is an awesome way of getting rid of the lower vibrations and energy.



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