The Body As An Instrument

The Body As An Instrument

by blueray33

November 25, 2011
Spiritual development


       ~**~   Give the body the attention it deserves, but, not more.  Some people advise that you should cultivate

                  disgust towards it;  that is not beneficial !       Tend it as an instrument, use it as a boat, as a raft.

                                             Disgust is not a desirable attitude towards anything in creation;

                                        Everything is God's handiwork, an example of His Glory, His Majesty.

       ~**~   When you cultivate the attitude that you are the body, the body will demand from you more food,

                                     more variety in food, more attention to appearance and physical comfort.

                 A large portion of the food now consumed is superfluous;    man can live healthily on much less.

                                    A good deal of effort and expenditure now spent to cater to taste and to

                                          social pomp can be given up, and health too will improve thereby.

                                                       Eat to live, do not believe that you live in order to eat.



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