Yahweh Gifts And Instills Within Us Again His Golden Flame Of The Divine Masculine -channeled By Linda Dillon - 23 Jan 2012

Yahweh Gifts And Instills Within Us Again His Golden Flame Of The Divine Masculine -channeled By Linda Dillon - 23 Jan 2012

by Linda Dillon

January 24, 2012, Comments(10)
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Yahweh gifts and instills within us again his Golden Flame of the Divine Masculine

Channeled by Linda Dillon

…it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action…

Greetings, I AM Yahweh. Welcome, welcome my beloved children of every ray, of every color, of every pathway, of every reality. You do not beckon to me often and although I am ever present in your life, in your field, within this universe, I do not step forward very often unless you request my presence, for I want none to believe or think that I in any way wish to interfere. Quite the contrary, for I have stood back for eons and watched with trust and awe and faith and yes, my beloved ones, great Joy. I have watched your unfoldment, your evolution, your coming forward. I have watched the progression of both you and the collective, particularly those who inhabit the planet of Earth, of Terra Nova, at this time, because it is a time of great change and it is a time of the completion. We have talked of this before and this era of completion began many years ago. But unless it is within the same week, many of you do not realize that you are in a process of completion, as is Gaia, as are we, in this unfoldment, and the renewal of the plan of our beloved Mother upon this planet.

But that is not what I wish to speak to you about this day, what I wish to speak to you and to remind you of and to re-instill within your heart is my Golden Flame; and it is the Golden Flame of Divine Masculine. It is the third point in your precious tri-flame. And you say to me “yes, oh yes, I forgot about that, thank you Father”. I wish to speak to you about this Golden Flame, this gift that I bestow upon you so freely and lovingly and yes, in some ways, this flame of completion, for yes you have the Blue Diamond and the Pink, but the Gold is integral too. Without it you are lopsided, you are incomplete. And it is a time upon Gaia when not only do you wish to be firmly grounded and anchored within her being, you do most certainly do not wish to walk around lopsided.

The Golden Flame is the gift of my essence to you. It is not something that I have created in my infinite universe that is external to me. Just like the Blue Diamond, it is my core and my essence that I gift to you today and that I re-ignite within you again today. Yes, it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action. Most of the time this Golden Flame, this energy that I instill so brightly within each of your hearts, is used internally. It is not something that you are extending out into the universe except under very particular circumstances. So you are using it within and you are allowing it to burn brightly to allow you to see what energies you have need to bring forward to create exactly what you want and what you desire.

Every day the Mother and I sit here and we hear you and we wonder at your plea to us because you say “Why have things not happened? Why has this not transpired? Why does this not come forth?” And frankly we look at each other and we think “Why are they not using the gifts of creation that they have been given?” We have entered into a very equal partnership. It is our family, and as our beloved child, whether you are 90 or 9, we have given you everything. And so the Golden Flame is to remind you of that; it is not that you need to seek in any way externally from yourself. The Golden Flame is a torch that can show you the way back to my warehouse of heaven, which very few of you have ever visited since our first encounter. And again I wonder why, when I have opened the doors and I have invited you in to come and to take freely everything? Not only what your heart desires but what you believe you need for the completion of this journey, for the completion of your role upon Terra Gaia, the completion of what you wish to do, not only in terms of your mission but for the sheer fun of it. You can as easily create a bicycle or a Ferris wheel; it does not need to be practical, in fact quite the contrary.

When you sit, whether it is in quiet contemplation or in meditation, and you say to me “What do I need to know? What do I need to know to heal this situation, to go forward to address it, just to live my life?” Use the Golden Flame. See yourself within your heart encompassed in my Golden Flame; the knowledge is there and next to the knowledge is the inspiration that will spur you on, that will inspire you then to move into the action because dear hearts now is a time of action. You have had the time of clearing, you have had the time of growing your energy field, you have had the time of learning, of expansion, and yes, magnificently holding the energies that we have sent to this earth plane.

But now you have need to move, with everything you know and have learned and have done, into the time of action. And action may simply be claiming your place within the Shift. Since the very first day this Council has addressed you, we have addressed you as pathfinders and showers of the way. This is not simply a phrase or an accolade; it is information about who you are. But how my beloved ones can you be a way shower or a pathfinder if you are not moving into the action? And yes, let me be clear about this, the first actions are internal; you will not walk the street carrying my Golden Flame, it is internal and it will show you the way. I will show you the way, I will lift you up and position you, I will point, I will back you up, I will give you the resources you need. But I will not do it for you because that is not the partnership, that is not the contract, that is not the agreement. Will I lift you up if you are placing yourself in harms way, if you are facing the wrong way? Yes I will, always. But it is time for you in this time of completion to fully enjoy and claim what you are capable of, as teacher, as healer, as friend, as mother, as brother. We are not just talking about what you do in the so-called world of work, for that is such a small percentage of who you are.

Begin within, and when the action is decided upon, let it emerge to your outer world. And it may just emerge as a smile, as looking someone directly in the eyes and smiling and sending them the two fingers to the heart in the grocery store; and being completely honest and forthright when someone says “Well, what do you think?” Too often there is an ‘I don’t know’ or the quiet conversation inside says ‘if I told you what I really think you would run the other way’. Be brave, you have the golden courage, you have the Mighty Ones always in attendance. Bring forth your Divine Masculine, not the bully, not the braggart, but the leader, the shower of the way.

I have given you and the Mother has given you and we have invited you home to the 13th Octave forever, and it is from this place that you ascend. So come and join with us every day in this place of divine union and from there, anchored firmly in the 13th, float back down to the 7th, the 5th if you must, and then reach into the 3rd, but do not pretend with this bright tri-flame that you live there anymore.

Go with my Love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon Jan. 21, 2012

Namaste And Gratitude For This Message Linda Dillon And Yahweh


January 26, 2012, 5:51 pm
Thank you Chiron Heart for sharing your spiritual wisdom with love, compassion, balance and having faith in All That Is.

It heartening to find souls, being awakened in an unconditional loving state of being. This is a great tool to have, to strike a balance in our Now of All That Is, as others are fighting and tugging in the energy of 'tug-of-war' level according to their own comfort pace of soul evolution.

The unbalanced energy needed to come up to the surface to be acknowledged and dealt with for each individual. However long they choose to stay in that particular cycle is their choice and their 'enlightenment'.

We are all here to 'support' each other with and through lessons from messages which may have 'stirred' certain energies; which may be tucked within each being and can't find the way out. These messages are all 'tools' for all of us to work with - just understand this.

The so-called 'negative' energy from any messages, will 'activate' and 'stoke' the dormant ego which could been laid inside 'undetected' for too long. It is good to know that all ego will rise to the surface, be exposed and balanced so that all beings can begin to move forward and accept their own journey in their Now of All That Is. They have to wake up on their own.

Each individual's perception of 'Yahweh' is different and varies greatly from each other. To me, there is only one original divine source - our prime creator, Father Mother God. If other souls call this same entity and give the name as Yahweh and believe that Yahweh is our true original prime creator Father Mother God - then it is so.

It is the intentions from the heart that counts - not names - not labels and our Father Mother God can't be labeled nor boxed in, nor categorized.

It is what it is. The reptilians are NOT gods - period!

If any souls call them gods or think and feel that they are gods..... then they will manifest and create their reality/universe with these reptilians in it and it will be so.

Constant harping about the reptilians did this and did that..will also be manifesting the scenario of all these happenings in their realities/universes too.

They are all welcome to create their own 3D reality/universe - again and again - till they learn and rise above it.

We have only ONE true original source God - which is our prime creator - our Father Mother God - period!

There are no other gods before me - ever!

We are all sisters and brothers from all realms and dimensions - children of our prime creator.

No one is higher, or more true, or lower, or more of a god than any other beings/ascended masters/angels/archangels etc. Each doing their own 'assignment/work' and fulfulling their own soul purpose.

Not understanding this will take them back to 3D and 4D again.

We are all extensions of our prime creator and we have many Helpers, who have their own 'assignments' or 'job functions' to do.

Let it be the ascended masters, archangels, angels from wherever, whenever - it doesn't matter. They are also an extended spark of God with all of us in our Now of All That Is.

We each honor and respect whatever it is that all of them are being and doing. We can't fully comprehend what their 'soul purposes' are but to just allow each Beings to be who they need to be and/or do - period!

If one can't love unconditionally in the Now of All That Is, at least show some self love for themselves by not judging others as they are also judging themselves.

Who We Are within ourselves mirrors on the external and the reflecting external mirrors the internal of who we are within our reality/universe.

Everything reflects and are being manifested as we reflect - manifesting much faster than light which is the vibration of 'love'.

Find a balance in love and acknowledge All that We are One - not 'they versus us' - It is what it is.



January 26, 2012, 5:47 pm
I found this to be a beautiful channeling. And I'm not Jewish, and I shouldn't have to be to appreciate the feeling of truth. There is a truth to this message. I have a message too I wish to share. Those who judge are judged. If you want beautiful things in life than create them. A thought, just a thought. Can be a powerful thing and so are the actions that follow.
Much love,
Sarah :0)



January 26, 2012, 2:32 pm
LOL! So, should I thank mr Reptile-God-Yahweh for its Ego in enslavism this Human Kind?

I mean, talking in this 3D game and about this 3D game (I am not judging its capability to evolve one day and I'll have compassion for it that day).

Ok mr yahweh, thank you because your ego-efforts did lead human kind towards this catastrophes. And f... them Icke, Sitchin, Collier, Nidle and all the people who really understood how things were some thousands of years ago. :-)

Whatever it was its aim, it is not my god but it doesn't care if after millions of years of Life on the Earth, after hundreds of very divine release (made by our brothers Elohim the aliens) of the Adam, these reptiles did occupy the galaxy and changed the Man? No matter: it had to go this way. For sure?

No matter. Bereshit Barà Elohim.

Mr yahweh, please, now it's time for you to go back home in your zoo.

And, last but not the least, the day that I will believe in the fact that mrs Dillon do channel mr Yahweh (and AAM) you'll be allowed to close me in a mental hospital.
That's crazy :-D


Chiron Heart

January 26, 2012, 3:49 am
judging entities. I was one to dislike all the information about Yahweh, and I don't intend to defend this being as no being needs that, but all beings are beings of Source and have their function and free will. Remember we all chose to play here with him and all other beings.

If it does not resonate then MOVE ON and don't judge. Both masculine and feminine energies are needed in order to create balance and some might find useful the masculine energies in order to reach the balance within.

Waking Dream..


January 25, 2012, 4:12 pm
I had a vivid-waking dream last night. I was deeply asleep--I heard the car alarm in the garage below where I sleep go off. As I raced around the house looking for the keys still hearing the alarm I paused and realized the alarm was Not going off, found the keys walked to the garage and the alarm was off. I realized it was a warning and the bread crumbs lead me here..

This Doesn't Feel Authentic..


January 25, 2012, 1:00 pm
The answer is within..

I AM Love..



January 25, 2012, 11:47 am
Come on Jyothi, do you really believe that mr Yahweh, the Reptilian God of Jewish and Catholics, is channeling on this site?
Don't waste your time in commenting it.It is not worth doing it.

NO... Thank YOU...

The Presence

January 25, 2012, 5:35 am
we KNOW what has transpired so far with MASCULINE extremism...
through both women and men...
No YAHWEH... you are not the only ONE with The GOLDEN FLAME...
we are each our own SOVEREIGN GOLD FLAME ourselves...
we are holding it alight within...
you can JOIN us, no problem...
but you are not LEADING us anymore...
thank you for all The MISLEADING...

and, by the way YAHWEH, know that you are not PRIME SOURCE...
you are ONE of the multitudes of manifestations of PRIME SOURCE...
we all inherited the GOLDEN LIGHT within of The PRIME SOURCE...
dont offer yours to us, for we have ours...
use yours wisely...

I see that you are NOW through channeling...
aah, that will help a lot of us to exercise DISCERNMENT
and re-connection with their INNATE where they KNOW...

If your name was to be Hoa Yawhee, then you would mean I AM MASTER...
It is our expression, individual and collective now...
each-ONE says - HOA YAWHEE = I AM MASTER...
of my OWN life/destiny/fortune/creation...

Jyothi Melkhiora

Is This A Joke?


January 24, 2012, 6:48 pm
Can not believe it. Must the show go on?



January 24, 2012, 3:20 pm
Well, we were missing Yahweh. Now, I think, they are missing just Elvis and Michael Jackson and all the stuff is full.


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