The Wheel Of Life

The Wheel Of Life

by Black Ishtar

February 28, 2012, Comments(4)


THE WAXING, FULL & WANING MOON - Represents the three phases of the Divine Feminine:-


An original and traditional British Isles & Celtic folk song celebrating Spring and Midsummer. This song reminds us of our

connection with the Earth, and our transformations within the cycles of the seasons. This recording is filled with joyful

lyrics of celebration and playful love.


by Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith

The Mother gives birth on night's longest hour,

With the frost aglow on the green.

The Child of Light is reborn as the sun

To renew us on our journey unseen.

All life in the earth begins to unfold

As the waxing light is seen.

Each seedling will sprout into its own self

To inspire us to be truly free.


And like the rolling world

The Wheel of Life is a-turning

We weave the circle dance

Upon this rolling world of learning.

The Maiden returns in blossoms so new

To embrace her Mother in mirth.

And like children we play in the sweetness of day

And rejoice in Life's return to the earth.

The maypole is crowned with ribbons so bright

As lovers meet in desire.

Thru woodlands and meadows we laugh in the sun

And the Dance of Life grows wild in the fire.

The oak branch is placed in the bonfire's blaze

Their embrace dissolves into one.

Light triumphs this day, yet begins its decay

As the wheel turns we spin ever on.

The corn and the grain gleam ripe in the field

We have labored long in the soil

Now we wait as our days fade into night

Will we be rewarded well for our toil?

The harvest of plenty, we give thanks with joy

As leaves are blown from the trees

We gather to share in wonderment there

Of the Circle of Rebirth in the seed.

The Old Woman, she sits in front of the hearth,

She is wise and bids us come near

We may pass in between what is seen and unseen

For the veil of Death is nothing to fear.

Much love to you all

Ish )O(

Menopause Doesn't Bother Me

Black Ishtar

February 28, 2012, 10:10 pm
Hey Leila,

Menopause is a necessary change in a womans life, it's nature's natural contraception. It's a time when a woman comes into her greateest power and wisdom. It frees her up from conception and signifies that it her 'time' to be herself and be there for herself.

Much love to you darling sis
Ish )O(

LOL Yes Crone Is The Right Word

Black Ishtar

February 28, 2012, 10:06 pm
Hey Yarra,

Some women object to using that term, as they envisage some old hag on a broomstick, that lives in a ginger bread house and eats children for dinner lol. So I thought Madame was probably a bit more PC.

Yes - it's Maiden, Mother, Crone

Much love to you dear sis,
Ish )O(

Hi Ish


February 28, 2012, 9:00 pm
love this but i think it would be good to de-program as period -menopause and aging is .It is better to progress to crystalline to stop period there is no need to bleed not really eggs can be release upon desire in crystalline biology for conception only otherwise i think is loss of energie. Once this transformation takes place -menopause is canceled out. Love Leila



February 28, 2012, 8:45 pm

Madame? I've always heard Crone. Actually I've gotten kinda used to the crone
identity. Of course being a little madame could be fun I spose...but I think I'm
more croneish that madameish actually.

lovely share, thanks.

love you


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