Is The Galactic Federation Of Light Good

Is The Galactic Federation Of Light Good

by johnd

August 24, 2011, Comments(10)
Ascended Masters

Hello everyone,

I am writing this with no pun intended, I only seek the truth, I am wondering what people think regarding the Galactic Federation of lights you tube channel (Komurasan) I do listen most days and i do think that the messages is in general very good, However i noticed today their was a message talking about the banking of this world and how they are going to change it, and forgive debt of all nations etc, I was wondering why this group would be thinking along these lines and not more along the lines of sorting out world hunger and equality for all. Do you think these readings are genuine or do you think that its just some guy/girl making them up?


I Have Seen The Light Ones


August 25, 2011, 11:01 pm
I have seen the light ones mostly but as of last night i seen 2 ships together fly by my home with no lights on, they flew very slowly with no sound

I Have Seen The Light Ones


August 25, 2011, 11:00 pm
I have seen the light ones mostly but as of last night i seen 2 ships together fly by my home with no lights on, they flew very slowly with no sound



August 25, 2011, 1:59 pm
I have seen them. The ones I have seen are huge light orbs that have a playful, loving energy. They came once while I was listening to really mind blowing music and once when I meditated on them. They were not metallic. I would assume the metallic ships are man or ET made. Merkaba light bodies are light beings.



August 25, 2011, 11:29 am
I see ships every day at the moment, I have no clue if they are good or not yet as their is no indication to me if they are or not, Do you see ships too my friend?



August 24, 2011, 11:44 pm
are all humans good? Same with Anunnaki some are within divine plan and helping integrate this planet back . Our focus - raising vibration of this planet and our bodies and de- program from mind control see true picture of reality and EXPAND . Ascension is all abut expansion if something feels like you are confined it is because you are .

Most Of The Planet Is In 5D


August 24, 2011, 11:26 pm
Most of the planet is in 5D we are artificially kept in 3D via net (vibrational fence is in place where ever human habitat is ) That is why is so important keep vibration high . Once we make jump = final planetary shift you will see ships, they are everywhere and you decide your self if you like them or not .

I "enjoy" With A Big Smile


August 24, 2011, 10:30 pm
on my face most "channelings" especial those regarding extraterritorials and more special the GFL of which you refering to.

I don't belief that is the REAL GFL, Sorry :)

Much love beloved ONE~



August 24, 2011, 10:02 pm
I don't think there is a clear 'line' of right and wrong. The Galactic Federation,
or any of the other Ascended Masters, Angels, whatever who have something to say
about our present world situation are as real as anything else is real. It's all
about where your soul, and your high heart resonate. There is no good, there is
no bad...those are simply features of 3D life on Earth. Rules of the duality
game we play here. GFL isn't for me, but it may be for some folks. Just follow
where your heart and soul lead you, can't get it wrong that way. We can't know
from here where...only trust. Trust in what YOU see as one size
fits all. Personally I think that most of the 'voices' around the place are
4D entities...I'm aiming for higher than 4D myself.

my thoughts

Go With How It Feels For You.


August 24, 2011, 8:47 pm
Go with how it feels for you.



August 24, 2011, 7:07 pm
Below is a random response from someone on the Camelot Forum. . .that I personally agree with. It doesn't mean that there are no benevolent beings out there. It just means that any benevolent beings out there now KNOW that we are shifting to a non material way of being so they would no distract us with ships and wealth. Think about it. They have been here a very long time and we have been denied these technologies all the while up until this very last minute when we actually do not need them anymore. Light beings don't need technologies. That is proof that the control freaks are holding on for dear life to the very last thing they can use to attract people that are still addicted to material things and worldly distractions. The scriptures warn us about this over and over and over again. The wrath of god is not meant to be taken as a punishing old man with a beard and actual beasts and horses and sickles. Those are all metaphors for the spirit letting light into the body and leaving the material world and body behind. It is traumatic for the body but it will happen and that is why we need to let go and be in peace.

~"Sorry to have to say this BUT
The GFL is deceiving everyone into thinking that we need to get off the planet so the earth can shift, when actually they are trying to get as many of us to trust them so that we will willingly go onto their ships and then we will be goners. I have been studying the GFL and was a believer for 20 years now.

Don't you notice that they promise technology, they promise prosperity, they promise first contact and they promise disclosure but there is always an excuse as to why the earth allies ran into unexpected circumstances, or those clever dark cabal have out smarted us again but we the GFL have plan so don't worry trust us. they never deliver.
I have since learned that the GFL is a Velon (Annunaki)group who promote false teachings of ascension and the 5th Dimension in order to trick us to go with them willingly off planet so that we can't change and incorporate our higher self completely into the physical body. This is what they don't want, because once we embody our entire higher self in 2012 they will no longer have control over us and will be bannished from the solar system.

I have learned that we as our higher self are capable of accessing the 50th dimension so why would we limit ourselves to the 5th dimension? Apparently the concept of ascension is an Annunaki concept and so is the 5th dimension. All lies. And I now know and agree with people who say things like The Galactic Federation of LIES!!!, or Beware of the deceivers!!!"



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