Earth Changes And Shifting Into The Fifth Dimension

Earth Changes And Shifting Into The Fifth Dimension

by carterb2424

August 25, 2011

I wrote this in response to the quake we had yesterday. Most of this is preaching to the choir with you guys, but it was geared towards my friends that are not awakened to the truth. So enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Earth changes and shifting into a new dimension

First of all let me explain as simply as I can that the important thing to do is not fear. No matter what happens to you in this lifetime, your soul spark your inner higher being is eternal, indestructible, and with this thought in mind go forward without fear of what is to come. Your true self has been in existence from creation until now and will continue to exist on through infinity. This time spent in this lifetime is but a fraction of time compared to your true existence. You are not aware of that because this is an experience on earth to see what it is like to be separated from the presence of the creator. How would you experience a true experience if you already know all the answers from the past and the future? It would be no experience at all.

I also grapple with the thought of what if in this coming future I find myself separated from my child who I dearly love? We all come to this existence and have different plans or contracts of what we are to experience. If at this time it is meant for you and your child to ascend together than it will be so and most will. If not, it is in your Child's experience contract to remain and keep on with the experience, and this is agreed upon before we are even incarnated into life. But, again your true existence is eternal, and this time spent on Earth is but a very small fraction of that, so do not fret, those that become separated will soon be reunited again. I promise you that.

So what to do in this time of turmoil? I strongly recommend to all to learn how to meditate. Find some quiet time each day and learn how to be within ones self. Ask your Angels, guides, and higher self to guide you, and answer the questions of that which you do not know. They are there. You don't see them, even though soon you will. Ask them for help, and they will not deny you that. Get to know your higher self and all the questions will be answered. The best way I can explain this is to think with your heart where the soul is seated and not with your mind where your ego is seated. Keep in mind that love will conquer all. This time right now would be a lot smoother if we did everything with unconditional love, just as Jesus taught us how to do when he was here. But we don't. Granted, it could be worse, but it could be better. A lot of what we do as a human collective is out of balance with nature, the planet, the universe, and each other.

What is happening and what will happen in the very near future? To put it long and short all of creation exists on 12 different dimensions. There are even parallel dimensions. Just imagine how vast the universe is and then multiply it by 12 and than by the parallel dimensions. Creation is unthinkably vast. The top dimension or 12th is where the creator god resides, it is where our conciseness, god spark, soul, higher self came from. The first dimension is the basic atomic level, the particle. The second dimension has basic consciousness with the basic instincts like survival and procreation. The third dimension is the ying yang, the knowledge of what is right and wrong, and the free will to choose between them. This is where we currently reside, in the third dimension, also know as duality. What is happening is we are coming to the end of the experience in the third dimension away from the presence of god and the opportunity for the entire planet to shift into a higher dimension is upon us. The fourth dimension is the astral Realm, and we are actually heading to the fifth. We already spend time in the fourth in meditation and dreams when we sleep. It is considered a transition dimension, fluid, and morphing, always changing. The fifth Dimension is much more beautiful, brilliant colors, crystalline based structure. The most important thing to remember when shifting into a higher dimension is your body's frequency level. Your emotions and actions carry frequency. Hate is a low vibe. Love is a high vibe. The low vibe things we do here can not exist in a higher dimension. It is like holding paper to a flame. It just will not happen. The Earth knows this and all of what is happening now with Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami's and Hurricanes is the Earth is adjusting frequency for this shift.

What if you don't believe it or you don't raise your vibration frequency enough to shift? That is ok, it just means that you still have more to experience on this third dimensional plane, and you have the free will to do that. Everyone has free will and it should never be infringed on. I am telling you this truth, but I am not telling you that you have to believe me or follow the same path I do. That is respect of free will of another.

What is the physical proof of this? We are traveling through the proton belt in the Milky Way Galaxy that is sending high vibration energy that is allowing for the moment to occur. Have you noticed time flying by real fast? That is called the quickening. Soon after the shift into the fifth time will exist as one, past, future and present will merge as one. These energies are affecting the sun with sun spots and CME's. The Earth has started quaking a lot. Volcanoes are erupting; Storms are created with more frequency and are larger. The ionosphere is disappearing. But what has happened is just the beginning. The comet "Elenin" that is coming in is no comet. It is known as Niburu. Every time it has aligned with us and the sun on its way in, there has been major seismic activity. Check the alignments with the Quakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Japan and you will see this to be true. The big alignment is when Elenin passes in between the Sun and The Earth on the 26th of Sept. That will be a big time period. That is going to be a big event that I believe just started with the Quake we felt on the East Coast. That quake in Virginia surprised me and I found it to be early, but perhaps it is the beginning of the Sept 26th event and will end in November with what I believe will be a poll shift as Elenin crosses the Earths path and moves on out of the solar system. Maybe on the poll shift then, I am thinking possible on that one. But certainly we are in for a wild ride until November.

What to do? In the immediate future prepare for the Earth Changes. Store some food, have a source for water, First Aid kits and antibiotics, learn how to grow and store your own vegetables. Think survival and what you will need to get by. Be self sufficient and learn to live off the grid Things are going to get crazy as the social structure collapses and the monetary system collapses. It has to happen because the way we did things and the greed and corruption that went with the monetary system is out of balance and is of a lower vibration than what is to emerge in the new age. It will be chaotic but what will emerge will be harmonious and wonderful if you choose to be a part of it, and we take are out place in the galactic community. The best thing like I said learn to meditate and get to know your higher self. Ask for assistance from your angels, guides, higher dimensional beings, and your higher self, and act on what you hear. Don't be complacent, and be where you need to be when you need to be there doing what you need to do.

This is just a small part of what is going down. There will be disclosure of interactions with other life forms from other worlds that has been kept secret. Some Extra Terrestrials serve the divine plan and some do not. It is up to you to judge and choose who you interact with. There are many variables, such as the Illuminati and the plan for world domination and what they have done to throw the world into chaos. You will be amazed at how deep the rabbit hole really goes. I will blog on other things in the future but this is the basics. My best advice is to be wise and knowing, don't get caught up in fear and panic. I keep saying to all, "Love will conquer all", and it is the life force of the higher dimensions. Raise yourself to a higher vibration from unconditional love for all, giving and sharing as the new economy. Let go of the paradigm that now longer serves us with the monetary system based on greed, power, hate, and anger. That is all of a lower vibration and does not exist in the higher dimensions. That which we are heading for in quick order.


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