Lightworkers For Change

Lightworkers For Change

by vendela

October 28, 2011, Comments(2)
Lightwarriors, Peace development, Planet Earth

I have come to an understanding that the time has come when we all must be brought together to change the vibration on earth. My intention is to bring love and light as we all join up all over the world for meditation in december 2012. This is not only my concern we all need to work together and this page ( is where all of us can bring our knowledge and intention to one. We r many more than anyone can ever imagine. We identify us as christians, buddists, healers, angels, mothers, teachers, friends, dreamers.. list goes on forever. We r all a part of it no matter how we define ourselves. Please spread the message. Lets stand united.

WE Are With You, Vendela


October 30, 2011, 6:43 pm

We are united as One with You in All That Is.

All of Us as One - Our path towards Ascension and so it is.

~~ LOVE ~~


October 29, 2011, 2:14 am
Thank you Dear One.
Your light of Love is a gift, and a beacon for a new paradigm.
Bless you, and all the other people assisting you at this time.
One Human Family



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