by Crystalai

March 4, 2012, Comments(6)

Crystalai (a) 2012

Our guardians created a buffer zone for us to adjust to this new dimension of multi-
dimensionality. They created a cross-over dimension that we can glide to consciously
and then slide to physically. The reason we can slide to it physically is because we are
going to have our vibration raised to that level through all of the work our wonderful brothers and
sisters are doing for us right now.

When our records of consciousness are restored in our brains, hearts, cells and
consciousness, we will remember how we used to shift from dimension to dimension, be in all
dimensions at once, create universes and all that fun stuff we used to do on
Saturday afternoons.

So, it's basically a matter of remembering and then realigning our Consciousness to
that reality and then re-cognizing that which we actually are - our future selves.

We are getting a massive amount of help right now, both from the Energy Waves
from the Sun being released onto the earth (I know it hurts, but it's good for
you) and we have the energies and encoding from our Guardian and Founders

One of the secrets of ascension is to ask every night before you go to bed, "Please
encode me with your codes, frequencies, and fire letters needed for ascension."
First, of course, thank them all for all of the work they have done for us for millions of
years just allowing us to survive to this point in time. They really love Gratitude for
they have worked so hard and so long without people even being aware of them.
Also give them permission to help you. They can't do anything without your Free Will
giving them permission to help. You must give it to them. Ask to begin the Initiation
process into Ascension. Ask to be coded up.

Ask to be initiated into the Ascension Process. aDolphino and I asked for the
first wave process. We asked them to run the energies night and day no matter
how much it hurt. We went through days we couldn't get out of bed, lots of back
aches, etc. We could hear our chest and brain expanding - it sounds like a wall
being broken down or a steam engine coming through. This is all part of the
realignment needed in the body to change from Carbon based to Silicate based
form and to clean out all of the old news and put in the new coding system.

Ask for the Sun's energy to be placed in your heart along with the heliotalic energy.
This is much more powerful if you ask these energies to be placed within the 6
Pointed Star symbol first. Spin these energies in your heart and blast them out into a
horizontal plane around your body. Personally, I like sending my body down in a
Merkaba to the Earth's Core, collect all of that lovely high frequency love energy from
the Earth's heart, see my self standing in a large crystal egg and then blast the
energy from my heart clear out through the Earth and connect it to all of the stars in
the universe. I am Crystalai. I am most interested in the Core Domain level of
Creation. I like going into the deep energy structures of the universe. The heart of
the Earth is the key to this entire universal system for us on Earth.

Utilize this fuel source for take off - simultaneously, spin the upper triangle of your Merkaba
clock wise and the bottom triangle counter clockwise simultaneously. I do counter clockwise
on the outward spin and clockwise on the inner spin simultaneously. I practice this idea with
my right and left second fingers and imagine one creating a circle inside of the other. I then translate that feeling into my body. The body is genetically programmed to pick up this natural rhythm that
has been with us for millions of years. It is actually the 6 Pointed Star
symbol that is spinning. Think of two triangles - one inside of the other one that
create a 3D star.The inner triangle is spinning counter clockwise-it has the pointed end. the
outer triangle is spinning clockwise - it becomes a circular spin of the flat
end of the upper triangle. There is controversy about which way to spin - some say
one way for male and one way for female. There is a very provable documentation
that the use of a merkaba spinning in one direction would lock mankind inside of the
fourth dimensional matrix, where many of the fallen angelics ended up.

The Merkaba is really our true body. When we realize that the invisible is as real as the
visible, we will realize that this Merkaba that surrounds our body in a 57 inch radius
around the body includes the light body, the rishi body and the etheric body that allows us
to travel beyond this three dimensional realm. All Starry families who are not of the Fallen
Angelic races use their Merkabas for travel. The only ones who use visible spaceships are fourth
dimensional fallen races. This is what a space ship is. Many light
beings sometimes unite their Merkaba bodies together into larger space ships of

Once we regain our infrared vision, we will be able to see all of the Merkaba Crystal Body
space ships that will be visiting Earth.

What your body is programmed to do when you get your coding back - Akashic
records opened and 12 DNA restored - is to become this space ship - think where
you are going and you immediately appear in that place.

Your body changes angular rotation of particle spin - you flash into this mini-me of
yourself - it sits in your heart. When you arrive, your mini-me can re-expand into your
body's shape with the angular rotation of particle spin that needed in the next
dimension you go to. Dimensions are differentiated by having a different base
frequency and a different angle of rotation of particle spin. All of this happens at the
pre-atom level and that is controlled through and by your consciousness.

However, now at this moment in time - this year and next year - the process is even

Crystal Light Entity (CLE) has bestowed a fragrant crystal garment over my body by
the hands of Cosmic Lady Mary from the Mayan Matrix.
CLE has handed me three crystal spheres created from Crystal Light Energy - a
sphere of dust for healing, gel to reform the soul, and light to to remove anger and
fear. And Angelic Knights of Light said that they will carry the Light anywhere I ask.

These energies of light are here to ease the pain in the transformation into the New
Earth. We can ask these Knights of Light to place this energy anywhere it is

Next CLE swirled these three forms of crystal light in an alchemical process to
create a New Crystal. This light was placed in my heart and transformed my
crystaline energy in my heart and in all the cells in my body. The body must be
transformed into crystal light energy in order to ascend or travel through light.

Next CLE said to bring this orb of Cosmic Light out in front of me.

You see, the body itself contains the Cosmic field. Think of your body standing in 5
circles. There are three dimensions in each circle. Your body in reality contains all of
these. This is why we can travel from dimension to dimension. This is why we are
coded by these dimensions. We have an actual compass in our cells telling us how
to get there. We contain and are God Consciousness, the source of all dimensions.

CLE asked the Beings of light (they have names - but lets just call them beings of
light for now) to form 5 circles around me. These 5 circles are the rings holding the
five Spheres - our 15 dimensional reality. These rings of light encircled my body
placing me in the multidimensional frequency band of all of them. Between each
circle of light is a span - the span is another being of light - a particle spin energy
that allows the rings to expand and contract.

I was directed to breath very slowly and as I breath the circles and spans inhale into
me and exhale out of me. It is like an accordian that is having air pumped in and the
music flowing out at a higher and higher frequency.

These guys - these wonderful beings of light are creating a Vortal for my ascension.
They are placing my body in a MutliDimensional Particle Spin that reignites the
spark, the light of Oneness to pull me into a spark of light that can be transported
through their Vortal to the New Earth.

Not only do I have the help of these little guys, the hydrogelazic critters of light who
look like little jello snow flakies are creating, creating, creating everything in my
consciousness, transforming it into the mini-me so they can reform me when I get
there. See, we never do anything alone - we are interconnected to everything and
every entity. We have so much help at every level. We are so loved. :-)

There is another long story about how we were originally created from a spark of
light then a ring after ring of light transforming into higher beings
and then later into lower and lower rates of particle spin. We were already at the
highest rate - we already contain the Angelic Frequencies of the Unfallen Elohim and
the Sirian races. The Angelic Humans were taken prisoner into the Wesedrak matrix.

We were lowered down to experience this density of consciousness for millions of years,
and now is the time when we can return back to everything we were before.

Our cellular memory has remained dormant for a very long time. This memory
contains in it future time manifestations that allow us to be anywhere in the future we
desire - that means one minute in the future or one hour in the future or 10,000 years
in the future. It means we can create our day - our next moment in any way we want it
to be. It means we can create our castles on the New Earth now. But, all creations -
all manifestations- must be made through the mind of God, which means we must
begin in the Primary Sound Field of Source Consciousness, creating through the breath of
Source and the Frequency of the Idea. When the ability to focus on that creative function long enough,
and we learn how to inhale that creation through our third eye that is directly connected into Oneness with
our Soul, which is the primary observer--the activity of the conscious and the unconscious becoming one
through the rainbow bridge, we can then exhale that grand creation through our breath in this dimension.
We must re-unite the visible and the invisible- the conscious and the unconscious through the frequency
specific mid brain. We must learn to get out of our world belief brain and begin to create something
completely brand new. We can create ideas that have never appeared on this Earth before.
When we come to this point, where we can see what our Soul can see, we will
have the ability of instant manifestation.
We will also regain our memory of all of the things that each one of us created here over the past millions of years.

Crystalai (a)2012
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse teachings
Crystalai (c) 2012

Once Again It Comes Down To Wanting Our Permission.

Hot Blue Sky

March 5, 2012, 4:28 am
Thanks Richard!

"One of the secrets of ascension is to ask every night before you go to bed, "Please
encode me with your codes, frequencies, and fire letters needed for ascension."

Once again, the sources of channeled messages make it clear that the spirts just want your permission to mess with you/posess you/encode you.

I suggest, that no one give trickster spirits permission to posess them, or mess with them, encode them, or any such thing.

Don't sell your sovereignty for a handful of magic beans and a good story.

Hi Light


March 4, 2012, 5:03 pm
this is so true i have to so watch out what- substance- of thoughts i am projecting ! And if not pure i get physically bad feeling. This transition period is very important for us as training ground.



March 4, 2012, 4:51 pm
i loving it too great work crystalai love Leila

A Few Facts


March 4, 2012, 1:25 pm
I have nothing personal against this source. These are just facts.

Crystalai has made public predictions here in the past which have been demonstrated to be completely incorrect, if not irresponsible. Her track record is not good.

She has also been repeatedly warned not to post channelings which are ads for the services at her site. Few others have violated this agreement/rule as often as she.


Wonderful Summary


March 4, 2012, 9:48 am
I have been involved with this ascension process for many years now.I considered it a great breakthrough, when I briefly entered the fifth dimension physically.It was eerily familiar consciously, but unfamiliar to my physical body.Thoughts become prime of importance in these higher dimensions, and even the briefest little dark thought, will come back quickly to bite you.The lag between thought and manifestation, becomes non- existent in the 5th dimension.If you are correct, about these being just the beginning stages of this process, we are in for a long bumpy ride.We signed up for it, so we may as well try and enjoy it as best we can.I'm not sure i would ever sign up for another long stint at 3d.Thank you very much, for taking the time, to inform us about these first steps into our ascension.

I'm Lovin' It


March 4, 2012, 3:59 am
Hey Crystalai,

Thanks for taking the time to post this brief summary of our ascension process--although I consider myself well informed as to our current undertaking and the tasks/history involved, I found your words helped clarify a few concepts and for the most part they rang true in my heart. I'm sure this will be quite useful for the newcomer and seasoned alike :)


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