Does Anyone Else Do This?

Does Anyone Else Do This?

by neonscience

November 21, 2011, Comments(3)
Meditation, visualisations & energies

Upon awakening in the morning, when I have time to lay there for a while with my eyes closed I see purple swirls. It goes from purple being in my whole vision to a purple circle/dot. It's beautiful and I wondered if anyone else has been experiencing something similar? Thank you for sharing!




November 29, 2011, 6:27 pm
Since I was a child, whenever it's dark I could see different colored swirls and patterns either with my eyes open or closed. Usually they are blue and yellow - or if they coalesce it becomes green. Its a lot like what you described. I see yellow with blue next to it and then it swirls into a circle where there are stripes of blue then yellow moving into the center of the circle. Or sometimes it's just dots of blue and yellow and they just twinkle. I've always assumed it was my aura since the colors stay pretty consistent. Maybe what you're seeing is your aura?



November 26, 2011, 3:24 pm
A lot of people are asking this, so yes, a lot of people are seeing stuff floating in front of them either upon waking up or during a deep meditative state. Usually everyone is seeing different things. I have seen on various different occasions, lights, a dark glowy spot on the wall, a green balloon type object over my nightstand with a face on it, what looked like a flashlight light in the hallway under the crack of the door (which I found out a few minutes later, the door was actually open and there was no crack, much less no light - that one I saw when I was standing up and walking around the bed). Some others have mentioned floating objects such as pyramids, orbs, stars, or even letters, numbers or symbols in front of them. So, it seems to be the new normal.
I think its because we are still out of phase with this reality in the first minute or so of waking up, but I can't be sure.



November 22, 2011, 6:58 am
I believe this is your 3rd Eye activated. If you train yourself you can get pretty good at it and actually do a bunch of other cool stuff. Also you just awoke from a dream and could be the after effects.


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