Documentary On Psychic Channel Paul Selig - Author Of "I Am The Word"

Documentary On Psychic Channel Paul Selig - Author Of "I Am The Word"

by scrow9

August 20, 2011, Comments(3)
Spiritual Media

This is the trailer for a documentary film I am creating called "Paul & The Word" - which will be released online later this year.

Paul is a New York-based psychic and channel who started hearing his Guides after a rather dramatic event on the Harmonic Convergence event in 1987. His Guides, calling themselves simply "The Word", talk about how all mankind is now experiencing a very special time period during which we can recognize and claim our own divinity - in other words to bring our "higher selves" down onto the physical plane as us! The choice is ours.

That's Actually Really Cool!

Heather S

August 23, 2011, 5:50 pm
That's actually really cool! Thanks for sharing! Isn't amazing how we are all able to do things like this, but we receive the messages in completely different ways? Also how we relay the messages as well are completely different!

Thanks again!

Hi Heather - Yes, It's Almost


August 23, 2011, 5:05 pm
Hi Heather - Yes, it's almost always the whisper and repeat method although on occasion he will channel directly but only for a sentence or two, in my experience. The rocking back and forth happens more strongly when he is working with new audiences - the Guides say that they have to work harder with new groups to raise the vibration of the room and that can result in Paul rocking back and forth like that and sometimes speaking in a very loud voice - but both settle down after a few minutes.

It is somewhat draining to Paul, although a conscious channel he only remembers bits and pieces along with the general tone of the message...I've probably listened to or witnessed directly 25 to 30 or so channelings and it's still funny to me that Paul always begins with "I don't know what I am going to get or if I will be able to hear them today..." and yet they come through each time, never have they let him down. If he gets distracted by loud noises in the room that can "bring him out of it" so to speak but then he's able to reconnect.

It Looks Good! Does He

Heather S

August 21, 2011, 11:34 pm
It looks good! Does he channel all of his messages that way? It looks like it would be very draining! Best of luck with it.


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