Internet Censorship, Will End Freedom Of Speech,

Internet Censorship, Will End Freedom Of Speech,

by Seaopal

January 18, 2012, Comments(2)

The Puppet by Tracey George Nov 2009

Pull my strings, and i will obey,
poor puppet has'nt a choice today,
cos if i dont you will yell away,
like a disturbed and tortured child.

Ive said my vows, now that i am yours,
but don't dictate to me my chores,
my life is mine to rearrange,
these strings are mine to play,

Pull my strings and i will dance
i have to jig and i have to prance
to your very will, i heed your way
and never have the chance to say.

How i really feel, How you hurt my heart,
when you dictate to me, and control my part

in our everyday little family
a slave for all from day to day.



January 18, 2012, 11:51 pm

Freedom Of Speech Has Long


January 18, 2012, 6:07 pm
Freedom of speech has long been lost on the Internet and everywhere else. There are none more imprisoned than those who believe they are free.

We have never been free; not yet, not on this Earth.



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