Feeling Energy Throughout Body

Feeling Energy Throughout Body

by neonscience

September 26, 2011, Comments(1)
Meditation, visualisations & energies

Sometimes when I listen to music or when I just sit and think about something that brings me joy/love, I feel a rush of energy throughout my body. The energy feels like tingles and a vibrational tingle near my sacral area. Any ideas on what's going on? Anyone else experiencing this? Thank you!

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Hi Amelia, It Could Be Random


October 25, 2011, 11:20 am
Hi Amelia, it could be random bursts of energy radiating out from your sacral chakra? Caused from an overload of energy in that area...maybe when you think of something that brings you great joy/love your chakra/s then go into overdrive and need to release some of that beautiful energy?


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