Letting It All Go: Manifesting Miracles

Letting It All Go: Manifesting Miracles

by Bashar

September 12, 2011, Comments(4)
Creation - Various Theories, Energy, Love

The idea, of course, is that we have from many different points of view
talked about, and you have heard from many different points of view, the
idea of letting go. What some of you may call surrendering, many of you
have different ways of interpreting this concept but you must understand,
as we have said many times, things are always this and that not just this
or that. And so, even in the mist of an act of surrender, there is not
really the giving up of who you are but the true acceptance, the true
claiming of who and what you are and this is the key.

But let us talk about this in the terms in which it occurs in your physical
reality and which it has occurred in the Infinite an event that we have now
referred to regarding the apprentice and other people. Many times you will
find yourself pushing and pushing, struggling and struggling, trying and
trying, focusing and focusing and working very hard and very diligently
with all the ideas we have discussed about altering your believes, getting
in touch with your definitions and so forth in order to manifest the
reality of your preference. This is all well and good but we want you to
understand something very important, perhaps, this might even be the most
important, the most crucial idea you can allow yourself to grasp, and that
is: that all of these concepts are all fine for the purpose of getting in
touch with different aspects of your personality, for allowing yourself to
be clear and gain more consciousness with regard to your believes, your
personality structure, your consciousness in a physical sense. None of
this, in that sense, is wasted time. But now you have arrived, really, at
a place and at a time and at a timing in your collective consciousness
when, in some senses paradoxically enough, you can forget all about all
that. And when I say forget all about all of that, in some senses, I mean
that quite literally. It is time for you to forget about a lot of things,
to give them up, to let them go, to just stop. And, in the way we are now
talking about, when you do this you will find automatically in this act
which we will describe that you will achieve what your Buddhists have
called the idea of the cessation of thinking. You will find that your
actions and your beingness become aligned automatically and you will not
have to do anything really to have that happen. The idea of surrender and
letting go, allows miracles to happen because of the following thing-each
and everyone of you, no matter how it is said, put you own interpreted spin
on it if you wish, it doesn't matter but you understand the essence each
and everyone of you is made in the image of the Creator and that is why
letting go works. Because when you stop trying, when you give up, when you
let go, when you surrender, in a sense, to the universe, when you just
quite yourself, calm yourself and tell yourself, it is alright to just stop
trying, just let it go, what you call your hopes, your dreams, your
desires, your focuses, I must do this, I must make this, I want to be rich,
I want to do that, I want to have this , I want to have that. When you
just let go and forget about them, and let it be alright to forget about
them, you will realize and truly experience in the realization that you
*are* made in the image of the Infinite and what that means is: you are
yourself the essence of limitless possibilities. You are all possible
things, all possible events, all possible experiences. That is what you
are, not what you have, not what you have happed to you, it is what you are
because All that Is, is all possible things, all possible events, all
possible experiences, all possible ideas, all possible miracles. It is
unlimited in that way, it is unconditional in that way.

So when you let go of what you think you are supposed to do and when you
stop attempting to manipulate your personality and just forget about it and
just be who you are then you will understand that who you are is unlimited
possibility and when you allow yourself to simply be unlimited
possibilities the universe will reflect those unlimited possibilities back
to you. That is why letting go works because when you let go you are the
true essence of how you were created in the image of the Infinite. And
your reflection in physical reality, thus then, will be as unlimited, as
miraculous, as synchronistic, as immediate, as spontaneous. All you have
to do is forget about trying. All you have to do is give up, in a sense,
and relax, just be and feel who you are and know who you are is unlimited
possibility. Let the universe show you, let the universe, the Infinite,
the Creator love you. Let it show you who you were created to be by
stopping trying to be who you think you ought to be, just stop, just
surrender. You are not losing control, you are becoming what you are, you
are claiming you heritage, you are claiming your birth right, you are
claiming your essence, your nature by surrendering. That is what the
surrender is: is a statement of total self acceptance, *total self*
*acceptance*. Knowing that the self you are accepting, the total self you
are accepting is unlimited possibility. And then you will allow, allow the
gift of the unconditional love of the Creator to be given to you and that
gift is to show you, to show you through your life in all of its
manifestations the unlimited possibilities, the miracle that you are.

Let it happen, stop trying, give up, let go, surrender, stop and when you
do that you will find that you stop thinking so much. You will find
yourself looking at things and all of a sudden realize that that's all you
're actually doing. You're just looking at things. You are not looking at
them and, as you say, zoning out and thinking of something, you will be
thinking of nothing, you will just be looking at things and appreciating
them for what they are and there will be no other thoughts. You will find
yourself at peace, a peace so profound it will be at first, perhaps,
difficult to believe that you are experiencing it. It will perhaps at
first be difficult to believe that you are not having random thoughts. It
will at first perhaps be difficult to believe that you are not just looking
at something to trance out so that you can think about things. You will not
be running things around in your mind, your mind will finally be quiet,
because you will be aligned with who you are and the thoughts you need to
have will be the only thoughts you have. And your actions and your
thoughts, in what you call your Taoist and Buddhist terminology, will be
right action, right thought, right will, which means that they will be
synonymous with your being and when your actions and your thoughts are
synonymous with your beingness it doesn't feel like your doing anything,
But you will act, you will do things but it wont feel like anything, it
will feel like you are just being in life, enjoying life and receiving the
love, the unconditional love, the gift of the miracle of All That Is. You
will allow yourself to be the miracle that then can be reflected back to
you by All that Is. For it is always being handed to you. It is only you
who have refused to accept it by refusing to accept yourselves because you
have been taught not accept yourself. Accepting yourself is just letting
go. It is not a difficult process, it is just stopping trying so hard to
figure things out, stopping trying to think your way through everything.
It is going into a place that is peaceful to you, be it in a meadow, be it
in your own home, be it on your porch, be it while you are driving, be it
in the ocean, be it in the air it doesn't matter it is being in that place
and letting that place simply release you, where you have no cares, no
worries, no thoughts for the morrow, as you say, no things to work out
-NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING! You let it all go, you let it ALL go! You let
it all go. The EXPLOSION of miracles that will result may stagger and
astonish you at first but I guarantee you they will happen because that
will be the reflection of who you finally allow your self to be. Just give
up, just let it go, let it be alright.

I Love Your Avatar

Knight Shadow

September 18, 2011, 2:36 pm
Thank you for sharing a delightful and uplifting message.

Love and Light dear one

Thank You!


September 13, 2011, 1:00 pm
Thank you for sharing..


Lite Being

September 12, 2011, 7:40 pm
It's ALL OK.

Excellent Post, Synonymous Being, Thank You.


September 12, 2011, 9:49 am
A Plan Devised

A Trap Laid:

Exterminators And Synergizers Sent IN

Total Healing

Return To Innocence

Return To The Truth Of Who YOU Really Are

^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ AVX, “The Old MUST Be Made New. ^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^

The ReTURN Will Be Made New.

As SophisiTicated-Innocence.

Don't Expect The ImPossible.

[highlight]BeCome The ImPossible.[/highlight]

The Two-Dualed-Into-One.”



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