Learning The Flow

Learning The Flow

by quietword333

January 14, 2012, Comments(2)

There's a game I play when I'm on the freeway. I'm driving along and need to exit... I need to 'exit' the highway, so I put out the intention for the traffic to clear so I can merge towards exit. I don't change my speed, nor do I change lanes until it's clear... the traffic always clears in time... it might be a bit 'close' but I never have to change my speed.

it's really fun... and has taught me allot about self-creation - expect it to happen and it does...

My kids and I have this ritual - in the morning - I look into each of my kids eyes and I say... "You are great, you are wonderful, you are beautiful and you are smart" They repeat after me... this is a scene from "The Help" where the nanny teaches the child she's watching this very 'mantra' - beautiful, wonderful and exquisite in its simplicity

teach a child to have the wings of positive expectations and you teach a child to soar...

namaste...love to you

and you are great, wonderful, beautiful, smart, kind, funny...etc.



January 14, 2012, 4:50 pm
Thank you Pallas for your wonderful energy - I like playing the games and sharing with my kids...

in gratitude for all that is completely :-)

You Did Make Me Smile, QW.


January 14, 2012, 9:11 am
You did make me smile, QW. You're right it is a great way to practice
and understand manifestation...and to pass on your knowledge to your children.
Thank you, beautiful soul
Hugs of love


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