Oceanna, Pleiadian Priestess: A Thousand Little Crucifixions Living On The Edge Of Overwhelm Through Hannah Beaconsfield September 22, 2011

Oceanna, Pleiadian Priestess: A Thousand Little Crucifixions Living On The Edge Of Overwhelm Through Hannah Beaconsfield September 22, 2011

by Hannah Beaconsfield

September 25, 2011, Comments(3)

We are Oceanna bringing you guidance from our Pleiadian world culture. Our energy resonates benign, nurturing support. In the broadest terms, we are mother energy.

We feel a strong urge to reach out to many of you first ascenders and succeeding waves of ascension pioneers. Some of you have been participating in this project for decades. The 1960s saw the beginnings of a major shift in consciousness. This shift was jump-started by experiments with mind-altering drugs. The generation of young people who tried these substances opened a door in the mass subconscious.

These expansions in consciousness couldn't be sustained or expanded without the follow up of a sound spiritual transformation of the energies involved. Those who did not use these experiments as stepping-stones to spiritual growth often fell into addictions and psychological problems. But a door had been opened for your ascension process to proceed on a mass level.

There was a concomitant movement of interest in Eastern spiritual practices that surged to a peak in response to the1960s expansions, as well as, metaphysical and parapsychological investigations. Many first ascenders began their journey in this period. This means decades of their lives have been given over, to one degree or another, to processing and integrating successive waves of ascension energy.

We wish to bring special support to those who have been integrating the new frequencies through their bodies in the form of symptoms, both physical and emotional, that have been regarded as purging toxins from all levels. Many of these ascenders have taken on the changes through body symptoms to the point that they have become nonfunctional. They have curtailed their participation in social interactions, some to the point of reclusiveness. They find that in this way they minimize stressors and allow for some comfort. Stress is both the source/impulse for transformational changes and the painful result of these processes. It is important to stay grounded and integrate the energy as quickly as possible.

We address those who have taken on this type of debilitating transformation and, in many cases, have felt very much alone. We are communicating from a particular urgency because there are shifting probabilities at work that are increasing the stress on these very people who have already taken on so much. There are very powerful energies that will be increasing the speed and intensity of transformation during the last part of this year (2011). Although these surges of energy are neutral in nature, highly integrated, they play out in many different ways through the lightworkers who are processing them.

Humans have many genetically programmed and evolutionarily acquired skills for handling stress. Shocking levels of trauma as well as relentless repeated stress can create life-threatening changes in physical functioning. Ascenders who are processing repeated accumulative stress could be just as debilitated as those who are damaged by violent traumas such as war. The ascenders, who have been processing accumulative stress for years have been experiencing something like a thousand little crucifixions.

You brave souls have entered into an open-ended contract to assist with the planetary transformation. Because you are human you had a sense of the project having an ending. This is a reasonable expectation and is given confirming validity through Earth's patterns of natural cycles: beginnings have endings in linear time. You first ascenders have repeatedly projected the end of the transformational sickness, emotional pain, and instabilities. But it just seems to go on and on. In addition the transformational energy has been coming in waves or surges, which means you feel assaulted, then you have a respite, followed by another assault.

The symptoms of change are hard enough, but being repeatedly slapped down just when you are starting to feel better, would be debilitating for anyone. It is often in the slap-down phase that you are most in danger. Like many who endure prolonged stress such as soldiers, convicts, the tortured and those beaten down by the struggle for survival, you are always teetering on the edge of overwhelm. The slightest stressor can push you over the edge.

We have concern for the burden some of you are carrying. There have been lightworkers who have lost the body through which they worked. Understand, nothing is really lost in these cases. In the higher scheme of things all is perfectly balanced. The spirit that transitions begins working from the astral plane soon after death. However, the work the entity did on the Earth plane helped in an immediate and more integrated way when they were still in a body.

Each of you, who are incarnate on Earth, is in a power position. We can only serve by guidance and support, but you, who take on physical life, are right in the thick of things. You are holding the light and transforming your world by direct contact. We are sending our assistance and support now to keep you valuable workers functioning on your living plane.

Many of you feel that it doesn't matter how hard you push yourselves, because when you have transformed sufficiently, you will have the skills to correct any accumulated damage to your bodies. On one level, this is true. It is also true that free will allows you to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis. One moment of overwhelm might push the body beyond it physical limits. And yes, there are many angels and spiritual guides who rush in to support you at any given moment. However, serendipity allows for the incalculable to be factored in. Everything shifts, you are off balance and you could "lose" the body.

We wish you to understand the dynamics of this challenge as you enter a more intense period of growth, expansion and transformation. We are prodding you now so you will take special care of yourselves. Don't take on extra burdens; get plenty of rest and exercise. Nourish all your bodies of consciousness with the greatest care.

You are surrounded by so much support from so many layers of consciousness and planetary groups. Every energy source is cheering you on as individuals and as a world culture. The ascension of your world is of such importance that it will influence other planetary systems in ways you are not yet capable of grasping. Reach out when you need help. We are always near and will provide energy support. As many of you say when departing from one another, "Take care." And we wish you Peace.

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September 26, 2011, 12:12 am
 Thanks John and Peter for sharing this,
a very welcome channelling.
love to you, Tara.

Apologies Peter,I`ve Been A


September 25, 2011, 6:33 pm
apologies Peter,I`ve been a little out of the loop lately..........blessings.....john

Thank You Dearest UX...


September 25, 2011, 5:23 pm
..for sharing thisone twice :)


There has been quite some profound comments while we were going thru the equinox, it sure is a mirror for the title.

I have recorded through sensing last week many things that are still violating our space and please note; gosh, we are fellow human BEings.
Aren't we supposed to BE here and help one~and~another?

I see and know the effect of malice and stupidity reflected everywhere and here.

Well, I Am fed up with it, sending it up now > through my > body's central channel and its extension, the bridge of energy until I feel relief.
Perhaps I Am able to convert something.... > into motivational energy?

Hope everyone has overcome the overwhelm and feels some relief, by reading this channel twice within the neutral zone..

"Accumulate damage to you bodies" ...mental, physical, emotionial and spiritual.
Let us release the worlds vast grief and > anger >  that > burdens > our open hearts.
Hence, even if it means living on the edge....and daring to fall.

There is a always an NRGY bridge available for YOU/ME,
it is within,
and right now the violet flame is on a HIGH pitch, so is your guiDance.

Lets get rid of some statics and stop pushing ourSelves.

I'm glad venus is back.
"The solutions that Venus brings to the table become the requirements we have to pick up in order to breakthrough the barrier.
As we are dropped off at the new train station, we will carry our new attitude, sense of adventure and begin to carve out our new life."

Peace and Love.

Blessings All!

~~in love and oneness, sensi


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