Lights In The Sky And Visitations

Lights In The Sky And Visitations

by johnd

August 23, 2011, Comments(2)
Extraterrestrials & UFO's

Hi their everyone, I am writing here to tell you of my experiences in the last 3 months,
It all started firstly with 2 nights of lucid dreaming where i felt like i had left my body and could wonder around, walking through walls and basically what ever i wished to do. A couple of days after this i was outside putting out the rubbish bins when i noticed in the sky an object that looked like a star moving, then suddenly in became extremely bright before vanishing altogether, The following week i seen it again, Then one night very soon after this i awoke in my room to see someone standing in the corner, It was a woman with long brown hair parted in the center, she had very big eyes, bigger than a normal person, she was short in stature and petite, also looked very beautiful, She was telling me that my life was going well. I thought it was only a dream until the next morning my partner told me that she had seen her too and that i was sitting up talking to her. Was freaky... Anyway the lights in the sky had captured my curiosity so most nights since then i have gone outside to see could i see anything. I'm not one to meditate but i thought i would try it, I started to practice visualizing a great white light expanding from me until it reached the sky as a way of signaling to the light that i was their, low and behold the light in the sky responded, I have managed to see this light 9 times now, and more and more frequently and for longer duration, tonight it was their for at least 5 minutes and did a fly by before disappearing, i managed to show my friend also who was amazed. I consider myself a very normal individual and am very new to all of this. I am wondering has anyone else had similar experiences.


My Friend And I Sat On The


August 23, 2011, 2:17 am
My friend and I sat on the dock this night and saw lots of lights blinking, traveling around but not planes- ships? satellites? and then a light fell into the trees on the other side of the lake, still lit up then it disappeared. Not the usual behavior of stars it seems.

It could be your star family saying hello. What an awesome story! I am so delighted.

I sense there are lots of friends who want to be in contact, and we can connect with them telepathically, inviting those of the highest intent to do so if we desire.

Hi John,


August 23, 2011, 12:55 am
I'm very normal too and have also been seeing the light in the sky show up in several spots, grow a bit brighter then vanish, I'm still thinking its my imagination but your description sounds exactly like my experience so I'm commenting. I take a flashlight and beam it to where I saw the light. These lights feel very far away, like a star. Karen


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