Focusing On What Is REAL

Focusing On What Is REAL

by White Tara

August 23, 2011, Comments(7)



        ~**~  Dear Friends. It is important throughout the ascension process to stay focused on what is real. As far as

predictions go and ancient prophesies, the fact remains that it does not mean it is still going to come to pass. 

The prophesies and predictions were made according to the timeline of a 3rd dimensional world.   

As the world draws closer to living totally in a fifth dimensional existence,  the concept of time is far different.

Many people have already experienced time shifts within their own personal energy field.  

The future is being created not only through the massive downloads of cosmic ascension energies,

but also through the thoughts and actions of each soul including many spiritually awake souls on earth who are at all

different levels of awareness.

        ~**~  What can cause confusion and also a distraction is taking in too much information from outside of yourself.

Yes, there are multitudes who claim to channel this one and that one, but each individual should treat every piece of

information with an attitude of detachment.   With taking every claim to heart  it is setting yourself up for disappointment

or disillusionment in the whole ascension process.     Many fall into this trap, getting frustrated and downhearted when

an event does not happen.    What is real is what is happening in your life in this moment.   

       ~**~    There are very good spiritual teachings concerning the energy work that each soul needs to do to expand

their aura and fill it with light in order to ascend to the next dimension.    This my dear friends is how ascension works.   

When the aura has expanded enough with the light that it no longer can stay in a 3rd dimensional world, it takes the

soul to the next level.    And so on and so on.  

There is no limit as to how far you can expand your aura and ascend to higher dimensions, over time.

        ~**~    Focusing on your spirituality and the necessary work involved is the only way to ascension.  

Ascending is leaving a lower plane of existence to a higher plane of existence.  As the awareness of your divinity

takes hold, so will the awareness that you are being guided by a more advanced aspect called the higher-self.   

The higher-self knows your whole ascension plan and will guide you lovingly through the whole process.   

The mind needs to be free of clutter to be able to feel the prompts from higher-self.  They may be very subtle to

start off with until you get used to the way your higher-self communicates with you.

Your higher-self is your very best friend !     It knows everything that is needed for your earth journey.   

Please friends, take time to listen to what your higher-self is trying to get through to you.   It will never lead you astray,

it only knows Truth and Love.

        ~**~    Please be gentle with yourselves, this is not an easy process as you all have discovered.   

You are always being carefully watched by the angelic beings who surround you each moment of each day, and also

each soul has an ascended master overseeing your every stage.    Do not ever feel that you are alone.  

Always ask for help when you find that life is getting too much for you to cope.    

Have faith that your calls for help are always heard.    

                      ~**~        With blessings of love, peace, joy and serenity, I AM White Tara.      ~**~

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August 25, 2011, 12:57 am
thanks Cari - if you are meaning the 'self' we use on earth for everyday life,
Yes ! Most definitely ! That is part of enlightenment, seeing that the self we
use on earth is merely playing out a role for the purpose of spiritually awakening
and eventually becoming enlightened, when you then live in the Godself mind.

That is how Ascended Masters and Buddhas and anyone else who is fully evolved sees
themselves on earth. I live in the conscious observer mode, utilizing my earth-self
for communicating with people while living within my Godself. I am the observer of my
earth-self. That happens when an enlightened soul reincarnates, has a normal earth life,
unenlightened, so that they can experience all the emotions and other things in their
life that others do. When the time comes, their higher-self starts to awaken them
to their divinity. So, after experiencing and expanding the earth-self personality,
the higher-self has experienced another aspect of Godself....which results in a further
expansion of light. And so on and so on, after each incarnation, light keeps expanding.
that is how spiritual power builds up, that is why you have an ascending line of spiritual all depends on how much earth-life experience they have had and how far
they went spiritually in each incarnation.

Each time the Dalai Lama incarnates, although he is well and truly enlightened, he can
still expand that light further and further, thus increasing his spiritual powers.
Every aspect of life on earth is a tiny facet of what God is. Every life experience
that is registered by the soul and overcome by the earth-self, is another step up in the
spiritual ladder. Overcoming obstacles with love, compassion, serenity, all goes into
expanding our light within. Every situation you are faced with in life is actually a
tool for you to use and see how you handle it. Earth life is a created space for expansion
of our light, under very difficult circumstances, to eventually realize our strengths
within. None of us are weaklings !! We have tremendous power within, and going through the
hardest situations of our life can bring that out. A very hard school, is earth.
All for a good reason. Namaste - Love - Tara.

Thank You Tara


August 24, 2011, 3:06 pm
Let me rephrase:

Do you support the idea that the God self within, fully enlightened, is fully aware that "self" is a manifestation of the mind consciousness system?



August 23, 2011, 11:17 pm



August 23, 2011, 11:13 pm
thanks Cari for your comments ~
The higher-self is the part that is fully enlightened, the Godself within.
It resides above the head in the 8th and above chakras.
As we ascend up the chakras as we progress on our spiritual awakening, we expand the Light
within which in turn expands our auras which is then the way that we ascend to higher
dimensions. As in the Teachings of Djwal Kul in Aura Expansion that I have been posting,
that is how we rise above the dense physical world, rise up our chakras after transcending
each one, until we reach the Godself where we become fully enlightened.
And even after that happens, there is still more expansion that can follow with each
incarnation on earth, as in the case of many of the well known Ascended Masters who kept
incarnating on earth to expand and expand their Light.

You don't have to study Buddhism to become a Buddha ~
Buddhism resulted from the Teachings of the Buddha after he became enlightened.
Buddhism is the religion, a path to follow to help you reach buddhahood.
But, anyone can become awakened without following buddhism.

In every soul resides the essence of God - the atma.

All of the work we do in realizing our true-selves raises our vibrations as long
as one is steadfast in their resolve to continue without slipping back to the old
ways of living in ignorance of Self.
Connecting to our Divinity within whilst living a life amongst our communities not
only raises our vibrations but those around us as well.
Our Divinity is pure unconditional love. Light expansion is the way to ascend.
love Tara.



August 23, 2011, 2:50 pm
I am wondering what your definition of higher self is. Many people use the term but apply different meanings. I personally refer to higher self in the context that we are able to act and think in ways that do not automatically satisfy the lower ego, perhaps that residual self that resides in the akashic field as we slowly return to absolute reality of emptiness. But in truth both Buddhism and Christianity deny the existence of a higher self. Christians say that humans are sinners and that the CHRIST is the higher self while Buddhist say the higher self is an illusion just as much as the personality. Theosophists do support the idea of the higher self/immortal ego. Aleister Crowley refers to Adonai the Hebrew god or Holy Guargian Angel. I believe that are all true actually because it depends on one's state of mind. What are your thoughts?

Thank-you Azaela


August 23, 2011, 10:39 am
Thank-you for showing your appreciation, Azaela,
love and hugs and more yummy cupcakes to you, Tara xox

Super Message!! Thank You So


August 23, 2011, 10:13 am
Super message!! Thank you so much xoxo
Bundles of blessings, love, hugs and cupcakes to you Tara xoxo


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