Power Path Full Moon Update 11/10/11 With Pat Liles

Power Path Full Moon Update 11/10/11 With Pat Liles

by Lena Stevens

November 9, 2011
Energy, Astronomy & Related Mythology

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Thursday, November 10 at 1:17 PM Mountain Standard Time.

As the times are greatly accelerated, everything is enhanced. Whatever is going on in your life is under magnification so pay attention to where your thoughts and beliefs are going. If you "think" things are hard or impossible or challenging, then they will be more so. If you believe you do not have enough time, you won't. If you believe things are negative around you, then they will be.

However the opposite is also true. If you discipline yourself to think and believe positively then that is where the energy will go, and what will be enhanced and magnified will be the most positive outcome. So pay attention, be vigilant, clear, neutral and inspired. Inspiration will definitely move things in the right direction. Be inspired especially by anything you can upgrade in your life under this month's theme of renewal.



Written by Patricia A. Liles
Contact her at [email protected]

Taurus Full Moon 18º/Sun in Scorpio 18º
Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, 1:17 PM MST

With a Full Moon, light is shed on the birth point of the New Moon two weeks prior. The Moon is 180º from the Sun - in opposition and we can find ourselves in an either-or situation. One side can be projected outward so we can view the issues as if they were external to us. Awareness is greatly increased and often manifested through relationships. We find ourselves sitting on the fence or there is a see saw quality that supports seeing both sides of a situation.

Taurus Moon is opposed to the Scorpio Sun. It's the feminine, yin polarity of fixed earth and water that is playing out around us. Taurus, as The Bull, is concerned with the Earth and food, wine, all the pleasures of the senses, our material well being and resources and what has value. Sharing Venus as a ruling planet with Libra gives Taurus a love of peace, refinement, beauty and adornment. Nature, art, music and finance all hold Taurus' interest. Taureans are warmhearted, hospitable, dependable and make a stead fast friend and formidable enemy (being a fixed, power sign). Taurus, a tad stubborn, but amazingly persevering, rules the neck, throat, voice, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

At this Full Moon, both Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, are in a magnificent Grand Trine configuration with Jupiter. This is deep and expansive (Jupiter) energy for transformation (Pluto) with the energy (Mars) to bring it into physical manifestation, and because of Mars' retrograde, the trine relationship will remain active and exact again at the Full Moon in March 2012. This is a powerful and magical time 2008 to 2015 and beyond. We have an opening energetically to make some of the most profound changes ever presented to our planet. We are spiraling to a higher frequency in our evolution. Consciousness is taking a quantum leap. The United States itself is making a huge philosophical leap in its development from a success-oriented country (young soul) to a relationship-oriented country (mature soul), and it doesn't come without extreme growing pangs, letting go of cumbersome past constructs and releasing unimaginable creativity and collaboration. Transformational work brings to consciousness what needs to be cleared to move forward in our personal power (Pluto) and expression. Many personal crises (from the Latin 'to decide') have their source of healing and renewal in the deep, internal work of forgiveness. Forgiving and blessing what we hold in our lower chakras will help us to move upward and into our heart chakras. The Taurus Full Moon will help us see our patterns of projection. Many have invested in this inner work and now are reaping the rewards of a rich and blessed ride on the evolution machine without getting their heel caught in resistance and blame.

Asteroid Vesta squares the Sun and Moon in this Full Moon chart. Vesta (evolved from the Mycenaean Crete/Greek goddess, Hestia), and the vestal virgins who tended her altars as Keeper of the Sacred Hearth Flames that bound family and state in Roman times, are also depicted in the Virgin, ruling Virgo. Vesta is also associated with Scorpio and sacred sexuality. The temple priestesses of the ancient world honored the mysteries and fertilizing power of the Great Mother Goddess in the form of the Moon and her relationship to the sacred waters of receptivity and intuition, as well as kept the sacred flame of kundalini energy from ever extinguishing as a symbol of the sacred union of the human with the divine invoking the aspects of sexuality that are transcendent, healing and liberating beyond the physical act. To do this work, the temple priestesses trained to focus their energies internally and onto themselves as sacred beings. So with a square to both Sun and Moon we might have to examine conflicts between our work and our life purpose or examine our fears that keep us from intimacy. Neglect of one's own emotional needs or too much introspection and self absorption may be experienced. Vesta wants us to go within (the temple) and get a clear bead on our purpose and then let the outer world align with our intention. If one is feeling anxious, stressed or self-involved, time in the temple or cave may be what your soul is longing for at the Full Moon.

With Vesta in Aquarius, humanitarian issues come to the fore and rebellion against authority that curbs freedom increases. This is echoed with Mars as the focal point of the Grand Trine opposing Neptune in Aquarius at 28º in the Full Moon chart. Slow moving Neptune, it is worth noting, has just left a lingering conjunction on the Moon position of the USA chart (27º Aquarius) - the Moon in a country chart symbolizing 'the people'. Lingering means Neptune, planet of illusion, and blurring fog, idealistic willingness to believe and credit and debt, has had 'the people' in a dream state more or less since spring of 2009 (was that just after the election of November 2008?) But now, it seems, the people are beginning to wake up and engage in civil action to make their needs known. It's only the beginning. The first of seven exact squares of Uranus to Pluto from June 2012 to 2015 will intensify and bring to fruition this awakening. These Uranus/Pluto squares are the first crisis point of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction (exactly together and beginning a new cycle) of the mid-sixties. It's a house cleaning phase of letting go. We have come within 2º of this square this past summer, but have yet to experience the events precipitated by the exact squares. I hope Neptune's movement into compassionate, peaceful Pisces in early 2012 manages to keep the global revolution non-violent - but don't count on it!

Venus and Mercury have already entered the fiery sign of Sagittarius. The Sun follows, shifting on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Sagittarius taps into the positive, horizon-expanding energy of fire. Be mindful, Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday, Nov 23 for three weeks with a square to Mars in Virgo in early December. So watch that attention to detail as we encounter a partial solar eclipse in Sagittarius at New Moon on Nov. 24, the Thanksgiving holiday in USA.

11/9 Neptune turns direct after 5 months retrograde
11/10 Chiron turns direct after 5 months retrograde

11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius
11/23 Mercury turns retrograde until Dec 13
11/24 Sagittarius New Moon/partial solar eclipse 11:10 PM MST visible from the southern tip of South Africa, Antarctica, and New Zealand

12/10 Gemini Full Moon/ total lunar eclipse 7:36 AM MST visible in North America except eastern part, northern Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Asia, east Africa, Iceland, most of Europe


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