Keeping Our Inner-Focus - New Earth

Keeping Our Inner-Focus - New Earth

by White Tara

January 11, 2012, Comments(3)


       ~**~   Dear Friends  ~  I only post channellings if they are messages from the Higher Realms, including

my Higher-Self, because they are with me and within my Home to assist the spiritual workers on Earth who

are aware of the Ascension Process.       They are not someone from 'outside' my own vibrational tone, nor 

are the messages changed in any way by myself to infer anything of my own liking or wishes.

       ~**~   I know that many 'awake' workers are wondering why things have slowed down recently, and even

mentioned that their work may be over, here on Earth.     I will pass on this message which I understand very

well and makes sense to me, within my own spiritual world, so if you understand what I am sharing, this may

also be for you as well.     Message follows:

       ~**~   You may find yourself being guided to rest lately, and take care of Self.    Some of you may also be

experiencing some beautiful blissful periods while you are resting, like Heaven on Earth.   At times in your

day when you may have planned to do something physical, or give your energies to others in the form of

assisting, or even doing more of the type of spiritual work you are used to, you have been persuaded from

within to go and rest.    There is a very good reason for this.

       ~**~   As spiritual workers who are aware of the 'ingredients' necessary for a New Earth, or a new and

more enlightened way of living, we encourage you to please put your focus back into your own lives, and 

begin to now think of Self first.     Those of you who give and give and give, think this sounds rather

'sel-fish' to rest for long periods of time in your day and focus on your own world.    (Next bit said with smiles)

You are so used to going out and doing your assigned work, you have forgotten that what you contain,

within your selves, is exactly the ingredients for this new way of living, in your New Earth.

       ~**~   So now, dear friends, your very own world of deep love, deep compassion, indeed....your altruistic

way of seeing others in the world, is what we ask you now to focus on.   We would very much like you to turn

your attention back to residing in your own world so that the energies can be put into that fine world you will

begin to see in the 'outer' in due course.    After you have digested this message, and it has taken its roots

within your consciousness, it will make tremendous sense to you.    Like the truly spiritual temples and ashrams

you see in India and other countries, the energies build where the focus is concentrated.   With the spiritual 

workers on Earth all around the globe, focused in large numbers on this altruistic and spiritual endeavour,

this will go very far in changing the outer world, bit by bit by bit.............

       ~**~   The guidance with come from within.    One still needs to live a quiet life in order to receive the 

information coming through for each spiritual worker.    You will be totally guided.      

 Namaste  and Infinite Love to All  (with a short wave and smile).

                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thankyou Tara : )


January 12, 2012, 12:06 am
Good Post

Thank-you Seesthrough


January 11, 2012, 9:59 pm
That sounds like a good plan to me, dear Sir !
I have been doing the same, with residing in a very deep peace
and deep love, that itself is 'lightwork.'

love and blessings to you,
Tara *~~

For Me At Least


January 11, 2012, 5:10 pm
This message is making sense and falls in line with my own inner voice at this time. Time to put all the swords down and sit in the truth of just love ,just now .And when my shadow comes to the surface"as it has latley".I will watch from a place of acceptance and the will to release from anything that doesnt serve us all.Il dig deep and ask the highest self for the strength to put out the fires and return to peace. Thank you


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