Arcturian Group Of Forty

Arcturian Group Of Forty

by veruska

December 26, 2011
Light circle

Excerpts form Chapter 15, Connecting with the Arcturians

Channeled by David K. Miller 
[email protected]


A group of forty is a unit of consciousness created to build up the necessary energy to ascend. Forty as a unit is important, because it provides the energy frequency and the energy acceleration needed to move into the fifth dimension. Clearly, it will require a great deal of energy for you to move into the fifth dimension.

Imagine, if you will, that you must travel in a space ship to a distant star. In order to get to that star, you must travel at the speed of light, or as close to the speed of light as you can. We know that a tremendous amount of energy is required to accelerate and to travel a great distance- energy that is still beyond the reach of your scientific community at this time (although they are not as far away from this accomplishment as you may think). Likewise, it requires a tremendous amount of spiritual energy to actually skip the fourth, and go directly into the fifth dimension from the third.

It will be possible for a few special individuals to generate enough energy to ascend to the fifth dimension and the stargate without participating in a group energy. However, a group energy will be required for the great majority of starseeds and lightworkers. It would be extremely difficult to generate that kind of spiritual force by yourself. However, as a group of forty, you can!


The group of forty membership will spread throughout the country and the world, and forty groups of forty will be created. After all the groups of forty are formed, there will be an increase in the dispersion of the Arcturian energy. Phenomenal numbers of people will want to come into these groups. The response will be overwhelming when this concept is announced and publicized. These initial forty groups, however, will not be the only ones who will work with the Arcturians. Others on the planet are already working very intensely with the Arcturian energy. But those of you who join the initial forty groups of forty will work with us in a special way, a way that is going to help us to manifest a planetary healing.

Our work with you is leading to a point that could result in a planetary intervention. Cosmic assistance, or a healing force, can be generated for the entire planet through our interactions with you. We are not here to rescue you, but to help you enhance, or amplify, your healing energies. You all need such a focus and direction. You now understand the necessity for an interactive network of groups, and how this interactive network will allow us to work with the Earth without incurring any negative karmic side effects. Most of all, you should understand how respectful we are to you and this planetary healing process.

The first groups of forty have already created a foundation for the other groups to come. The other groups may actually be more powerful, and more closely connected with each other. It is always the founders, or beginners, however, that carry the burden, because they must lay the groundwork.

As we have said, forty groups of forty will form. At that point, you all are going to be steadily amplifying your energy. Each time another group of forty is formed, it bolsters the first group. The third group of forty bolsters the second and the first. The fourth group bolsters the third, second and first. This is the power of forty. Do you understand this in terms of your factorial mathematics?

What is going to happen is that the forty groups of forty are going to be so powerful that one group will be able to ascend. When that one group ascends, thirty-nine groups will remain. Then, another fortieth group will form. Thus, the groups are going to move in and out. One group will ascend, and another group will form and take its place. This will be the group ascension pattern. We want to explain that there will also be other simultaneous ascension points, or waves. It is possible that all could ascend at a certain point. However, all of the forty groups will not go in the first wave. This is important: the groundwork for further ascensions must be carried on. As one group ascends, the responsibility for further group ascensions will be immediately transferred to the other groups.


The formation of the forty groups of forty establishes a pattern, or flow, of prospective ascended masters to enter the stargate. It is a group connection that will be impervious to all negative energies and to all assaults on the dimensional framework of the Earth. The mission of the forty groups is to prepare for ascension, and to establish a consistent support for the third dimension by assisting in planetary electromagnetic grid work and the creation and maintenance of interdimensional corridors.

Different organizations of forty groups will emerge. The first forty groups will emerge based on the work of this channel. Others will also establish forty groups of forty originating from a central channel. This is a mission of awakening to the transformation into the stargate. One needs the mental clarity, which encompasses the knowledge of the stargate, before one can be totally transformed and go through it. The group of forty is the primary method we are using now. We have others who are also working with us.

We are convinced that working with groups of forty is the most direct, personal, and powerful way to assist you. We want to emphasize the word personal, because we are very much interested in each of you personally, and the personal challenges that you face. We are interested in helping in you do whatever it takes to accelerate your growth. Thus, we are not interested in working with a thousand people at once, but rather in working with smaller groups. We are demonstrating our personal involvement with you. We send down the silver gray light into your pineal gland. Let that point in your pineal gland be an access for higher mental clarity. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.


The goal of this project is to establish a network of Forty Groups of Forty throughout the world. The formation of forty groups will enhance the energy of all group meditations, provide powerful Earth healing energies, and aid all members in raising their consciousness to the fifth dimensional level. Each Group of Forty will provide the basis for building the energy necessary for group ascension.


All groups simultaneously meet in meditation once each month. Currently, the simultaneous monthly meditation is scheduled for the first Saturday of every month, from 5:45 P.M. to 6:45 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, and the channeled lecture and meditation from Saturday is re-transmitted on Sunday at 10:00 A.M. for the European GOF, or others who could not make the Saturday one. During the main meditation, David channels a message for everyone in all the groups. This message is then transcribed and mailed to all group members along with a monthly newsletter and a letter from your group coordinator.

Group of Forty members do not have to be physically together to participate in the simultaneous meditation. The powerful Arcturian energy can be called in wherever any member is meditating, and through that connection, the member can experience the group energy being generated by all Groups of Forty.

Meditations also include a group healing, where all members of the group will focus healing energy on one designated person in the group. Members who are the focus of this healing energy have reported profound healing experiences. All work by the Arcturians is directed towards personal healings, healings for the Mother Earth, and our transformation to higher consciousness.


Messages channeled during the simultaneous meditation usually cover topics related to:
• The Arcturian frequency.
• Preparing for ascension.
• Arcturian healing chambers.
• Multidimensional corridors.
• Accelerating our spiritual growth.
• The Arcturian Crystal Temple.
• The Arcturian Stargate.
• The Sacred Triangle.

Members are encouraged to submit questions for the channeling sessions to their group coordinator at the beginning of each month.


David prepares two pages of the monthly newsletter, providing general announcements and updated information that pertains to all groups. The local group coordinator prepares additional pages of the newsletter, providing updated schedules for other activities by your specific group. For example, many of the group members request an additional local group meditation besides the simultaneous meditation at the beginning of each month. The combined monthly newsletter along with the transcribed channeling session is mailed to all members each month.


To become a group of forty member, please fill out the registration form on the following page. A forty dollar fee is required at registration. This annual fee helps to cover the costs of all mailings, and copying and transcribing of the channeled sessions during the year. Please send in the registration form and a check or money order for $40.0 to David Miller and mail to the address shown on the registration form.

Upon receipt of the registration form, the group administrator will assign you to a group. Your name will be registered with the group coordinator, who will then be contacting you. New members will be placed in groups as close to their homes as possible. Please allow three weeks for a group assignment to be completed. You will receive a letter at that time announcing your group assignment and group coordinator.

You are highly encouraged to meet your other group members, either by phone, letter, or in person. The group energy is most powerful when all members of the group know each other. At certain times during the development of the groups, face-to-face group meetings will be scheduled.

Annual conventions for all Groups of Forty members will also be planned as soon as all forty groups are formed and populated. This will provide the setting for the appearance of the Arcturians as described in chapter fifteen.

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