A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics Part 2

A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics Part 2

by Devi

November 28, 2011, Comments(2)

This is the real deal! Sally

Deception 101, Beware


November 28, 2011, 3:28 pm
Ashayana Deane offers an amazing insight into the story of universal evolution and some never before heard details we all wanted to know, plus some very precise cosmological, metaphysical and scientific data. But exactly THAT is a trap, very cleverly done, mind you.
So, whoever gave her this data is a master deceiver because together with this amazing story they included a major fear pattern in a package. A very devious agenda, my guidance tells me.

Basically, her sources say that planet Earth is doomed (not ascending) and that this galaxy is irreparably damaged, also going to die soon, and that we should not be striving to ascend naturally (or "vertically") with the planet, but rather through some special ET portals that will take us to Andromeda galaxy which is apparently not falling apart like this one. Basically, we must escape this planet, she says, and whoever doesn't "catch the train" and go to Andromeda, will ascend to another "fallen matrix" and die with it.

I guess it is some people's path to be abducted like this and taken to an unknown location by a rogue ET group (probably to a remote mining facility, to work like slaves). I just know that is NOT my path.

Respectfully, R.

Ash Interview


November 28, 2011, 1:10 am
One hour in, she talks about knowing your light body, making choices that raise your frequency before the metatronic 55 overlay in 2012.

We have free will, choose our path. Take steps to get away from the metatronic spin..coming.

Hour 28 in she talks about going to crystal temples..disappearing from those with you that are not at that frequency..


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