Humanity And The New Geopolitics World

Humanity And The New Geopolitics World

by Elisangelis Isis

October 19, 2011
Ashtar Command

Humanity and the New Geopolitics World

Daughter's us, the Fellowship of the Commander Shion Antares, greetings of peace to every corner!

The geopolitical world is undergoing significant restructuring.

What is not changed by the direct action of man, is through the action of nature, behold the ethereal plane the new settings are ready long ago.

Solidarity is the glue which will unite in brotherly feeling between the nations that have positioned themselves in a friendly manner with others.

There are still many familiar varieties that resist amplification process of the relations of exchange and barter for achievements in the territorial scope, I am referring specifically to the counties scattered in many regions of the Earth.

The changes that take place on the planet asks all who are in the condition of regional leaders, an awareness in order to broaden the horizons diplomatic, not just a matter of necessity to come, but mainly as evidence of exercise of brotherhood.

The union as a form of social interaction, will soon be the only possible way to keep their lives on the earth plane.

And even then, many will be taken by surprise when they see themselves isolated from the rest of the world and the nations that surround it.

This nation lies in which the channel is undoubtedly a converging point of many lineages present in the cosmic planet.

And it all happens right here, because the continent is one of the few arms of land that will keep conditions favorable for life to beings who develop changes in the Earth plane.

This message should reach nuclei where there is resistance to alliances with other nations on the planet, because soon, the boundaries fixed today regarded as milestones will be re-discussed.

And this will happen more or less conflictual, depending on the posture assuming that the leaderships after the events that sweep across their territories, agriculture, industry and local livestock.

However, the Superior plan and advises the governing human leaders, maintain a plan of immediate awakening, whose understanding has been accepted only as a means of protection and military subjugation of one nation by another, which is a decoy.

Know that the actions of nature that have been properly applied by the attitudes held by man over millennia, will be just the answer to what has been planted, although they have been repeatedly warned of the danger of excesses at the expense of commercial life in all its forms manifestation.

Still, the man remained inert to the case of qualitative changes of the values ​​that govern life on this planet.

Nothing happens by chance, and the absence of the Sacred allowed them to expand economically, the ignorance that accompanies them on the same level, allows exhaust the physical resources that come from the natural environment.

Natural resources are limited, however, human greed could also be.

No man putting a brake on their economic power by unbridled rage, frantic, mad, hampered with conditions less tolerable purification of the earth.

There is still time to reverse the chaotic picture in which is the Earth plane, for limited natural resources. Necessarily have to learn in a few brief lessons harshly imposed by divine laws, that survival is much more balanced when it prioritizes moral values ​​than strictly monetary values.

Goods which line of life, from nature do not support the number of beings that are now present on Earth.

The change in mindset is more closely linked to recovery of consciousness that the selfishness fostered by greedy minority can not, in the long run, making the planet uninhabitable.

All this for the Divine Laws, just, eternal and immutable will not allow this process to come to the apex of its development, simply so that shutdown mechanisms are triggered, and this is already occurring.

So, understand that change is essential and not a college, but that requirement does not exempt the Divine Justice to fulfill it, as it happens even painful childbirth.

Therefore, the fault lies not in the individual victim of a mass mental crystallized eons ago, but mainly by the absence of mechanisms to correct human flaw in this chart the direction of the means of production land.

Resources are limited and there.

So learn to share the bread forceps that at some point will become scarce, while the excessive selfishness denotes an imbalance voracious drive Laws Executive restore equilibrium conditions of life on Earth.

If limited, will also be limited to life on Earth.

Think of solutions in the short, medium and long term.

The results will benefit all mankind.

Difficulties are opportunities for growth and repair of all what has been ignored so far.

That mankind can find ways to peace among all men, with wisdom, love and freedom.

Shion Commander Antares

Channeling Elisangela Isis at 10/15/2011


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