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January 17, 2012, Comments(12)
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The first picture below, True Balance,  I found years ago..... Actually wrote a blog about it. Sorry, I can't make it Bigger!

With Earth changes, Magnetics, and the Sun, ECT >>>>  all that is going on now, I have resurfaced it:)

Explains alot, at least to me, and hope it will for some of you ! tried repeatedly to add this in a comment

on Karen's blog last night,,,but it wouldn't paste. Happened again tonite with some pictures. You Can Seach Images to

find the constellations, and Anything you are drawn to !  and remember too, its very possible these reference points can shift as Earth does....

get familiar now so you will notice any subtle or big changes.

So here it is, as well as alot of ideas and information to help REORIENT US Here On EARTH, Among ALL THAT IS *:)

Somewhat abstract I know, yet take it in, and see what comes to you ....

For a try ,GROUND and Connect with Mother Earth, then ASK, Command and aim  a 23.5 arc, wave.... up from the Crown to connect and communicate

to Your Highest Consciousness* 

 Direct into heart, and see where your third eye/mind takes you *:)   as always, with All  my love, Annie

 True Balance

Stars & Constellations 360 Degree Rotation Around Polaris


    Two bright constellations occupy opposite sides of the pole star--the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia. As the celestial sphere rotates (or appears to rotate), these constellations also march in circles around the pole . Depending on the hour of the night and the day of the year, one or the other may be low near the horizon where it is barely seen, or even hidden below the horizon. But when that happens the other constellation is sure to be high in the sky, where (weather permitting) it is easily seen.

      The Big Dipper

    The Big Dipper consists of 7 bright stars, forming a dipper, a small pot with a long handle. In England it is often called "the plough" (spelled "plow" in the US), and fugitive slaves before the Civil War knew it as "the drinking gourd", a signpost in the sky pointing the way north to safety, to Canada where slavery was outlawed. Astronomers name it "Ursa Major," Latin for "the big she-bear," and some other languages also refer to it as the Big Bear. In Greek, bear is "Arktos", and hence the far-north region where this constellation is usually overhead became known as "the Arctic."

    When the territory of Alaska in 1926 decided to create a flag of its own, it asked citizens to submit proposed designs for the new flag. The winning design was that of Benny Benson, age 13, and is reproduced on the right (more about him--see below). It shows the 7 stars of the Big Dipper and Polaris, the north star. When Alaska became a state, this became the state flag, and Alaska's Flag, a song about it by Marie Drake, was chosen as the state song. For more details, click here.




Cassiopeia was a queen in Greek mythology, and the constellation named for her is shaped like the letter W. Polaris is above the first "V" of this letter. If you draw a line dividing the angle of that "V" in half and continue along it, you will reach the vicinity of Polaris.

The name of Cassiopeia's husband, King Cepheus, goes with a nearby constellation, above the other "V" (the brighter one), but Cepheus is nowhere as striking as Cassiopeia. Her daughter Andromeda has another constellation, framed by a big undistinguished rectangle of four stars. An unremarkable constellation to the eye--but it contains a large galaxy, our nearest neighbor in space (not counting two dwarf galaxies in the southern sky), one which seems to resemble ours in size and shape.

Ursa Minor, the "Small Bear" or "Little Dipper" is a constellation somewhat resembling the Big Dipper, and Polaris is the last star in its tail. The "dipper" itself faces the tail of the Big Dipper, so that the two "tails" (or "handles") point in opposite directions. The two front stars of the "little dipper" (quite smaller and more square than the big one) are fairly bright, but other stars are rather dim and require good eyes and a dark sky.



Crash Course in Basic Night Sky Observing: Day 2

How The Sky Moves

Look up on a clear night and you’ll notice the sky looks like a vast hemispherical dome with stars fixed to its inner surface.  If the Earth were transparent, you would see the stars on the other half of this starry dome, below your feet, and you’d get the impression you were standing at the center of a velvety-black sphere speckled with stars. Astronomers call this the celestial sphere.

As you know, the Earth spins in space, rotating once a day on its axis.  But from an observer’s point of view, the Earth appears to remain still while the celestial sphere seems to rotate once a day about an axis that runs from the north celestial pole (NCP) to the south celestial pole (SCP), which are imaginary points above the Earth’s north and south poles.  So all the stars, planets, moon, and sun on the celestial sphere also appear to move all the way around the sky once each day, rising in the east and setting in the west.

The celestial sphere, showing the poles, equator, and celestial coordinates

The celestial sphere, showing the poles, equator, and celestial coordinates

That North Star, Polaris, lies very near the rotation axis of the celestial sphere, right about the Earth’s north pole.  Since it’s almost right on the north celestial pole, Polaris appears to stay fixed nearly fixed in the sky all night, and all year.  Any other star on the celestial sphere south of Polaris rotates in circles of increasing diameter about the rotation axis.

Stars above the Earth’s equator trace out the circles with the largest diameter during their daily motion across the celestial sphere.  And south of the equator, stars trace out circles with smaller apparent diameters as they lie closer to the south celestial pole.   By chance, there is no bright star… no “Southern Star” that corresponds to Polaris… at the south celestial pole.   This picture will give you a better idea of how the celestial sphere appears to rotate.

Like the stars and planets, the Sun also appears to move on the celestial sphere.  If you measure the time when the sun is highest in the sky, you will find it takes exactly 24 hours for the sun to move all the way around the celestial sphere and return to its highest point.  In fact, that’s how we define a “day”, or what astronomers formally call a Solar day.

It’s a little different with stars.  If you go out at night and select a star to observe, and measured its position on the celestial sphere, you will find it takes 24 hours to move all the way around the sky and get back to the same spot.

Well, almost 24 hours.

You see, if you measure accurately, you’ll find it takes only 23 hours and 56 minutes for a star to get back to the same position in the sky as it was the night before

GOOGLE IMAGES FOR: (it won't paste here)

Polaris as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope.



In more recent history it was referenced in Nathaniel Bowditch's 1802 book, The American Practical Navigator,

where it is listed as one of the navigational stars.[17] At present, Polaris is 0.7° away from the pole of rotation

(1.4 times the Moon disc) and hence revolves around the pole in a small circle 1½° in diameter.

Only twice during every sidereal day does Polaris accurately define the true north azimuth;

the rest of the time it is only an approximation and must be corrected using tables or a rough rule of thumb.

The best approximation[18] was made using the leading edge of the constellation Ursa Major as a point of reference.

The leading edge (consisting of the star Dubhe) is referenced to a clock face and the azimuth of Polaris worked out for different latitudes.

my note: 13:00 being the Clearest Communication..... Sidereal Time Clock  :




Polaris is at the zenith at the North Pole while stars we associate with all the different seasons like Orion (far right),

Leo and the Summer Triangle are always visible and never set. They cycle round and round the North Star.


It is the brightest star in the Little Dipper, but that isn't saying much since the Little Dipper is a much fainter

counterpart of its bigger brother, the Big Dipper.

The reason Polaris is important is because it is so close to the NCP(North Celestial Pole). As the night progresses,

Polaris does not rise or set, but seems to be glued to the sky!

So at any time in the night you can find Polaris, and it is always in the North.

If you get lost, you can always figure out your direction by finding Polaris

(provided that you are in the Earth's northern hemisphere!).

Now remember, there is a South Celestial Pole as well.

It lies in the constellation called Octans, and the nearest star to it is a a very faint 5th magnitude star,

which is near the limit of the human eye to see unaided. Note that stars near the two celestial poles will make little circles around the pole as the Earth spins.

The farther you get from the poles, the bigger the circle. At some point, the circle will be big enough

so that it just touches your horizon. Stars inside that circle are said to be circumpolar,

and they never set! They just seem to circle the pole endlessly.

Note that the stars you see as circumpolar depend on your latitude. If you were at the North Pole,

all the stars you can see in the sky are circumpolar, but at the equator, no stars are!

At the equator, both celestial poles lie on the horizon, and all the stars in the sky rise and set.

One more thing: have you ever watched a top spin, and seen it wobble?

The wobble is due to a force called torque, which is like a twisting pull.

When torque is applied to a spinning object, the spin axis will precess,

or make a little circle as the top spins. Well, the same thing is happening to the Earth!

The gravity of the Moon and Sun provides a torque on the Earth,causing the axis to wobble.

The Earth's axis takes 26,000 years to make a complete circle,

and as it moves it points to different parts of the sky.

It just so happens that right now it is pointing near Polaris

(actually, Polaris is about a degree away from the actual North Celestial Pole).

In a few thousand years, the Earth's pole will be pointed at the bright star Vega,

which is one of the ten brightest stars in the sky.


Or At Least Maybe


January 22, 2012, 8:08 pm
for me I was a "trainee". I love it, we could be QE's for short, LOL and yes, "All paths lead to Jesus", he he, repost is fine, don't know how to do it myself. Also been having problems embedding videos. Thanks Sis, Love, Karen

Fantastic! Its All Coming


January 22, 2012, 4:23 pm
Fantastic! Its all coming together !!!! great add on this vid, Peter!
I Love You

Wow, Karen! It Appears:) We


January 22, 2012, 4:20 pm
Wow, Karen! It appears:) we recieve/remember? the same information
in whatever way we are able to understand it!! that in itself, is both
confirming and Inspiring!!!!

How LUCKY are Your clients to have You !!!Childhood marks us so often.

Think I will REPOST this for All the wealth of Insights given here !
maybe you/we were Qumran Essenes? haha! (((Hi Sis!))) all my love, A

I Love You So...


January 22, 2012, 11:56 am

Y'All have a wondrous re~orientating GO(o)D~SUN~day!

I'll DO the same :)

Dao 3 new

I Love You

OK, Went Through All


January 22, 2012, 12:58 am
this, checked out the stuff about the left side of brain pulling from the right to re-orient the pineal gland. Nearly fell off my chair. I think I happen to do this all day long. Years ago, I put together a model for understanding how the brain worked, explaining why we had high levels of reactivity, but also then, more importantly, what to do about it.

I thought at the timne I was pulling from about half a dozen theoretical frameworks to compile it. Its written out in long-hand on my website however, when I teach it in my office, I use two pieces of paper, with stick figures on first page and a little step by step dialog you have with yourself on the second page.

I've since come to feel that the information was channeled to me, b/c when I teach it to other psychologists they look at me like "where did you get that model?". I used to say, "doesn't everybody know this?" They'd look at me with blank stares. Working the model will "knit" your right and left hemispheres back together, the oppressiveness of childhood vis a vis the culture results in the splitting of the corpus callosum and a dissociative state, similar to PTSD results and we are cut off from ourselves.

We could eliminate all childhood diagnostic categories if we could identify childhood as traumatizing and then see children who then go on to become all us adults, as having a chronic type of PTSD. (Feminist theorists tried to get this included in DSM IV. So thanks to your blog today, I am seeing a much broader interpretatin of this "little thing I do in my office". I've always known bigandlittle is going to be huge and have been curious about how the specifics of transmitting it to the populace will go. I think I will have to stay in 3D to convey the info to the masses. So I suspect, bigandlittle is realigning the pineal gland.

In the model, panicky feeling in gut means something in environment is starting to trigger a flashback. You use your left cerebral cortex to inquire into right cerebral cortex what from childhood is getting triggered (as childhood memory is stored in right hemisphere in Gestalt fashion). Right side will tell left side when trust is established and the denial around childhood is lifted. The left side must then validate what right side is getting scared about, "explains" to the right side the difference between the back there and then life threatening real trauma and the present here and now situation which is only remotely similar. This creates a peaceful feeling, vagus nerve disengages and we return to homeostasis.

The transformative/transmuting part, which clears away the hard barnacly encrusted coating around the heart is when right side (little) tells left side(big) what is scaring her, big has to agree to "refeel" the original traumatic emotions for little, downloading it from right side into left side where it can be cognitively formatted and filed away never to be heard from again unless one goes looking for it. In Psychodynamic terms this is the working through and integration of the unresolved family of origin (i.e. childhood) issues. This is also the operationally defined cornerstone of how one "Loves Oneself" (IMHO) which you have to be able to do before you can love another.!!

OK, let me know what you think at this point if you will, thanks, Love, Karen
Still can't believe to connection to your link to Christ, pineal realignment "pulling" stuff. Todays a pivotal day, I can tell, thank you for your part in it, K

Lightbridger, I Went Back To


January 21, 2012, 11:16 pm
Lightbridger, I went back to try and find the original blog here, and couldn't. The saved copy has lost the Pic as I guess the url is dead.
 If I find another way, I post it !

VERY Interesting tho, in my web search I found this: originally I just found the image by googling True Balance...
here is all I can find now, yet it gives you the idea:) found on:

[ [link to] The Christos alignment of the original Christos/Krist/silicate crystal matrix, which once sustained eternal life, requires 'pulling' from the 'right' [side of the brain] providing an increase in the electrical polarity, in order to realign the 23.5 degree rotation of the pineal back to the 'true center'. This Way of adjustment, was called Righteousness. Additionally, all kundalini practices also go to this off center alignment in the pineal unless the activation of kundalini is addressed from the above the head chakras first. This adjustment requires specific meditation practices that directly address the imbalance currently pulling the brain off balance to the 'left'.
These practices were once taught by the Essenes, and their Masters, including the Master known as Jesus, and a teacher role described as the Teacher of 'Righteousness', amongst others who were also guardians of this sacred information. The politics of the world under the imbalanced guiding source [in older times called the Prince of the World amongst other names] is a dark force of 'dead or static light', which is also described as reflected light i.e. it is not the actual source of the light.

Your True Balance Image


January 21, 2012, 3:15 am
is fascinating! I read where you can't enlarge it. But can you write a "transcript" of the words/writing on the image? It's just too tiny for me to read those tantalizing clues!

Thanks so much for all your illuminating, investigative info!



January 21, 2012, 2:08 am
Thank you sooooo much for that!
I really needed it!
Love you Sweet Annie!

Great Great Blog,


January 18, 2012, 7:28 am
only glanced through, this is too much for a weeknight-LOL! I saved it for the weekend, thanks so much, Love, Karen

Got Chills Of Resonance With


January 18, 2012, 5:23 am
Got Chills of Resonance with this message !
What and Awesome and Edifying Add, CC :)* !

Thank YOU so Much for All You bring to our
attention , understanding and wisdom !!!!



January 17, 2012, 11:18 pm
This reminds me of Edgar Cayce's Axis\Pole Shift predictions:

 The north pole of Earth's spinning axis points to a star, considered the Pole Star. According to Edgar Cayce, we are about to see a change in our Pole Star, from Polaris to Vega. In Ancient Egypt, the Pole Star was Thuban. This marks a move into a new era, new age.

Cayce said, "This indicates it is the system toward which the soul takes its flight after having completed its sojourn through this solar system. The Dipper is gradually changing, and when this change becomes noticeable - as might be calculated from the Pyramid - there will be the beginning of the change in the races [he's speaking of root races not color races]. There will come a greater influx of souls from the Atlantean, Lemurian, La, Ur, or Da civilizations."


He then explained that this pyramid was built in this manner by Ra and Hermes and many others who "sought to bring to man a better understanding of the close relationship between the Creative Forces and that created, between man and man, and man and his Maker."


He then cautioned us that "only those who have been called may truly understand. Who then has been called? Whosoever will make him or herself a channel may be raised to a blessing...."


Let's examine the relationship of the entrance to the Great Pyramid and the shifting Pole Stars. In the diagrams accompanying this article you will see the three main Pole Stars for our little blue planet: Thuban, Polaris, and Vega. During the age of ancient Egypt, Thuban was the North Star, i.e., at midnight above the North Pole, Thuban would have been the northernmost star. Of course, today the North Star is Polaris. However, Vega will be the North Star in the future. But this would require our little blue planet to roll over dramatically!

As many of you know, Cayce said that during this new age we will regain the powers we had in our earliest incarnations into this world during the age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu. This was prior to our souls becoming as encased in matter as we are today and back when we had godly powers to solve our material needs more easily. Of course, Cayce warned that we did not handle these powers well, leading to the destruction of these ancient lands.


When asked what the New Age means to humanity, Edgar Cayce replied:"the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs. This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness."


Thank You Annie...


January 17, 2012, 1:32 pm
For a coup of nights the sky is clear here since a long time.
I defenitely still am re-orienting!

After's All about balance!!!

Much appreciation and love, peter


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