The Harvest ~ By Allison Rae

The Harvest ~ By Allison Rae

by sensipeter

September 7, 2011, Comments(1)

The harvest moon has come,

Booming softly through heaven, like a bassoon.

And the earth replies all night, like a deep drum.

- Ted Hughes


In this twilight moment of becoming, hearts reach for the sky. Miracles swell, round and pregnant. We celebrate the succulence of life as the seasons change on Earth.

The journey of the Mayan Ninth Wave continues in this Sixth Day, meandering through mazes of the trail-weary psyche.

The waxing moon rises these nights, illuminating the mysteries of the soul. No-thing escapes the sun’s reflected glare.

Relentlessly, truth toys with the mind like a cat pawing at a mouse. Evolution is unavoidable. The harvest has come.

In Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar, the ninth and final underworld nears completion. The 9- and 18-day rhythms of this final phase are interwoven with the dance of Earth and Moon, Sun and planets. The display inspires awe.


Order from Chaos

The Sixth Day began this week and continues through September 22. The Sixth Night begins on on the Equinox as Venus emerges from her underworld journey to preside in the western sky after sunset. The Seventh Day follows, and no more nights.

The Seventh Day begins October 11 with the Aries Full Moon and completes near the Scorpio New Moon. Next comes the Samhain/Beltane cross-quarter, and the veil between worlds disappears.

The line-up:

September 5-22 – Sixth Day

September 11/12 – Harvest Moon (Pisces/Virgo)

September 23-October 10 – Sixth Night

September 23 – Equinox

September 18-25 – Venus returns as evening star

September 27 – Libra New Moon

October 11-28 – Seventh Day

October 11 – Full Moon (Aries/Libra)

October 26 – Scorpio New Moon

October 28 – Completion of all Mayan underworlds

October 31-November 4 – Samhain/Beltane

The creative force of the cosmos is embedded in this turning of the seasons on Earth. On the Equinox, we linger in a point of perfect balance when day and night are of equal length before the journey toward winter continues in the northern hemisphere, toward summer in the south.

Magic builds at the September 27 new moon as five planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn) gather in Libra. That week, Venus, Saturn and the crescent moon dance in the western sky after sunset.

A new social order is being born, and each of us has a part to play in creating what comes next. To clarify your role, attune to the soul.


Future Wave

This is the transition to the next world age prophesied since ancient times. Creative-destructive forces have reached an all-time high. How things go on Earth beyond this critical juncture depends on the ability of individuals and groups to harnass that power in a moment-by-moment, conscious process.

Nothing’s set in stone. We’re here to write history together. What do we do now, in each moment, to move forward responsibly as individuals and as a people?

The changes we experience every day in our lives and our world are driven by a persistent force that flows like a river deep beneath Earth’s surface. It’s a natural, spontaneous evolutionary process that happens with or without our consent. As we align with this force and submit to the shift, we live in grace and miracles abound.

This rare cosmic moment will never come around again.

Rest, say the ancient ones.

Be the sun melting into moon.

Rejoice in the harvest of the soul.


The Harvest Moon

by Ted Hughes

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Thanks Peter


September 7, 2011, 5:35 pm
I enjoy Allison's posts.

One of my favourite songs :-)



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