Living Structured Water *Dancing With Water (and How To Make Your Own (purifying) Triske-Lion!

Living Structured Water *Dancing With Water (and How To Make Your Own (purifying) Triske-Lion!

by sierra

October 19, 2011, Comments(5)

A dear friend emailed this to me tonite, and Just had to share :)!

Dancing with Water (and how to make your own (purifying) Triske-Lion!

(side remark : this Be the sacred symbol of ANU ... and Sol Family Root) xo

How to Make and Use Triskelions

The triskelion or triskele  (also known as the triple-spiral or “Spiral of Life”)  is an ancient symbol (read the article), with a powerful connection to water. After the publication of Dancing with Water, the authors were introduced to the work of Brenda Schnose who was bringing information to light about the Heddeka–another name for the triskelion. According to Brenda and the Elders-Three, the triskelion or “Heddeka is a representation of the spirit of water. It has been forgotten through time but is now returning through the bearers of light.”

The triskelion has an amazing ability to neutralize harmful energy. Many believe that this was its ancient purpose. When constructed of copper, the triskelion creates a bioelectric and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. Placed in/around water, a copper triskelion raises the vibration of the water. It also creates energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water. The triskelion can be used alone or in conjunction with other structuring techniques outlined in Chapter 11 of Dancing with Water.  Triskelions can structure water within hours (depending on the size of the triskelion and on the size of the water container).  The authors of Dancing with Water use triskelions everywhere: on water containers, on structuring devices, in their pockets, on/around plants, in the garden, etc.

Since the writing of the book, the authors have also discovered both a masculine and a feminine form of the triskelion.  The masculine form is made using a single copper wire or tube. The feminine version is made by twisting 3 smaller wires together before forming the spirals.  The masculine form imparts a stronger, more direct energetic influence while the feminine form has a more delicate energy flow.  Either form will work independently. However, for maximum benefit, use triskelions in pairs. If you are using them on a water pitcher, place the masculine triskelion on the bottom of one side of the pitcher. Place the feminine form on the opposite side of the pitcher—at the top of the container.  If you are placing them beneath a water container, use one on top of the other with the spirals going in opposite directions (as shown – right).

Try making your own triskelion according to the  instructions below. Using wire that is 20.6 inches long (the cubit length) or multiple/half multiple of the cubit length, augments the energetic influence of a triskelion. If you do not have triskelions or copper wire available, you can print the image to the left. It will not be as powerful but it will have a similar effect.


Ways to use a triskelion:

  1. Structure and raise the vibratory frequency of water (place a triskelion on/in a water bottle, pitcher, or other container)
  2. Protect water and biological organisms from harmful electromagnetic fields (place a triskelion in your pocket, on a necklace or bracelet, on an animal’s collar, or on your water vessel)
  3. Protect the programs/imprints in water (place a triskelion on your water vessel after programming/imprinting)
  4. Energize salt solutions (place a triskelion on/underneath your salt solutions)
  5. Enhance plant growth (hang a triskelion from a tree or bush or place it on the soil near any plant)
  6. Cleanse crystals (Place a triskelion in a glass of water with a crystal and leave several hours or overnight)

Two sets of small triskelions are included in Introductory Kit #1. (these are made of wire that is 10.3 inches in length).  Larger triskelions are made of thicker wire, using the full cubit length. Introductory Kit #3 includes a pair of large triskelions. They can also be purchased as a single pair.

How to make a triskelion


1. Cut a piece of copper wire 20.6 inches in length (the cubit length). 12 or 14 gauge wire of this length will make a masculine triskelion approximately 2 inches across.


2. Bend the wire nearly in half, leaving one side about 1 inch longer than the other side.


3. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, “roll” the folded end in a spiral until both ends of wire are about the same length. The longer wire should be on the outside as you roll the wire.


4. Roll both individual wires so that they all spiral in the same direction.


5. Roll as tightly or as loosely as you like.


What is Structured Water?

The only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a unique molecular structure. Certain circumstances, discussed in detail in the book, Dancing with Water, encourage water to form a repeating, geometric, molecular pattern where water becomes a liquid crystal. To understand how molecular organization can change a substance’s properties, let’s take a look at solid crystals.

Each of the Earth’s minerals has a crystalline form. Diamonds are crystalline carbon; emeralds are crystalline beryllium; and rubies are crystalline corundum. The difference between corundum and a ruby is the way the molecules are organized or structured (see images of corundum and ruby at right). Each crystal has a specific structural pattern. Minerals form crystals when circumstances (for example: heat and/or pressure) cause the molecules to form a repeating pattern. Most people know that extreme pressure is required to form a diamond. Pressure forces molecules to arrange themselves in a different configuration to withstand the pressure. Structural organization changes the characteristics of the substance. Some of these changes are obvious—like the visible difference between carbon and a diamond. It’s all a matter of organization.

Water, too, has a crystalline form—ice.  Yet research reveals that water also has a liquid crystalline form. Although the molecules remain mobile in liquid crystalline water, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the sea. This is structured water—also referred to as organized water, hexagonal water, and liquid crystalline water.

Liquid crystals are a special phase of matter. Like solid crystals, they can transmit signals; the repeating pattern provides an efficient pathway for the smooth flow of energetic information. Liquid crystals are flexible and many times more responsive than solid crystals.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington has provided significant evidence for water’s liquid crystalline structure. His research has demonstrated water’s capacity to form large zones of structured water. He has shown that this water has measurably different characteristics including: molecular stability, a negative electrical charge, greater viscosity, molecular alignment, and an enhanced ability to absorb certain spectra of light. He and others have provided evidence that the liquid crystalline phase of water is intimately connected with the generation of life. Dr. Pollack’s faculty lecture describes his research and his findings.

Much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystalline/structured state. Many components of the body are also considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. These tissues work cooperatively with structured water to create an informational network that reaches to every cell. The liquid crystalline organization of the human body accounts for the instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information.

Healthy DNA is surrounded by structured water. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability. Structured water is also responsible for supporting the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. As water loses its crystalline structure (because of age and disease), the integrity of the DNA is often compromised.  Youthful DNA, surrounded by crystalline/structured water, has a much stronger electromagnetic field than DNA from older individuals.

Water’s crystalline structure is based on tetrahedral geometry where oxygen atoms form the center of each tetrahedron.  Under ideal circumstances, as water tetrahedra join together, a repeating hexagonal pattern is generated with oxygen atoms forming the vertices of each hexagon. This is the reason liquid crystalline water has also been referred to as hexagonal water.


Water’s crystalline structure

Top: The tetrahedral molecular structure of water as viewed from the side.

Bottom: The hexagonal pattern as viewed from the top.

Black dots represent oxygen atoms; white dots indicate hydrogen atoms.


Quartz crystals exhibit the same molecular geometry as structured water. Quartz is a network of interconnected SiO4 tetrahedra. Structured water is a network of OH4 tetrahedra. This is one reason water has the capacity to store and transfer information. The image to the right shows the geometric pattern in quartz.  It identifies the  tetrahedral arrangement as well as the hexagonal channels created by the repeating geometry.


Hydrogen bonding

Water’s liquid crystalline structure is made possible, in part, by electrostatic forces called hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are formed by the attraction of positive and negative charges. In the water molecule, the oxygen atom maintains a slightly negative charge while the hydrogen atoms maintain a slightly positive charge. These charges attract each other and link water molecules to form an interconnected, crystalline network.

The Hydrogen Bond (right)

The positively-charged hydrogen atom is electrostatically attracted to the negatively-charged oxygen atom to form a hydrogen bond. This is the foundation for the development of the liquid crystalline water matrix.


Hydrogen bonding in most water is random. There is no long-term pattern to the way the water molecules become interconnected. However, many natural forces can influence the degree and the stability of hydrogen bonding. The electromagnetic forces inherent in the Earth play a role. Organization itself provides a degree of stability, similar to the way interlocking bricks create a sturdy framework, so that hydrogen bonds are not as easily broken. A structured water network is said to be coherent when it can maintain a degree of molecular stability while in motion.

Water’s capacity to store and to transmit information is directly proportional to the structure and the degree of coherence in the water. The greater the structure (characterized by an increase in hydrogen bonding), and the greater the coherence (characterized by the degree to which the water can maintain its structure), the greater its capacity to store and deliver signals and other information.

Liquid crystalline/structured water is living water—and it is only the beginning.  More…

What is Full-Spectrum, Living Water?

For thousands of years people have made reference to living water. It has spiritual as well as philosophical and scientific connotations. The fact that the term has survived so many generations is an indication of an underlying message. It implies that there is living water AND that there is something other than living water. Can water lose its life?  If so, can the life be returned to water?  These are powerful questions that deserve more than a philosophical answer.

Living water has existed on Earth for millions of years. It is one of Mother Nature’s finest creations, and it is the foundation for all life. Yet the degree to which water can support life depends on the degree of life force in the water. Water can be vibrantly alive or it can be barely alive, just like many of the inhabitants of the Earth. Unfortunately, much of the water on the planet today has been mistreated to the point that its life hangs by a drop. It is no longer able to support the Earth’s life forms at optimal levels. Yet, understanding a few simple concepts can restore the life to water.

The New Science of Water is an investigation into water’s liquid crystalline phase where water molecules create a repeating geometric pattern similar to the molecular pattern in a solid quartz crystal. Although the molecules remain mobile, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the ocean. This is living water. It is an organized matrix that responds to its environment. Once the matrix has been established, it can carry signals and vibratory (frequency) information very similar to the way solid crystals are used for this purpose in modern technology.  (watch the video, What is the New Science of Water?) Living water, otherwise referred to as liquid crystalline water, is the medium within the human body that amplifies and transmits signals in an instant.

The term, full-spectrum, living water refers to living water that carries the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies. Several elements contribute to the creation of full-spectrum, living water:

1.       Cyclic movement (vortices)

2.       Electromagnetic fields and other forms of gentle ionizing energy

3.       Mineral ions (salts)

4.       Sound and light frequencies (nature’s music)

5.       Darkness

When these elements combine (and they can do so in many different ways) water becomes a living, liquid crystal with the full spectrum of life supporting enhancements. All of the above elements are discussed in detail in the book, Dancing with Water, with instructions for providing the above elements in such a way that they result in full-spectrum, living water—water that supports life at its fullest.


Very Interesting! This Part:


October 22, 2011, 10:35 am
Very interesting! This part: "Quartz crystals exhibit the same molecular geometry as structured water." It dawns on me -they are both clear substances and they both hold our thought vibrations (at least according to Emoto's book) so it makes sense. Thank you very much Sierra for sharing this. I am drawn to copper...I would like to try making a triskelion (love that word! ; ) -love, S.

You Are Awesome, M !! Love


October 21, 2011, 3:17 am
You are awesome, M !! Love your ideas expanding on this!!!
Love across the Waters* Annie

Haha! Not Yet, But Yes! Its


October 21, 2011, 3:15 am
haha! not yet, but Yes! its exciting
Living Water* just the feel of it, and the symbol.. Rejeuvenates!!
I'll let you know,,you too,ok? xoxo

Fascinating Synchronicity


October 19, 2011, 7:23 am
Hi Annie

Well .. this is fascinating. I have been making cards recently with Celtic symbols on them and this is one of the symbols which I have been drawing.

The idea of this symbol being connected to purifying water makes perfect sense ...given the group of three to correspond with the 2 x hydrogen and 1 x oxygen.

The hexagon patterns are interesting too ... there are so many hexagons in the natural world. I used to dream of hexagons a few years ago... hexagons in honeycomb ... the hexagon shapes which water makes when drops of rain are caught on a camera... the cells in our bodies...

Really great to be shown how to actually make the symbol as well ... thank you.

There is such a lot of information in this post ...

We are all connected by water ... we are water ... water is us. I am learning about making plant essences at the moment and it is so interesting how water carries vibrational memory.

I am going to use this symbol and send it to New Zealand to help with the oil spillage out there.

Love and thank you, thank you for posting this today


Oh Annie!


October 19, 2011, 5:53 am
I goobbled that info up like it was candy! I also synchronistically have just seen one of these curly cue things, can't remember if its in Wilcox's Source Field book or my Animal speak book, but it was about these squiqqly things being carved into wood or a staff somewhere, thanks so much for posting, I will have to get that book. Did you make a squiggly thingy yet? Just think how much more information is waiting to be excavated....exciting times, Love, Karen


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