The Planet X Debacle: Overcoming The Armageddon Scenario

The Planet X Debacle: Overcoming The Armageddon Scenario

by Patricia Cori

September 20, 2011, Comments(3)
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4 June 2003

I have been asked on several occasions to elaborate a Sirian perspective on the latest Armageddon scenario, the projected arrival in June 2003 of the so-called Planet X (Nebiru). With it, according to a host of ominous forecasts, is to come a range of dreaded outcomes such as the reversing of Earth’s poles, nuclear winter and the eternal ‘end of the world’ scenario. The doomsday machine has been running overtime.


Knowing what we do about how we create our collective and personal realities, I believe that now is as good a time as any to dispel the rumor and re-examine the hype that has been built around this mythic non-event.


First and foremost, let us celebrate the fact that June 2003 has come and will soon be gone, and nothing particularly enormous like an entire planet moving through the solar system and down close into Earth orbit has been so noted on any of the most sophisticated telescopic and sonar equipment. One would imagine that a new celestial body in our night skies would be front page news and that even the most amateur astronomers would be agape at what could only be the biggest cosmic event in recorded history making itself visible in their night scopes.

Consider too that according to the Sirian High Council, Nebiru was in our solar system back at the time of the Birthing of The Christ and their calculations define a 3,600 year full cycle in their orbit between Sirius and Ra, our sun – bringing the projected return around 1,600 years from now – long after we have moved on to other realms of the heavens.


As for the relentless information campaign surrounding the careening Planet X and the projected collision or devastating effects it would have upon us, I believe we’re being misled by sources that are dishing up the grog, as it were, to keep us all in the Fear Zone. Who that might be I leave to your intuition. What matters is that each of us keep check upon the doomsday seers and hold all information up to the light of consciousness. What matters is that we be of such clear determination and dedication to the positive outcome that the terror of annihilation (nothing more than our unwillingness to examine our passage from the physical reality) be duly weighed and held in balance with our trust that the Light always dispels the darkness. What matters, in the end, is that we recognize how we create the outcome with every thought, every word, every action.


I invite you all to consider how wave after wave of imminent cataclysms and race survival is projected into human consciousness, washing over the collective psyche at a time when, perhaps more than ever, we must recognize how we create reality. Fear creates danger just as rage creates violence – just as love creates beauty. It is disabling, disempowering, destructive and I dare say that you are going to have to confront that part of you that is intrigued by the shadow AND MOVE THROUGH IT.


They Are HERE.


September 20, 2011, 6:45 pm
While I have the utmost respect for both Patricia Cori and Zacharia Sitchin, there is far too much documented activity to ignore both Elenin and Nibiru.

I do believe that Cori and Sitchin attribute 3D rules to what are 4D type objects or even spaceships (Hoagland and others), so I tend to discount the 3600 year 'orbit' of Nibiru.

You can certainly see something huge using Google Sky in front of Leo's front paw in the Infrared band. And then there's elenin.

Also, channeled information such as Jelalia Starr (Nibirurian Council) and Sheldon Nigel are definitely are saying that these two bodies are in our solar system, but that there passage will be a non-event.

Then others are saying that that one of these bodies, persumably the brown-dwarf star will turn into a second sun and make us a twin-sun solar sysem like most other ones. I really hope this comes true as it would really wake up the rest of humanity!

Thank You


September 20, 2011, 4:45 pm
Hello n thank you for this information I had no idea until recently.. In Love n Light

Nibiru Elenin


September 20, 2011, 2:57 pm
I agree that everyone who is caught up in the celestial bodies issues can get bogged down, but part of it is our human need to know what will happen in advance and get prepared. The information is terribly convoluted and contradictory which makes it difficult to process. For example this information from the Andromedan Council gave us this info recently
In this scenario Nibiru is to be diverted over our solar system. Anyway, I just want to know what is going to happen so I can have enough food for my family. It is not about being caught up in an Armageddon scenario, because I am not. Just my two cents.


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