Have You Bought The Illuminati , Alien Invasion Lie.

Have You Bought The Illuminati , Alien Invasion Lie.

by MothinFlight

October 13, 2011, Comments(3)

Have you bought the Illuminati , Alien invasion Lie.


not sure what i believe in myself but i found this interesting.

I'm Sorry, I Think I Sounded


October 14, 2011, 5:56 am
I'm sorry, I think I sounded a bit harsh in mt reply :) I guess the only way we have of cutting through the vast amount of vested interest disinformation we are bombarded with is to centre ourselves, and ask our hearts, or guides, or higher consciousnesses whether this is something that we should be listening to. I suppose this is akin to the idea of resonance. In a very real way, we create our own realities, and I personally try to avoid spending time on something that is couched in the terms of anger. People can bandy about words like lie, deceipt, cabal, illuminati, etc, but I prefer my reality, and words like love, acceptance, unity etc.

I know that I make the mistake of not always qualifying the things I believe as being just that - my beliefs - but the intent of all of us should be to share our beliefs if we believe they are worthy, but to never assume that they are better, or more "correct", than anyone else's.

So...I believe that none of us really knows what is going on, but if we are going to create and believe in a system, how much better for us all if that system is one of love.

Sorry again if I sounded harsh, i have little time to spend on the computer and shorthand more than is good :)


Oh Ok


October 13, 2011, 11:31 pm
oh ok

Hi, A Few Comments. Darwinism


October 13, 2011, 8:05 am
Hi, a few comments. Darwinism and eugenics are not married as this implies, and Darwinism does not discount the concept of the soul, only certain versions of creation. If we accept that the poles of pos/neg masc/fem yin/yang are essential for the processes of physical life, it might be natural to assume that the division of the all into the poles that allow 3D linearity would be an event of such profound energy that our science would describe it as a big bang. This is also tainted with anti-semetism, and a profound misunderstanding of "occult" principles and beliefs. More fear mongering, seeking to draw our attention away from Love. I would file this under D for disinformation :)


edit: p.s. I also don't believe any aliens are waiting in the wings to suck our brains out, or use us as flesh-coloured batteries :)


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