Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy

by Collapsing Duality

August 23, 2011, Comments(4)
Twinsouls, groupsouls & souls

I was recently asked to help explain/confirm Twin Flame Telepathy and to help shed some light on it over at Collapsing Duality Facebook. For anyone who does not belong to this group - this is for you :-) *Twin Flame Telepathy* (or at least one aspect of it) - The buzzing or ringing of the ears is "The Phone Call" which can be from your higher self, guides, a fellow soul mate who is incarnate or even your Twin Flame.... Question is - how do you take a call from the spirit world when there is literally no phone to pick up - at least physically. That's because the receiver is our spirit! We can answer the phone by concentrating on the buzzing or ringing of the ears and If we let ourselves we take those signals which can at times sound like you've dialed a fax machine and get that terrible shrieking sound...literally! When we concentrate (without expectation) of who or what it may be, we can let that buzz gradually (and with practice) populate our 3rd eye visual field with audio, video, emotion, smell and a connectedness you can't get from any teleconference anywhere. The buzz between Twins will always be the strongest and can vary in pitch depending on how much intent or energy the other has. If you get buzzed by the higher self, this sounds more like a screeching or shrieking tone. Angels -extreme high pitch. Soul mates can buzz each other as well and Paula and I have one soul mate who makes our right ear go deaf and yet her TF makes a buzz that sounds like when Paula buzzes me - high pitch buzz tone. This buzzing or ringing of the ears is the signal being sent from spirit to spirit. This is raw data of comprised of sine waves at various amplitudes which equate to binary information or 1's and 0's. It is up to us to trust in our spirit and let the information be received and interpreted at the soul level. I wrote a saying about just this back in January - Telepathy: the oldest/latest in wireless technology. Talk anywhere anytime with any being in the cosmos; free days, nights & weekends for all of eternity; no roaming fees if you get lost while astrally projecting and you get a direct connect with God. :) All silliness aside - this takes practice and if you have a shred of doubt or reserves, it will likely not happen for you. So...keep the belief and have faith it will work.


Collapsing Duality

August 25, 2011, 7:04 pm
Paula and I have been experimenting with this since we met back in 08. So...it's fairly new :-) I do believe that if we pay attention to all the signs - ringing ears included, we find Twins can communicate in many ways. Thanks again!

Aloha Brendan,

The Presence

August 24, 2011, 9:13 am
How are you and Paula?

Good to see you here again...


This Is Fantastic. It Seems


August 24, 2011, 2:19 am
This is fantastic. It seems so simple in theory when I read your blog, to just pay attention to the buzzing. I did anyway, but now I can listen deeper. Been needing an explanation of what's going on for some time now, thank you!

Peace, light and love,

Paula And Brendan,
Thank You


August 23, 2011, 11:36 pm
Paula and Brendan,

Thank you for this information! It's very helpful. As I was reading it my ears began buzzing very loudly so I think it must be excellent advice. I do get the buzzing in my ears often and "nudges" to look at the clock at important connection times.



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