Clarion Light Beings Temple Of 9/11~ Ashtar Command ~ Sparks Of Light

Clarion Light Beings Temple Of 9/11~ Ashtar Command ~ Sparks Of Light

by Christine Meleriessee

September 9, 2011
Ashtar Command, Energy, Ascended Masters

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July 11th, 2011 ~ Ashtar Command ~ Sparks of Light

This is Fred speaking; I AM the Spokes-Being for the Clarion Temple of 911. Thank you for being with
us tonight. Tonight is a magical night, we are preparing for the frequencies of many different types
of energies. As each of you are coming into a new pathway within your own individual lives, it may be
just a thought or a process or a complete movement. Each of you are accelerating in different way.
The energies that are incorporating within you are the creation and capability of all that you have
prepared yourself. So, with that being said, I’m just going to step aside and allow each of you to
feel these frequencies for yourself. I am very excited in this moment to experience this level of
light coming into the Temple of 911.

Once again, thank you for being with us, and please do join us as often as you would like.

(((Angels sing)))

WE are presenting of the Energies of a Different Frequency this evening. We come to you in the
acceptance within this Temple in quite a different manner than has been experienced at any other time.
WE are the Reflection of the Light. We are the Experiences Within those Light Frequencies to allow
yourself to fully understand the capabilities and the changes that are occurring upon the planet.

We come to you in this moment in the group consciousness at first, and eventually we will separate.
The group consciousness that we want to bring to you is the Hierarchy of Light Frequencies and the
Essence and the Purity of the Galactic Level. We are a conglomerate of all of these frequencies
together. WE bring to you the ability to foresee within yourself the acceptance that is occurring upon
the planet. We are not new to you. We bring forth the acceptance that is deeply needed. Our message
tonight is, Light Frequency. It is not when we are appearing, or how it is occurring, because it is
occurring as we speak. We bring forth to you the ability to actualize within your physical bodies, the
light frequencies of your heritage, of your Star Essence, to allow that frequency to be fully within
you in a different manner than it has been previously. There is actualization occurring within each
of you, and within this actualization you are starting to incorporate the Beingness and the totality of
all levels of your Souls Essence.

What does this mean exactly?

This means in the Frequency of the Light that you are incorporating, you are bringing all those
dimensional activations of all these lifetimes you’ve experienced, and all those elements in between
lifetimes that you bring into the star quality that you are so that you can fully feel this frequency
within. It is now time to allow that to be, because it’s only going to assist you even more powerfully
than ever before. You are multi-dimensional, as you already know.

Within this multi-dimensional ability, you are accessing the light stream that fully accepts yourself
in a completely different experience. Within this completely different experience, we give to you the
ability to realize not about your lifetimes, not about your experiences between lifetimes, but the
totality of your Star Essence. That Star Essence is shining deeply within you. As the planet becomes
more active in these frequencies, you will start to understand what exactly is occurring for you. You
are activating many levels of experiences. Within these levels of experiences, there are activations
occurring within your four body system that will allow you to have remembrances. Tonight, we represent
these Sparks of Light.

WE fully want to come to you and assist you with this process of allowing you to fully have the
accessibility that is within your Hearts, within your Minds, and within your Bodies. It is not a process
that you need to look at of whom you were before, or what planet you may be from, or what embodiment you
may have had at any particular time. What we bring forth to you is the totality of all of that, to
bring forth all of those activations, to bring forth all of experiences into the Star Essence that you
are. We have been chosen to come into this group consciousness, but in another moment, we will choose
to fully activate ourselves in an individual essence, so that it can be more fully focused with your
frequencies. As you do this, as you bring forth these elements within you, you will have the Sparks of
Creation that you have been desiring to activate within you.

Within these activations, you will see the fluctuations of energies that are fully being accessed in
your full body system. As these frequencies come fully within, you will be able to assist other in
greater realms of continuancy because of the frequency that you are allowing to come fully within your
body. So what we will embody this evening is the magic that you are. Within that magic, the streaks
of light frequency, are sparkles of energy, which is a stream of light that is part of your essence,
and is now preparing you to be ready to accept the totality of your being. You Are not just this
lifetime, as everyone knows ~ You are not just other lifetimes. You are accessing other realms of
information in a quite different way than ever previously.

Allow yourself to embody this in these moments. Allow the remembrance of those Sparks of Light to be
fully within your Body, within your Mind, and within your Spirit. As you do that you actualize your
Higher Self’s frequency more fully than you ever have before. Experience it deeply, because what this
is going to assist you is the frequency that you have been trying to acquire for the light path that
you are walking upon. Each of you are accelerating yourselves, in many different ways, and within
these acceleration phases it can be very challenging when elements are occurring within one’s life
that do not fully create the stability that is needed.

So we give to you this evening, these Sparks of Light ~ allowing you to feel the accessibility of the
totality of whom you are. We come to you in the frequency of the light, of bringing forth the
Extra-Terrestial energies, of bringing forth the angelic communities, and of all Light Beings that are
continually working with the planet and these frequencies.

Let us all take a deep breath.

Allow this to be within you. Allow yourself to fully incorporate the light stream that is the totality
of your spirit. Tonight we ask that your physical body be fully active in these moments. Breathing
deeply through this. Allowing yourself to accept the divinity that you are, as the sparks of light now
filter in from the Heavens above and we allow the presence of the Light to be fully within your being.


Good Evening, Good Evening, Good Evening.

I come to you in the Presence of Ashtar Command. What you have just received is the Inner-Galactic
Energies of all Inner-Planetary levels with this Universe and beyond this Universe that is working with
the Frequency of the Light upon the planet. Tonight, we want each of you, individually, to fully feel
this Frequency Within you. Allow yourself to understand that what you are experiencing is so much more
powerful than your mind has fully put into focus.

Many of you are listening and reading to many pieces of information about how we are assisting the
planet, this evening we want you to feel this assistance. We totally do not want to bring forth
information about how and when we are arriving and how we are interacting with each of you, because
were already here, and I believe that many of you realize this. Tonight is the Frequency of the Light,
in a sense, it is another type of activation. It is also a remembrance of your Aspect of your Being,
to be fully activated within your physicality. Each of you are aspiring to more elements within your
life, and as the aspirations continue it can be very difficult to sustain what it is that is fully
trying to be integrated in these light frequencies. So allow us to assist you. Allow us to bring
forth these frequencies within you in this moment.

Breathe deeply ~ Breathe deeply.

Allow the new essence that is you, and in totality it really is not new, it’s a re-initialization of
what you have experienced without a body to be fully incorporated within this body. Allow this
frequency to come within you now.

Breathe deeply ~ Breathe deeply ~ In the acceptance that You Are ~ Breathe deeply.

Feel the heart expanding, feel it expanding for the receiving mode of the essence and the flame that
is part of your souls essence of the inter-planetary travels that you have taken. This is going to
assist you into understanding how to fully incorporate the frequencies upon the earth. As you all
are becoming multi-dimensional beings, as your allowing the accessibility of your Star Essence.
Allow the Star Essence to be fully within you now! Feel the vibration is at comes into your heart,
that is the basis of the star essence and it is like the visualization of a beautiful star. It is
silvery and white in color and it vibrates within your Heart. As it vibrates within your Heart, there
are points of the star that will go down, into the lower frequencies, and it will diagonally go out,
downwards and then across outward, and then diagonally up and then straight up to your soul star, and
down to your Earth Star.

Feel this frequency of your essence fully being incorporated within you. As you allow this frequencies
to enfold within your being, feel those fluctuations in your Heart, allow yourself to incorporate the
Love, the completeness, the accessibility that is occurring because it sparkles ~ the base within your
star essence. You are us, as we have been you. WE are all frequencies in this moment.

Allow this frequency to shine through you, it’s going to be able to activate within you a new sense of
your being that you haven’t fully acquired previously. Allow that to incorporate within you. Feel
that frequency. As we unfold within you, in the Temple tonight, many Light Beings of many different
forms, we come to you in the star essences. Allow the Star Essences to shine within you, then as it
sparkles within your Heart, you see the masses of many different colors. The many different colors are
an activation, it comes in as a silvery white light and then it spreads out and becomes all different
colors of the rainbows. See that filtering through you and what you are doing, as you are fully
allowing your Light Body to be accessible. Allow the Light Body to fully incorporate the star essence
that you are.

If you could see yourself in front of the mirror, you would see the Star Essence shining deeply, and the
points in all the directions that we have spoken of previously. Up and down ,in a vertical line than
diagonally down two on each side then across the heart and then upwards diagonally. So now see that
star essence spinning and it’s spinning in a clockwise manner. As that is spinning, the frequency of
the light changes the frequency of your body.

So what exactly is happening in this Mental body, the Emotional body, the Spiritual body, and the
Physical body are becoming one, and in the same moment, all of these reflections of the different
colors are integrated within each other, so whatever is going on for you Physically, Emotionally,
Mentally, or even Spiritually, is being activated and transmuted of what you no longer need.

So let’s take a deep breath. As we take that deep breath, we allow the frequency to come fully within
our Heart Center. Allow yourself to look around the Temple, and you see many Light Beings assisting
you. These are your family, and within this family of light, we are many different dimensions, we are
many different planets, we are many different universes. WE come together in the Multi-Universal level
here to interact together. Allow this interaction to happen within you and feel that frequency deeply,
deeply. Allow it to go all the way down to your root, and down your legs, as it transmutes all that
does not serve you. If you have been tired, you will be activated with an energizing energy. If you
have been grieving, you will start to feel more joy. Whatever the lower aspect it is, it will bring
in a higher aspect of what you are experiencing. Feel that vibration as we are now Sparks and Stars
of Light shining onto each other. WE are what we have been without the body, and now its frequency is
totally incorporated within the body to accept the Divinity of our Light.

Breathe through this and feel the spark of Light that each of you Are. As we do that, I want each of
you to feel the actualization of your true thoughts of what you would like to experience this week.
Feel a pulsation within your Heart. As you feel that pulsation within your Heart, deeper, deeper, you
start to feel the incorporation of many levels. These many levels bring forth the essence of change
and the movement that we are. Allow all those frequencies now to blend through you. Allow whatever it
is you desire in this moment to manifest more deeper within your physical existence. Let us take a
moment and we will use the crystalline bowl and allow these crystalline colors. As you do that, reflect
of the star that is occurring within you.

Feel the sparkles and the light filtering through all aspects of your being and allow it to go to areas
that you feel are the lowest elements to vibrate them to the highest elements. Breathe through that
and feel the vibrations. As the deepness of the Star has vibrated to all the points, so the middle
part of the Star is not any stronger than the rest of you, because it is filtering out beyond all levels.
Now you feel the Light Being that you are.

You feel the frequency that is being incorporated within your body, your mind, and your spirit. Allow
your soul’s essence. Now let us gather together, as we take a deep breath, we’re going to come into
the soul family that we are, and within the soul family of the I AM presence. We’re going to filter
this light to the planet. Allow yourselves to feel that incorporation. Feel the vibration of the Great
Vibrancy as we now are charged within each other as we call out to come into One Being of Light.

As this Being of Light is the nucleus of each of us, as we come together and share with each other in
this frequency. Breathe deeper with the Silvery Platinum energies, and the multi-colors will be
activated, and see ourselves blending out of the temple, moving downwards towards the Planetary level,
through the Universal, the Galactic and the Solar.

Now let’s center ourselves around the outside of the globe – in a clockwise manner, just as if you were
spinning the light around the crystalline bowl. We are one Beam of Light. Allow that vibration to go
around the Earth. Allow it to infiltrate every part of the earth. As now we take our separate energies,
and we hold our hands, stars upon stars as our pointed stars are frequencing in each other, now we blend
through these frequencies into the core of the earth. Allow the essence to come into the whole
frequency of the lands of dearest Gaia. Allow it to go to the inhabitants of all frequencies of humans,
of the plants, of the animals, of the fish, of the land masses, all areas that need our healing. We
become one huge star with that of Gaia. Feel the Core of our Star Essence in the middle of the deepness
of the earth of the crystalline structure. There are starbursts outwards into all aspects of her being.

Let us take a deep breath and feel this moment of creation.

As now we are all accepting the creative source within us, that together we are the power of the light
and we are the star within all upon this earth, increasing it’s vibrancy to a much higher level than it
was previously. Let us now feel ourselves blending together within the core of the earth coming up to
the top of the earth, as now we center ourselves outside of the Earth. Now we take one great look, and
see the earth sparkling in all of her glory, as now we move upwards out of the Planetary, into the
Solar, moving upwards into the Galactic, and the universal, and the Mult-Universal and we see ourselves
centering right into the temple once again.

Allow us to feel this nucleus of the light that we are. AS we feel this nucleus, it shines so
brightly, that all the souls that need more healing than some others, fully feel the activation, so
that now in this moment, we are mirrors of each other. We are the reflection of the light, we bring
forth this acceptance deeply within our hearts. Breathe deeply as we allow that to occur, more fully
than we ever have before. Allow that to happen. Allow the essence that you are incorporating to be
fully within.

Breathe deeply through those feelings. Feel yourselves in your seats.

I AM Ashtar Command

I am speaking for all light beings of the Cosmic Forces that we are all one, we are not separate, it
does not matter which planet we are from, that we bring forth this frequency together. Surely, I come
in this form, and previously the group of us were all together in the frequency of the light which
includes each of you. Allow yourself to feel this frequency of the light fully within your being, to
feel the acceptance of all that you are.

Let us breathe deeply, as we honor each other in this moment.

It has been my pleasure to be here this evening to bring forth these frequencies along with all the
other light beings of all planets and all universes coming together in Oneness. It has been our
pleasure to share with you the acceptance of your Star of Light that you are.

Thank you for joining us.


Hi this is Fred once again.

Thank you, thank you Ashtar Command, thank you to the Light Beings, and I’m feeling it! I’m feeling
it greatly and I hope you join us at the temple this week. Many blessings to each of you and I know
your all working very diligently upon the pathways on the planet. It’s an extremely exciting time,
even though it can be challenging, so many more elements are going to be happening for you to see the
beauty that you are. I thank you for letting me be a part of this reality and each of you.

I AM Fred, Spokes-Being of the Temple of 911.



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