Portal 2012?

Portal 2012?

by MothinFlight

October 1, 2011, Comments(1)

I was wondering, I read someone saying something about a portal closing in 2012, and that people should get as much spiritual work done before this point, and I had never heard of that before, I am kinda confused about this. Has anyone else heard of this, and if so can someone tell me what you may think that means? I am feeling kind of lost because I am doing what I can and sometimes it doesn't feel like it goes as fast as I would want, a lot of this is because I am restrained monetarily to get much healings, or anything else. And I have come into acceptance of this, but this sounds like a lot of pressure, and I just want to know the truth.

At The Moment I Do Not


October 1, 2011, 9:42 am

At the moment I do not believe that there is only one portal closing 2012. It is the starting point to the era that there will be many of them opening – not closing. Who knows - this is just how I feel this now.



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