Blossom's Farewell To Her GFoL

Blossom's Farewell To Her GFoL

by Blossom Goodchild

November 30, 2011, Comments(39)

Hello to you. I am not really sure how this communication is going to evolve. All I know … in my Truth is that there are many questions going round in my head since our last chat and there are many things I need to get sorted if we are to continue on in the way we have been.

Over the years you have offered us such Love and a different view point regarding living our lives and discovering who we are. By no means are we there yet, but many of us are at least walking on the right pathway and for all your assistance in this … I, along with many ... thank you. Let that be made quite clear.

For me now, I find myself in a dilemma. I am confused and upset … no other way of putting it. I have received so many emails since your last communication from souls who follow your teachings. Some felt inspired and wanted to know how we are to bring forth for ourselves these Pillars of Light … whilst others have simply had enough … and decided to no longer follow your way. Mainly due to you ‘promising’ that the Pillars of Light would be with us by the end of the year … only to be told when I really insisted … that ‘no they wouldn’t’ … because WE needed to manifest them for ourselves and due to the timeframe this was no longer going to be.

This is also how I feel about it to be honest … and I can only be that ... honest!

WHY would you not tell us this in the first place?

WHY say they will come and we will be in awe of them etc and put it out there in the way you did to begin with?

WHY didn't you say from the start that we had sent them out long ago to be retrieved now?

I FEEL … and this that I put forward to you today is my feeling ( it is not influenced either way by those who have shared their opinion) that once again we are being shown a carrot … a juicy carrot. We fill our Beings with hope/expectancy/ joy/ excitement/ faith/ knowing/ belief … because we believe in you … we KNOW you as TRUTH and then you turn round and say ‘NO .. It’s not going to happen!’

Well … in my TRUTH … I feel so let down by this. You are incredibly Highly intelligent enlightened Beings are you not? You are the Overseers of the Overseers. This surely must allow you incite as to how it is for us down here on planet Earth. Through all your study you surely must have gauged a certain amount of info as to how we operate in this density? So WHY OH WHY would you ‘string us along?' Because quite honestly … that’s what it feels like.

I don’t know … because I can’t remember … what my soul’s contract is/was with you … perhaps you could send me a copy? If I step aside ... I assume my understudy is waiting in the wings? Am I supposed to step aside? I just don’t know what to do!

Would you not want to be encouraging more people to wake up and smell the roses instead of have them turn away? Of course I have had to question once again your validity? Are you who you say you are? I had such proof after the Oct14th 2008 * and vowed I would never doubt you again … but I AM … and that hurts me so much. I am doubting you and I am doubting myself.

As the messenger ... did I interpret it wrongly about these pillars you showed me ? And if I did … why didn't you correct me? I have had the need to remain strong in my Truth with you so many times and I have … but now … I FEEL so disappointed.

Yes … the emails will flood in saying ‘It’s not about THE FEDERATION Blossom… It’s about US and BEING LOVE’ … I KNOW ALL THAT!! But for me this IS about YOU … The Federation of Light … The Overseers of the Overseers. You have offered to assist and I am here to tell you … in this moment of now … as your messenger … this thing to do with the Pillars of Light has caused quite a bit of damage.

All is as should be as they say … and I don’t know … Truly I don’t … if what I am about to say is what was in my contract all along ... or whether or not … I simply turned out to be unsuitable for the job . Over the last week I have been asking my soul what I should do? Where I should go from here? If I stop communicating with you … I will feel so odd … and was not communicating with you one of the purposes for me to be here? Maybe only till this time perhaps?

So here it is … Once again I NEED to know that you are who you say you are. I do not want to carry on our relationship if I am unsure. Been there … done that! There are some that feel you are not of Truth. I have always known you to be … no matter how others tried to dissuade me, yet due to this last channelling I now find myself really questioning the whole thing.

My proposal is … from where you reside … wherever that is … given the technology you possess ... I am asking you from the deepest place of my heart … to SHOW US SOMETHING THAT IS UNDENIABLE PROOF OF WHO YOU ARE! Surely you must KNOW that this has to be done at some point? It would wake so many up … if that was their choice . It would give those of us who are already awake the biggest boost to carry on. Because believe me … we need a boost right now.

We are fed up of waiting for those in power to find the ‘right moment’ to tell of your existence … We are FED UP. FULL STOP!

Yes … there are changes that we can see …. Yes … we are making those changes happen … but we are hanging on by a thread at times! Tell me … what harm could it do if you were to just show us a huge great sign? Write HELLO in the sky … change the sky from blue to yellow for a day … A friend of mine suggested you cast a peace sign on the moon so everyone could see.

Something … you must be able to do something for goodness sake … to let us know we are following the Truth in our hearts. That’s the trouble … So many of us did what you said … you asked us to listen to our TRUTH …to listen to what our hearts are telling us … and my heart was telling me that YOU ARE OF SUCH LIGHT AND TRUTH … and then you turn round and say that what you promised isn't going to happen …………….. Just like that. Boom! Out the window!

Well I ‘m sorry chaps … but this doesn’t work for me. You simply can’t do that and expect us to go ‘’Ok … sorry. WE got it wrong …WE misunderstood … WE didn’t understand that you meant WE sent them out a long time ago and now need to manifest them’ … and just for the record … exactly how is one supposed to do that anyway? Can’t seem to find the ‘Handy tips on how to manifest light pillars sent out from eons ago’ manual!

I do not believe that doing something in a big way to let us know you are who you say you are is an impossibility. You don’t have to broadcast it … you can just do it … so no organization will be pre-warned. By the time it’s done … it will be too late for anyone to react AGAINST it.

And YES … indeed … perhaps it will change the course of history … but isn’t it changing anyway? Haven’t we already changed course? We are on the right road … to who knows where … Ascension? The New World? Well if that’s the case … maybe you could put a big road sign in the sky pointing upwards saying ‘Ascension ... this way!’ Because right now … I seem to not only have lost direction … but the whole **** plot as well!!!

I don’t know if you have bosses … I don’t know if you have the overseers of the overseers of the overseers … and whether they have overseers of the overseers of the overseers of the overseers …but if you do ….. Please print out this correspondence and pop it in their ‘urgent’ box. I sure would appreciate it.

In my Truth for so long I have KNOWN you to be such Truth Givers. I have felt proud, honoured and privileged to be your messenger. It breaks my heart that it has come to this … and I have not come to this decision lightly … far from it. Yet for me … I feel that I must make this my last communication with you until I have absolute undeniable proof that I am still in with the good guys. I cannot/would not wish to deceive myself or the many thousands of souls that read your messages that ‘I’ have been entrusted to deliver.

I am completely shell shocked to be honest. This all seems to have come so out of the blue … and yet it has, and I need to stand in my Truth about it.

I think it would be unfair of me not to allow you to say how you feel about all this. So I will take a moment and then in full trust I am hoping there is enough energy around for you to offer your take on my feelings.

I ask only that your reply comes from the Highest position for the good of all. IN LOVE and THANKS and in TRUTH.

Dearest lady … firstly we commend you for your outspokenness. We consider all that you have said to be acknowledged and for this time we simply offer you our deepest heartfelt understanding and Love. It would not be appropriate at this time to go into detail yet we sincerely offer you feelings of gratitude for ALL that you have put forward to us.

But if you don’t go into detail it leaves this all so unfinished.

It is far from finished. We are more concerned of your energy at this time.

I’ll deal with that issue if I need to later.

Then in our Truth we shall talk for a short while in order to leave this correspondence in a place where satisfactory statements are offered.

I have said my piece … you know where I stand … I wonder if you KNOW and understand why I have expressed such feelings of despair?

Many times we have spoken of seeing things differently from you due to the ‘space’ we are in. We have told of things appearing so differently to you and that if you were where we are you would understand.

From all you have expressed this day we have come to see the LIGHT from your angle in a way that perhaps was dismissed beforehand.

We do not make excuses to you … yet we have accepted the distress we have caused not just to yourself but many and we had not taken into account that the news we brought forth would determine such confusion.

Nevertheless … we are where we are in this moment and you and all involved are exactly where you are. There is hesitance coming from you Blossom is there not?

Wasn’t sure if the hesitance was coming from you or me … but it’s about. So … where do we go from here?

Inward. It is a time for each one to determine their Truth. We cannot do this for you.

You could … you could do as I have suggested.

Would this be the only way you will consider continuing correspondence?

Do you know how hard this is for me?????????????????????????????? What would you say to me if I said ‘yes”.

We would accept your position.

Then with a broken heart and many tears I stand by my TRUTH and say YES. This is hurting me so much … I don’t really believe we have come to this … but I can’t do it anymore. From my point of view you have to see it from our point of view. It doesn’t work for us if you don’t. We have to KNOW that we can TRUST you and we have all worked together and built up such a beautiful relationship with you … I personally just don’t feel it right to just dismiss the fact that you didn’t let us know that we were supposed to manifest these pillars. A little nod … somewhere along the line … a little hint that this was the case may have changed the way this is all turning out … yet as you say … all is as should be.

My friends … far out ... I know you can feel how upset I am … I wonder if this is how it was all meant to pan out. I certainly did not see it coming … yet … what else am I to do? Truly …if you were me … would you not do the same?

We dearest beloved soul … are not you … yet we are part of you. And yes … we FEEL your deep grief at this moment. Know our Love is with you … always.

It is far from finished.

Yet for now … I must say goodbye. I cannot believe this is the end. I do not want to believe this is the end … The deepest TRUTH in my heart sincerely desires this is not the last time we speak … and yet for now … I know not what else to do … or indeed how much more I can take.

My heart Loves you ... God … this is ridiculous … why am I so upset? Is it because deep down I know you as Light and Truth … if that’s the case … why am I saying goodbye? I have to my friends … I have to!

Thank you for ALL you have shared. Truly thank you. As I say … I have no idea if what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing … and what a time to be jumping ship … but I just don’t know any other way right now.

Pressing the button to send this out will be to me as big as doing so for the Oct 14th message … many moons ago. A journey so worth taking … I just came to a crossroads I guess.

So to you … in this way that we have grown … I sign off. I do not know if we shall correspond again … only ‘time’ as WE down here know it will tell. And your final words to me would be?

It is far from over. This in OUR TRUTH we know. We watch over you Blossom. WE watch over you all. Be in strength. Be in Light. Be in Love. It is the only way you can be. For it is you. It is all of us. We are one In LOVE. And so it is.

* A few weeks after Oct 14th 2008 I was really struggling what with one thing and another! I asked White Cloud for a sign ( I don't do that very often) . I HAD to KNOW that The Federation of Light were who they said they were. I FELT I wanted to TRUSt them, but did not want to fool myself or anybody else after what had ... or should I say ... had not taken place. My soul was in a miserable place . I closed my eyes and was shown a beautiful rose. So I said to White Cloud that if within three days I saw a rose that carried his energy I would know it was from him and know to continue communication with The Federation of Light. I told no-one of this. At 4pm on the third day ... there was a knock at my door and the local florist delivered three dozen roses .They had a beautiful ostrich feather in them and a card which simply said ...

'Walk boldly as the Light and the Love. All is as should be . Adieu. Kerrrie ( a petal).

These words as many of you know are what White Cloud always says.

Within moments I clicked and sobbed uncontrollably ...vowing I would never doubt them again. My heart was so grateful to White Cloud for this Truth.

I did not know Kerrie then. I do now. When I asked her what made her do such a thing ... she said she felt nudged by White Cloud all weekend to 'listen to him'. (She had his books) So she did and felt the urge to send me some roses ... only knowing that I lived somewhere in Noosa.

To ask White Cloud again of 'their Truth' just somehow does not seem the thing to do. Although I did try ... not knowing where else to turn. It didn't happen.


Laura Tyco

December 2, 2011, 12:38 am
Sorry Krystal! I see you know what I mean now about GLoL and FoL. As far as I know, these are 2 different organisations. (-_-)

I will post her update of today as a new post.

She goes into the details of the pillars of the light there.

Namaste. Laura

Hi Becs


December 1, 2011, 3:29 pm
I meant "The Pillars of light as us" as in according to the ancient Tibetan legends of Vishnu and in the sense that we are the fallen gods, pillars of light that have become encased in flesh in a sense. I agree that it would seem easy for a being to just say what they mean but it is not so easy for a 3d being to interpret the message of a higher dimensional being. That is the rub. All of their messages to her seemed very vague to me and I don't know how she lasted as long as she did. I would have been extremely frustrated to the point of giving up on it years ago. That is what I meant by putting too much emphasis on those kinds of things. In my opinion we should be putting energy into our own peace of mind and body. That shapes the world around us. Looking outside ourselves for pillars of light is distraction from self health and we see how that has shaped the world. If these beings were truly trying to direct her and others attention constantly outwardly then I oppose that particular practice whoever they are.

I Am One


December 1, 2011, 4:34 am
that was heartbroken (I sobbed truth be told) at the channeling whereby those to whom she communicates stated that we would not get the promised Pillars of Light as they had put to her. They did not state that these pillars of light were us. It seemed pretty clear that the pillars of light they were talking about were an event to be seen in the skies (and not the atmospheric phenomenon already out there let alone something to do with us). Given the level of conversation they've had over the years it would seem like a pretty easy clarification for them to make, which is exactly what Blossom put to them. I love it how they, and many other channeled beings, pull out the old "oh you didn't understand" when something fails to manifest, although our understanding seemed to be perfect up until then.
Ha, I remember using that trick as a kid. Got me out of all sorts of trouble.

Brave Blossom


December 1, 2011, 2:05 am
I have corresponded with Blossom a couple of times and it seems to me that Blossom is doing her best to translate information that she often finds obscure. The pillars of light are "us". We are light/energy/frequencies and the stories of the pillars of light were told by the Vedas and Tibetans as Laura Tyco said. There is far too much emphasis being placed on these things by Blossom and by others. She does not need to try to relate obscure information like this that may or may not manifest for people that may or may not be aware of it. We are talking about beings from all different dimensional realities beginning to interact with each other. We should just share and listen if we want and don't if we don't want to. There is no need draw attention to and place importance on events and transformations when we are moving into a world of multidimensional existence. Why frustrate yourself? That is what she is doing. She is trying to grasp and pin down something in a world where everything is transitory and relative. Let it go. BTW Laura did not make unkind remarks by saying she didn't see how Blossom didn't get what they were showing her telepathically about the Pillars of light. She just said that she didn't get it. That is not an insult.

The Path Of Doubt

David Ward

December 1, 2011, 12:08 am
It's been an amazing progression for everybody, one path or another. Blossom is going down a path I can relate to, the path of doubt. From my own experience, I can relate to the despair that's running through right now, releasing of bonds. Others are going through this path of doubt as well, it's an amazing ride. My experience with doubt strengthened me inside, considerably. It made me more discerning, more able to stand on my own two feet. Doubt is an enhancer of sovereignty, at least that was what I gained from it.

For some, this path of doubt is necessary. It was for me. It now appears that it is for Blossom.

Love, light and fortitude, Blossom~

Pegalys, You Are Right, It


November 30, 2011, 11:29 pm
Pegalys, you are right, it should be FoL, my bad, didn't pay attention close enough.

Actually, I Was More Curious


November 30, 2011, 10:22 pm
Actually, I was more curious why you added the 'G' in front of it, refering I assume to the word Galactic. Obviously, a Galactic being has an entirely different perspective and access to information than one who must operate from within the positive Light of the 4th dimension.

Dear Laura I Put "her"


November 30, 2011, 9:25 pm
Dear Laura I put "her" intentionally, because I am open to an idea that Blossom channels GFoL, but am not 100 % sure. Judging by most of the comments it seems that I am alone in this kind of thinking. Many assume that if channeled identity introduces herself/himself at given name it must be an unquestionable fact. But is it? I commend Blossom's stand in questioning her sources. With great love for her and all.



November 30, 2011, 7:08 pm
Ah ah Robert - bob - Flame you are perfectly right.

As a reptilian I use to wear perfect double-colour python made shoes LOL

Indeed, this should not have been a discussion but a standard gallery of different points of view.
Anyway, as my aim is not to trouble but to help people on their own and true discernment, I apologize if some of the things I told could have bothered someone.
Naturally I hope it was the same for the others towards me.

Are you 1 of 90? Nice to meet you again. I am the 3 of 144. Maybe someone got lost by the way? LOL

Have you alla noce day

SaLuSa 30 Nov 2011

Laura Tyco

November 30, 2011, 7:06 pm
Love you Blossom !

Don't allow negative emails and comments from voulchers and from disinfo agents pull you down sister!!
Just stop reading negative emails, they are pulling you down sister!

Those who judge others negatively, judge their self worth negativly!

Blossom has been the greatest light and comfort for me. Sometimes, one has to be cruel in order to be kind. (-_^)

See the bigger picture and that the cabal is trying to stop you spread light all around the world Blosson, by pulling you down! Like they are attacking every single lightworker, and I am no exception!

Here are SaLuSa's words through Mike Quinsey, I am sure it applies to commentors and readers of this much loved lightworkers site.

"As the saying goes, keep on keeping on, and let nothing distract you from your chosen path. Only you alone truly know what is needed to propel you forward, and exactly where you have set your goals. Normally you would be quite happy to progress at your own speed, and certainly no pressure is exerted upon to do otherwise. However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension. It is about raising your vibration by bringing more Light into your life, and sharing it through positive thoughts and actions."

May we all find inner peace and understanding.
Whatever wiill come up for you from now on, you have my greatest love. I hope you will heal your wounds from those people you say are sending you negative emails sister, and don't allow them to drag you down and doubt yourself.

Love you dearly Blossom and sending you great love and light

Laura Tyco

Say Goodbye To GFoL?


November 30, 2011, 6:34 pm
Having read this article on a british website this evening I was a little surprised about the harsh and offended feelings shown and I am really sorry for this.

Beeing in the theme around four years now I follow those messages also on other websites but I always keep a personal distance until resonance occurs (or not).

I remember a youtube channeling where I wrote as comment "What if this is only a part of the Muppet show for adults?" I ment with this: Some sit and read and grow their expectations. Some kind of manifestation. Ok, that´s fine.

But what if that is all? Isn´t it up to us, to change our world the way we would like to see it and better: We would like to live in? IT IS OUR FREE WILL and this doesn´t stop by comsuming positiv channelings. There is personal action needed, too. And this, as hard as it may seem, starts inside.
Love and Light is an inside job. From their you radiate your personal mood in your environment. This is the place where rflections are created. WE ARE CREATORS!

So it is up to us, becoming activ in our live. We got the gift of free will, those who want to use the time for some growing shall and will do that. NO ONE SAID THE ROAD WOULD BE PAVED. The stones are there and this is what we call live.

Please stop worrying (what is it good for?) and make yourself a clear mind what present you got to have such a pretty time with this "beings". After that I am absolutely sure and confident you make your decision right, however it will be.

A big hug to you.


Robert - Bob - Flam

November 30, 2011, 5:31 pm
I really feel no need to continue this discussion, but since you asked Fucsiaman.

You are reptilian.

Blessings to you brother

Last Reply


November 30, 2011, 5:13 pm
Forgive me, friends, just to let you understand better my thought. It is not important what I think about.

If we are already "one" there is no reason to federate ourselves.
So, two things are one:
1) we are not One and all those who continue on saying this term are wrong
2) we are all One and the federation is just one more 3D arrangement to manage the space/time stuff

Anyway, as I don't believe in anyone saying "I am" "I have been" "I know", nobody of us could be sure about these multiple theories.
Just to follow some saying right here, if you really were what you claim you'd know me. If not, you are wrong about yourselves.
That's all folks.
If someone says something, it is not because he doesn't know and is in looking for new masters, but, maybe, because he knows and has the great wish to share with other what he knows or, to say better, he wants to give one more option on the issue to let the people make their own idea.
If someone comes here without saying "I Am" or "I have been" it is not because maybe he is not, but because he is so humble to speak without any clue to this.
For instance, I know very well not only the websites regarding the various Federations, but quite personally those who write on them. And some people from Sirius if just you wish to know it fully.
But, although I know them personally (or through people close to me and very trustable), I doubt about all these federations the way they are shown to us.
There is just an alleance among various races, the same that created the Adam, and it is just a temporary staff due to the necessity to assist us in this particular time. No more. After the so called "ascension", everybody will be able to return to their usual Time/Space.
Believe it or not. I am none.


Robert - Bob - Flam

November 30, 2011, 4:40 pm
ME too Lite Being! :)

Hi Love :)

My Preference

Lite Being

November 30, 2011, 4:35 pm
I personally prefer the term "brotherhood", rather than Federation.


Robert - Bob - Flam

November 30, 2011, 4:24 pm
Blessings Fucsiaman,

This might be of interest to you and maybe explain some of it and the depth of this.

Side note : I know this is truth, from experiences I personally experienced before I ever was introduced to this. 
I experienced some things,  "then"... was told to buy one of her this. 

Like the Black Panther i saw...and my twin.  Not your normal Black Panther BTW :)
I Never heard of such a thing until I read that book...and that was afterwards.

It was not the other way around :)

Peace Joy and Love to You

A little more ~ Ashular is my Father, he is one of the Founders of this Universe and on the Nibiruan Council
Galactic Federation of Worlds ~ Serving the Worlds...

I am one of the original 90 who helped start this universe at it's inception.

Blessings to you



November 30, 2011, 4:03 pm
Federate means to become One. One purpose, One goal, One common future of peace, harmony and cooperation, coordinating the requirements of disparate groups with differing needs.

What word would you use instead of government?

The universe probably doesn't resemble Berlusconi's private empire...LOL

@ Pegalys -Tx


November 30, 2011, 3:41 pm
Tx Pegalys. You're very kind but I remain on my side. :-)
As we are talking of a different way to "live", such as the 5th or 4th dimension, I just find it strange.
We are every moment saying that we are "One", on this 3d Earth and we want to believe in a separation of the beings even in the "upper" dimensions?

It is told that we are going to join them. It seems like a new release of Star Wars. What is the need to create a Federation or a group or a circle or an identified group of people actually separating from the others (those who are not part of the same federation)?
Are we or not, One?
If we are (as we are) all One, there's not need to identify someone from the other.
Yes, certainly there are and there have been different races, different people, different aims and we become from (and belong to) most of these races. This is not the point.
The point is: why are we talking about "governments", "councils" and any kind of rulement that should control the actions of these "guys" over there?
It doesn't fit with the 5D concept (pure Love, the dimension of service to the others etc).

Ok, let's try to find a wayout for both of us: could be correct to say that when (and only "when") the evolved beings (as they are just beings evolved before of us, not better, not higher, not gods) must act just in the 3D, that is this whole Universe, they anyway must assume a shape and be coordinate among them? And only in this case, in this 3D, the concept of a Federation could be allowed? :-)



November 30, 2011, 2:54 pm
Federation can exist at any level, the US is a federation, the UN and the EU are federations. There can be federations of cities of light on the 4th dimension, or planets in a solar system, stars in a cluster, or clusters in a galaxy. There is no reason that galaxies can't federate. It is simply a form of governmental principle. Proper government is there merely to coordinate activities between various interests peacefully. Using examples of corrupt man-made goverments as an argument to deny the existence of higher forms of councils doesn't wash. I find it hard to believe that the universe is founded upon anarchy or personal mastery only, there are way to many interests and concerns to address for that type of simplistic governance.

Federation of Light indicates it has no jurisdiction on a planetary, solar or galactic level, only within one circumscribed dimension.

Our planet is in the process of Confederation... joining with other worlds so we may enjoy and partake of some of the advances already made on those worlds.


The act of forming into or becoming part of a confederacy.

@Robert - Bob - Flam


November 30, 2011, 2:32 pm
Robert, it is enough just one Federation, as our friend just above you, here, remark, imagine if there could be more then 4 or 5 ones... LOL

I've heard from my fonts about GF or GFL and no else. And it would be really odd if they would exist so many "federations", as in the other dimensions there is no reason to federate each other.
Federation is a earthly concept and redirect to a government concept that we can't agree with in dimensions where telephaty and Love are the main ways to communicate.
Yes, "federations" anyway must to distinguish themselves from the dark Ones (as SaLuSa call them) and if there would have been this kind of federation 13000 years ago, maybe we'd not be in this situation right now.
But, that's all.
Any other selfclaiming "Federation" is a fake, although we don't have effective clues even of these two ones well known.
We just can argue that GFL is the "good" one and GF is a sort of fake "good" one.
What we know, actually, since years, are these two terms. Whatever they mean. Whoever they are.

Just To Let You Know (Laura Tyco)

Be A Champion Of God

November 30, 2011, 2:07 pm
the messages and channelings you put up, actually seem more fraudulent then blossoms. Blossoms FoL for some time resonated with me deeply, and their teachings dont have anything to do with control or hierarchies. Where as Salusa's messages seem to do with a new transitioning government. To me anything and Everything that has to do with a Government is based on control. To govern = to control, or limit , mental = psyche, or mind. Tell me, how can anybody expect a world based on true Love and freedom(I look at love and freedom as synonymous) when you have a government? You simply cannot live a free balanced life within a Control system. Any message or channeling that talks about a new transitioning government is a fraud, or it is connected with destructive beings who wish to maintain the dominion of the planet. We cant fall for this trap again. Most of the Gfol channelings especially Salusa's and Sheldan nidles always talk about disclosure from governments and government transition, this is either a scam, or a plan by the destructive minded ones to set up an increased control system that overrides the old ones since people are waking up. You simply cannot trust governments, governments and freedom cannot and will not and never will go hand in hand. If anybody reads this message, and truly expects freedom and love Prevail on this Earth, then dont seek these solutions from the government or even a new transitional one. People will definitely be upset if they expect a life of freedom, love, and balance if they depend upon corrupted and controlled world leaders and the government to change the world for them. You all must bring this freedom and love, by yourselves. No government, and no government change will bring this FOR you and most likely like always make things only worse. Enlighten yourself to this matter, and trust in the source within you if you so choose. We can make it through. I pray for awareness and love to all including myself.



November 30, 2011, 1:28 pm
Of, relating to, or being a form of government in which a union of states recognizes the sovereignty of a central authority while retaining certain residual powers of government.

Of or constituting a form of government in which sovereign power is divided between a central authority and a number of constituent political units.

Of or relating to the central government of a federation as distinct from the governments of its member units.

....just to remind everyone of what the term really means.


Robert - Bob - Flam

November 30, 2011, 1:10 pm
Bless her heart!

There are many Federations...many!

Galactic Federation of Light
Federation of Light
Federation of Worlds
Confederation of Planets
etc. etc. etc...

There are people here from all over the Cosmos, not just this Universe and not just earth.

Bless her heart
All my love and blessings to her :)
Prayers and thanks to her and them



November 30, 2011, 1:04 pm
Laura Tyco is passing not a clear moment of her activity but we all love her (even if she banned me by her contacts on Facebook without a reason LOL), and this is the reason for she doesn't assume a very lightworker behaviour sometimes. But she is still young and the age is a good justification/apology that we accept.
Hugs to Laura, our sweet "sister".

I just would remark the fact that millions of people are living at their minimum level of surviving, in the deserts or in the boundaries of great cities and they can't learn, can't read, can't do anything but to try to survive everyday. BUT IT IS NOT A REASON FOR THEY WILL MISS THE ASCENSION. Knowledge and teaching are not the pass for the high energies and often they confine the taught people into their supposed realms of knowledges and skills.

Love is the pass and every action made in the name and according the rule of the Love. Do you understand?

So, Blossom just opened her eyes about the great "problem" that means the channeling today, at this point of the history.
Petra Margolis posted on this site a very good comment (signed by Isis) about the Truth, the Discernment and the Channeling. Here it is:
On the other side, just using the "famous" discernment evoked by Petra/Isis (?), we must notice that some channelers are speaking about GF and others about GFL and, to be honest, they are not the same thing.
Nidle speaks about GF, SaLuSa and others about GFL.
The result of all this channeling addiction is that people is leaving these posts, not only because some promises hadn't been kept, but also because they really don't understand what side are each channeled being on.
I've read in another comment, right here, the supposed difference between Agharta (Nidle comments) and Shamballa, the first one is supposed be coming from rejected ET the other the "true" city of Light.
How many of you knew this? And how many of you really believe in an inner earth?
So, the same for the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light. Who they are? Who they represent? Why do they exist? From where? What the Hell do they want with their coming? And, more, WHY are they doing (IF) all this stuff for us?

Channeled messages just show us possible scenarios and suggestions on how to manage our own "ascensions". Many of them tell us that they are doing what needed and we just have to help them, others say the opposite, that is: WE have to do all the stuff and they are just observing us (Laura Tyco's interpretation of their role). Other are fixed on particular and local issues as Ireland, Vatican (M. Keen). Others just talk us about our living (The Manuscript of Survival), other just talk about spiritual things, chakras, innerself, etc. Others just say a full Bla Bla for other reasons (payd blogs, payd books, payd meeting, etc).

The result of al of this stuff is a complete confusion and I must repeat, please, have a look to the Petra's post of today, because in it there are many answers to our doubts.

Discernment is the main thing and do not be reliant on them, neither channelers beings, nor channeled messages. Because as Love beings are giving us their energies, as Bad beings are trying to keep us on the lower level of those.

Blossom just decided that her channeled beings weren't so good as she thought: no real Lightbeing could expose her to this kind of pain and feeling. They, simply, were a fake and now they are looking for another channeler whose feelings are fitting their pourposes. This is my thought. Maybe I am wrong, but this is my discernment. With Love.

Critical Reading Skills...


November 30, 2011, 11:42 am
...don't seem to be very high on most people's list of priorities. Even Steve Beckow, who many of us respect for his role in this work, introduced this latest news on his site with this:

"Blossom has decided not to continue her communication with the Galactic Federation of Light. For those of you that follow her closely, this may not be a surprise. I would suggest that this may be a temporary break, as things are always changing."

I am not aware of the channelings she ever did for the GFofL. Even her website clearly says FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

This may seem like a small distinction, but it may be just as meaningful as the difference between a ROLEX and a ROLECKS watch. Although they will both tell you the time, one is priceless and the other worthless. A true ROLEX is very expensive, but worth every penny, whereas a fake is overpriced no matter how cheap it is.

I personally don't have any idea what the specific agenda of the FoL is, but to automatically cast doubts on other groups with similar sounding names seems kinda stupid.

Laura Tyco


November 30, 2011, 11:31 am
Your comments are a bit insensitive, Laura. This poor woman has just opened her heart to the world in a very revealing and painful way. Have you no capacity for empathy?

Not "her GFoL"

Laura Tyco

November 30, 2011, 11:04 am
Just wished to specify

1- Blossom is channeling the FEDERATION OF LIGHT, which is a different federation from The Galactic Federation of Light.

2- It is not "hers"

3- I am so sorry to see that Blossom never understood by herself the ancient concept of the Pillars of Light from Tibet, Mayas, Tantra.. etc.. how could she not know I have to wonder..? How could she not get what they meant telepathically is beyond me.

4- Will miss you work Blossom ! But better to take it easy, and regain your emotional balance, inner peace and clarity.

Love and light

Love And Blessings To You


November 30, 2011, 10:09 am
Love and blessings to you Blossom for finding the courage to question. Listen to your heart, all truth lies there. You already know if those beings are of the light or of the dark, you just need to acknowledge what your heart is telling you about them.

White Cloud


November 30, 2011, 9:23 am

The Goodchild used to channel him.

Very Superstitious


November 30, 2011, 9:15 am
I think a very good idea to stop her work at least for a while.
Should have been done on 10.15.2008 right away.
For sure astrology can explain her problems.
Or psychology.

How about the /Hearing Voices Movement / is a support and advocacy group for people who hallucinate voices, but do not otherwise show signs of mental illness or impairment.

Given the current trends in research, a new approach must be taken towards treatment of these hallucinations. A process that would necessarily begin with the patient being helped to realize that the voices they hear are from their own mind. This realization would allow them to reclaim a measure of control over their lives, and begin the process of controlling their own alien voices.

and now trephine me.

The Galactic Federation


November 30, 2011, 9:02 am
The Galactic Federation stated that the Galactic Federation OF LIGHT is run by reptilians. You are correct in questioning your sources.



November 30, 2011, 6:38 am
I had an experience 20 years ago in the Uritorco Mountain in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina... I met a man from there and hyred me a horse to ride to the base... we talked a lot, we ate together, he also ascended to the mointain with me, (1900 meters, we spend the whole day together.. suddenly we were resting sitting in some rocks and a cloud went down on us, I didnt see him, though he was sitting beside me...Maybe it was going to rain and clouds may be at 1500 meters from the level of the see... dont know... the thing is that this man started to talk about extraterrestrials and asked me if I liked to see them and what would I do... I had a kind of panic attack, tachicardia and told him that NO, I didnt want to see them, and I knew that they knew that I was afraid and not prepared to have contact and it would be a trauma for me and they surely didnt want to make any harm to me so they would not show up... I felt they were there very near, but I was scared to see luminescent people, I was in my twenties and had read that many contactees had mystic deliriums and stuff like that so I was scared....This man, my friend did something and said something ... dont remember well and all of a sudden the cloud and the presences disappeared...I breathed relieved...

And I had read a lot of books and I've been to Capilla a lot of times because I wanted to see the inner light city Erks... but when the time came to see ETs I panicked... Now it's different for me, as I know they may take a human form to contact me as they have already done... but when I was 20/24 I thought I'd have a shock and go mad.

All the prophets, patriarchs or people in the bible when confronted to supernatural beings or angels, fell to the floor in fear and awe... It's a typical human reaction I think...maybe not anymore...

I'll see the video right now...and tell you later. Thanks for sharing!



I Think These Communications


November 30, 2011, 5:33 am
i think these communications happen in feelings, and words and logic do not apply to them and we add the logic and time frames as we try and explain the feelings so that our mind can understand them, but the feelings aren't really for the mind or to be understood in a mental way but are to be understood in terms of feeling these feelings as a kind of strong sense of well being that isn't dependent on idea based details that we might logically or mentally interpret to be connected to the feelings, or that we might interpret to be what the feelings are trying to tell us. The feelings are our own HS/heart guidance and its is our heart telling us to feel real good cos that's the only thing that is called for given how amazing we all are and have always been. And feel good about anything and don't wonder if things will happen cos that stops them happening but we can make anything happen by feeling good and more that by feeling good nothing needs to happen :) I think this is what our HS/heart is trying to tell us and we find this so different and illogical that we find it hard to do totally and completely and then we start to question our HS/heart guidance and say but when will this and that happen and it's only our heart that speaks back to us and it speaks in this feeling of total radiating well being and just shines and reflects this feeling good and amazing and we interpret that through our desires and mind and feelings of wanting, and we interpret it to be saying yes to everything which it is but we forget that what its first and foremost saying yes to is to us feeling gooooooood, real good about ourselves and just riding this feeling and seeing how we feel and whether we still want these pillars and such to happen after riding this good feeling, but because that isn't logical we tend to find that bit hard to apply and its sort of a prerequisite part to apply that first so that we can intuit not to try and get approval for the things we want cos we will get that approval but without us feeling this really strong sense of well being first, that approval is irrelevant and if we do get these feelings of incredible wellbeing first, these other things like the pillars of light and the "disclosure" or anything we desired before become irrelevant then too, but we could still bring them to be if we still wanted to after riding these total good feelings for a while, chances are we wouldnt want to anymore though.

Just my take on all this :)




November 30, 2011, 4:18 am
Blossom, you are a brave person to be so open about your doubt and emotion. I, too, think your relationship with your correspondents is "far from over," but I also think you are doing the right thing at this time.


Blessings Blossom


November 30, 2011, 4:17 am
Hey Blossom

My heart goes out to you and I want to thank you for your unique and open style of communicating.

Although I no longer expect events and dates to always concur as projected, your initial channelings re: imminent contact with universal beings did give me a wake up call.

Blossom you have poured your whole self into this experience and if you do nothing else you can be sure you have helped a lot of people to wake up.

It's not your responsibility where anyone goes from here, the path to ascension is personal and if there are deceivers on earth it shouldn't come as a surprise that they exist off-world also.

If you have been 'strung along' then take comfort that it was done by the some of the universes' best and will have served a divine purpose.

Happy holidays Blossom

Love Wen

Not Yet Reary


November 30, 2011, 4:16 am
Dear Soul.Think for a moment.There are so many people not prepared mentally for sush a meeting as first contact!Many many people are still so much in the low vibrations that if they encounter with such event they would go deeply into the negative and will be very scared-the fear may kill them as well or go mad!We dont want our beloved to go mad,do we?We have to prepare them!So upon the end of Ascension(2012 or who knows exactly)most of the people will already be ready-in their mind,hearts and consciousness to live trought this overwhelming event that we all expect vigorously.People must understand now another truth of our history conserning the past civilizations.I want to please you to spread this movie in which many scientist around the world have descovered something very extraordinary in humanity history.This is the link:

Dear Soul,keep your heart open and joyfull and leave some time for other parts of humanity to further understand whats going on at all on our Earth from milenia!Make a little test on the street-just ask someone what he/she thinks about the mayans,the extraterrestrials,the government-probbably he/she will tell you more about the government and its lies.Maybe he will tell you also something about the mayans,and so about the "Aliens"-but for sure he/she will try to keep talking about the government-because we are now in a moment of firstly ,recognizing that we have been slaves since ages and this is more important subject right at Now moment of time.So we have to try to do something about it then we can further reveal more information about extraterrestrials out in the public domain!

Yet Another Soul Joining The


November 30, 2011, 4:06 am
Yet another soul joining the ranks of those who can no longer ignore the inconsistencies of the GFL.

What a ride this beautiful woman Blossom has been taken for. GFL had no regard for her dignity or reputation. Totally used and confused her.

Love And Light.


November 30, 2011, 3:57 am
I know this is very difficult.
All will be understood.
Love and light to you.
Be in Truth.



November 30, 2011, 3:35 am
Sorry for my ignorance, who is White Cloud?



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