If I Wanted To Shift What Then?

If I Wanted To Shift What Then?

by Jesse

January 19, 2012, Comments(4)
Ascension talk

regardng "ascension" I was wondering where would we go from there or I guess at the very lest where someone like me go I have no "family" conections and I am not a "starseed" or anything so if I went to the "next" level what then?

in other words for myself even if I "leveled up" so to speak I don't have anywhere to go nor anyone I know at that level.

Well maybe I do but I sure don't remember them and I have had zero luck regaining my memory at this point I just wish if I was one of them could give me an e-mail or something lol.

Let Me Just Say I WILL NOT


January 20, 2012, 9:19 am
let me just say I WILL NOT reincarnate again this "life" is the very last time that will happen and believe me there is NO force in either "heaven OR hell" that can force me into the "NIGHTMARE" we call "life,death and rebirth".

whatever happens I will not "die" again so whatever new "life" I have will have BOTH all my memories and immortality.

let's just leave it at I will take "extreme measures" if needed to ensure against that and leave that paticular subject at that.

now as for the "ascension" process itself your comment about a "store" is biased because we have been taught what a "store" is but what if you have never heard of a "store" before.

You said you were a fae before right well imagine yourself walking into a grocery store as another being that never had such a thing how would you hope to navigate it then?

it's more like saying I want you to run china's economy right now how could you hope to handle something like that?

I know you meant well believe me I do but your "comparision" is off a little but still I do thank you both for your imput into this it means alot to me :).

Really I don't think it matters as I can't see any way for me to ascend right now :(.

We Must Not Decide And Have


January 20, 2012, 6:37 am
We must not decide and have faith that what we are ready for will be and it will be great. Do nott get lost in the space time of speculation and drawing the line of what is and is not and now the purest form of ignorance is when we know because that is when we decide to stop learning and there connot be a master if there is always something new to learn.

But aways take in new information because none is wrong and many dots can be connected amongst the many veriable of information we choose to just hold as that and not speculate what is to draw those line of haulting our spiritual growth and intelect.

The truth is yours to be had and love is yours from me always...

When You Go To The Grocery


January 20, 2012, 6:17 am
When you go to the grocery store, do you need to know someone there before you go there? When you came into this world you didn't even know your parents at the 3D level. You meet new people all the time. Besides, you won't wind up in a place you are incompatible with unless you wish to. Us starseeds came here to help with the ascension. Many of us are in pain or are like me and reclusive. A lot of us feel trapped here. Why did we come? We want to help the human race to ascend. This is the 4th world. First was Mu, then Lemuria, then Atlantis, and now us. So, we want to help the many to ascend. Gaia is ascending, so anyone left here after she ascends will be going elsewhere. I'd imagine that means transitioning through death. People can't live on a lifeless planet because there isn't any energy there to support them. When you ascend, you leave your old body behind and your ethric body spawns a new physical body that works with that density.

You Will KNOW When You Get


January 20, 2012, 1:10 am
You will KNOW when you get there.


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