Ascension Symptoms/Syndrome (huge List)

Ascension Symptoms/Syndrome (huge List)

by Scarletrayven

December 31, 2011, Comments(1)

Some I had never heard of before are here. [which is why I am posting it -- it seems rather exhaustive] Exhaustive, yet open-ended enough to make your own interpretation, which to me is "safe"

I don't have much to say, but I hope this helps. Sorry if we've "covered this already" or whatever, but it was a great refresher and reminder of some things. I have been having a lot of the sleep issues. While i was in school during last semester I woke up frequently on the hour, every hour, enough for it to stand out and be memorable to me. She even says don't harp on things -- so don't .. I have, and she's right.

So I hear catnip is relaxing even for humans. Yes it may be weird, harharhar... I am sure I had a supplement on hand that had it as an ingredient. That was years ago. I can't even remember what it was for. Or what other things were in it. Hmm. But it worked. I did feel relaxed from it. I don't really have anxiety, though. Not anymore. I think it is important for us to feel calm. Holistic healing is an interest of mine. So I am open to the benefits of any sort of plants. There were other calming plants that were in it. I know where I got it from, now. I was very pleased with the product, but I don't think that I paid that much for it. Health care center for better living. Simply called Anti-Stress. If anything, I think that we should be more self-reliant with these things.

I Believe It Is Important Not


July 8, 2012, 2:21 pm
I believe it is important not to label Ascension as a "syndrome". It suggests that this is a "dis-ease" or ailment that needs to be "treated". That would lead some to lower vibrational treatments (drugs), and that is exactly what NOT to do.

So many people would prefer to just "take a pill" and not do the work. Those who will resort to treating the symptoms as a dis-ease will not ascend, and will have a much more difficult time when the final shift occurs.

It is a choice, but please be more mindful of how you label this most wondrous event.


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