Dragons, By Seaopal 2012

Dragons, By Seaopal 2012

by Seaopal

January 14, 2012, Comments(1)
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2012 The Year of the Dragons


I dont really know much about Dragons, but in a recent conversation, with Fancy, she said she had knowledge of them, and id like to learn more, so thought id share my experainces, with you, and start a thread, on them.

I first met Ergot, ( with silent T , so he told,me ) last year, after meeting Marz, and joing his writers group, on myyearbook, it was called shadow dragons,, before that id never really thought about dragons, thought they were mans misunderstanding about dinosaurs, never studied them, or played any of the online games about them,

One evening, I was laying in bed, closeing my eyes and relaxing, I felt an energy, and a presense, opening my eyes, I jumped back in my bed, in surprise, for not more than 10 inches, away from my face, this huge face was looking at me,


Eyes like orbs of molten fire, reflecting on smoke, black scales, like plates of armour, covering his skin, Sharp horns on his head, and nostrils flaring, as his mouth spreads wide, his teeth, sparkling white, in their sharp toothed grin,

You can imagine my shock ,and I actually told him, off, so he backed away. but, seeing the light of friendship, in the dragons eyes, I was reassured, I closed my eyes, and held out my hand to touch his muzzle, There was a tingling of electromagnetic energy at my touch, and instantly I felt I had known him all my life, stroking his snout, i smiled, lovingly at the dragon, the dragon, heart glowed, at my touch. asi was abit nervous i kept my eyes shut, and saw through my third eye.

My first lesson with him, was about light, blue/white light, and energy, he helped me to make an energy, ball, and told me how to use it, have got it written somewhere , as I recorded it after it had happened, but cant find the original writing.

The next time I saw him, I only saw his shadow, a huge form, in the darkness, and again, i shut my eyes tight, and saw him through my third eye vision, he gave me a lesson,

“ A lesson about spirit fire!” he breathed onto my hand, and I could feel the ball of fire, see the glow, “What should I do with it?” I foolishly asked, “ Fire is destruction!” “No!” he replied “it is cleansing” . He then sent me a vision, volcanoes, earthquakes, lava flowing from the earth, fire flowing like water. “ See” I said, “Destruction!” “ No!, the fire cleanses the earth, purifies.” “When will this be?” I asked, and I saw the numbers floating in my minds vision. 2012
“but innocence will be destroyed to!” I lamented, “No, only the destroyers of the earth, the innocent will not be harmed, and the earth will be cleansed.” i nodded in understanding, remembering God’s promise in the Bible, “ I will not cleanse the earth again with water, nor a flood, but with fire!”
“so, what do I do with this fire ball ?”
The dragon, then made me think about what fire meant, “Ancient wisdom, powerful emotions, sexuality, rage, hate, love, purification and cleansing” “Healing?” I asked , “yes, healing too” I then
threw the ball at myself, and instantly felt the fires energy, travelling through my body, like heart burn, the molten lava running through my veins and saw the glow of the fire, emanating from me. Gasipng , as i felt the energy, absorbing the lights, the colour’s. and as the flames died down, felt cleansed. The dragon gave me instructions, to study spirit fire, then he left .


The dragon, lay slumbering,
His immense head resting on his front legs,
The gentle breathing, a restful sigh.
But at closer glance, you could see that one eye was slowly opening, the bright, fiery light from within the dragons soul was glowing.
There was a sense that things were going to change, the waiting, watching, was coming to an end.
And still the dragon slumbered on, biding his time, watching , waiting, his heavy muscles gathering,
For the time of the coming battle.

Hiding in the shadows,
The dragon, waits for time,
Watching, waiting,
For the fateful design.

Shrouded in the shadows,
In hollows, dark and deep,
Sensing every movement,
Even when asleep.

Monstrous to behold,
A huge and bulky sight,
Glistening, scaly skin,
As black and dark as night.

But see his eyes, do shine,
An unearthly, golden light,
An ancient, primal wisdom,
Powerful in his might.

A soul that’s gentle, patient,
His company a delight,
I seek him out for comfort,
He guides me to the right.


I haven’t seen Ergot, since then, he seemed to have finished his work with me.
but then two nights ago,


Just settling down, said my prayers, and asked for help, with my health, when in my minds eye , came a vision, of a dragon, this dragon, had a smaller head, no horns, on his head, but tendrils on his chin, like a beard, and longer body , than Ergot had. He was a spring leaf green, and sunny yellow, underside, and when he waved his tail about, it made white light sparkles, fly, he had a wide smile, and yellow eyes, and when he breathed out his breath was like a green fog, dark leaf green, he was a healing dragon, and a light dragon. He told me to breathe deep of his breathe, I breathed in the green fog, several times, saw in my minds eyes, the fog entering my mouth.
And breathed out dark fog, then the dragon, turned away to fly off, I asked what his name was, and he surprised me, his name was Zen, smiles.

here is a video i found about "the year of the dragon, 2012"


This is a video highlighting what to expect in 2012 due to Chinese Astrology and Numerology Influences. [fearasacompass.wordpress.com]

Hello Seaopal! I Enjoyed

Judith Fudge

January 14, 2012, 10:49 am
Hello Seaopal! I enjoyed reading this. Quite different and unique. It has a feel of innocence blended with power when you describe your Dragon visitor & Teacher. Thankyou for sharing.



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