Abundance Paradigm

Abundance Paradigm

by Caridaway

February 27, 2012
Personal Development, Ascension

The video I just posted explains very clearly how WE are the ones making the shift by choosing compassion and the abundance paradigm which is a consciousness and emotional path. A better way of being in the world is not something that we had to figure out mentally because it is common sense. It was just that we were being blocked from that natural path by our own egos that are like a virus impeding the process and jamming up the program.

We see that faction as a group of dark beings but they are made up of. . .us humans as a collective that have allowed the this infection to manifest. It was difficult to battle but we are pulling through the illness and returning to optimal health. That is what is what I think I meant when I said "God is Coming" in a recent blog. Returning to the Abundance Energy System that keeps us healthy and operating on the abundance paradigm. It has nothing to do with a being coming in a ship or money but it is a system of operation that does not require taking something from someone else.

What control seekers do is they trick others into believing they have no power of their own while the control seeker uses their own power over that person. There is no actual energy taking or giving involved really because our power comes to us from the source. When people kill and manipulate they are not taking power from anyone. Fear immobilizes people to the point that they are willing to let other people tell them what to do and say. Fear is energy. But it is energy that moves us in ways that is potentially destructive and not empowering. That is why we have adrenaline to COUNTER fear. Adrenaline is a surplus of energy that kicks in when we would otherwise be taken over by a predator. Fear is used by Psychic Vampires (not material vampires) to make them feel empowered but they are not. They are operating in an illusionary MENTAL realm. Power over someone is an illusion. Even if you tie them up and shoot them you have no power over their true self. That is only using your own power to create a situation that someone else may or may not enjoy, but that is really up to them is it not? They still have power to choose to be in fear or not or to be content or not. They still have the power to use their mind and body to get out of the situation somehow if they choose. That is power. If they do not then they are still in an undesirable situation. That is all. That does not mean they do not have power or energy.

This is important to understand if we are to move past seeing ourselves as victims regardless of the situation. There is cause and effect and then there is mental attachment to cause and effect. Mental attachment to cause and effect is KARMA. If you want to clear you karma then start seeing everything as just cause and effect without the imposed mental attachment in the form of reasons and guilt and fear. Don't forget to remain in compassion every step of the way because detachment does not mean NOT feeling emotion and using emotion to create and be in the world. This is what "Be in the world and not of it" means.

When we live under this system of operation where we understand that we are eternal spirit it neutralizes any outside attack. This is what is meant by the Law of Opposing Polarity


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