Pope To Resign April 2012; According To Benjamin Fulford

Pope To Resign April 2012; According To Benjamin Fulford

by noelflood

March 16, 2012, Comments(23)

Thanks Heather


March 18, 2012, 6:39 am
Oddly enough, I downloaded this movie two weeks ago and it was an eye-opener.
Historically,the Popes have been the most corrupt, murdering group of so and so's that ever graced the planet.
Nothing has changed much to this day but they are becoming more exposed.

Much love

Hey Noel, Do You Get


March 18, 2012, 1:38 am
Hey Noel,

Do you get Showtime where you live? There is a series on there about how sinful the popes family is!

I know some people here don't think tv or movies mean anything, but I think that is the first step in our society to revealing the truth. We obsorb it on an unconsious level until something else comes along for us to go "oh! that makes sense!"

Hahaha Thats What I Was

Just A Dude In The Light

March 17, 2012, 6:49 pm
hahaha thats what i was getting at, as soon as I learned about reptilian races and looked at him in a picture I was like 'this dude is defintely some kinda reptile' lol well at least catholisim gave me a broader awareness of whats true and whats not, even if they didnt mean to!

You Are Right, Jyothi


March 17, 2012, 4:04 pm
There is something most odd about him. His eyes are rather strange and menacing at times.
I guess we won't have too long to wait and see.
Lots of love

Hey Noel


March 17, 2012, 12:37 pm
Just listing some possibilities as to why he might want to resign!!!
the mind boggles.......

have a great weekend,
love xox

Hey Lotus


March 17, 2012, 11:19 am
So you are saying he has been doing bugger all.?
Yep, that sounds about right!, hehehehe
Much love

Hasn't Played Golf Since He Got In!


March 17, 2012, 11:16 am
Or......can't stand washing those priests' feet at Easter time!
Or......has RSI from waving too much!
Or......can't stand telling lies anymore!
Or......wants a bit of time to himself to catch up on his magazine reading!

I Agree Noel,

The Presence

March 17, 2012, 10:48 am
dark eyes, that look so off-core...
so soul-less...
giggling at our souls!
I always read his name as
Pop-off Been-addict-to-being-a-Rat-ZINGER!!


Ha Ha, Pop-off Rat-Zinger Will Hear The Pied PIPER!

The Presence

March 17, 2012, 10:44 am
he is NAZI-nasty too...
despite the Pop-off positions
we point fingers so 'untoward',
I have always LOVED Pope John Paul before this one...

what a position to be to bring The Holy CATS' Church down
so that all penguins at the nunneries can fly back to N and S Poles!
That which that works with NO INTEGRITY
is on the way out!

and YES, you WILL SEE it in your lifetime, Ish...

BLESS all that leaves...
BLESS what happens and not!




March 17, 2012, 4:45 am
Yep, Ish, I will get the Grannies to back my campaign for the Papacy.

I could always slip you a Rembrandt or two from the Vatican vaults, in payment for your services.

We could do a Sistine Chapel makeover of your outhouse hehehehe

There again, you would be perfect for Pope yourself though staying celibate could be problematic. Never mind, they have been covering up for years and so can we!!! hehehe

Your new mantra could be 'SİN NOW, PAY LATER'
Big hugs

Are You Pontificating Lol???

Black Ishtar

March 17, 2012, 4:21 am
Hey Noely,

Yep!!! I'd be off that boat, just like the captain of the Costa Concordia (who btw apparently tripped and accidentally fell into the liferaft).

I was always jealous of those Alter Boys - getting to wear those beautiful lacy over cassocks and parade up and down the aisle with the wine, host and incense.

Now I could really see you wearing a Popes Mica and dressed in red, carrying a golden staff. If I was a Cardinal I'd vote for you. Noel Flood for Pope.

Much love to you darling
Ish )O(

Hey Mary


March 17, 2012, 2:55 am
He has not been the most popular of Popes and was heavily involved in the cover-up of the paedophile issue.
We will have to wait and see if Fulford is right , this time
Much love

Yep Rainbird


March 17, 2012, 2:51 am
Time will tell, indeed.

Hey Dude


March 17, 2012, 2:48 am
Every time I see Pope Benedict, he looks to me as a demonic reptillian. I can't, for the life of me, understand why?

Hey Ish


March 17, 2012, 2:44 am
You are right; he can't resign but maybe the Archbishop and the Pope know that they will be out of a job in December 2012 and need time to apply for new ones.
Lets face it, if you were captain of a sinking ship, you would jump too , heheheh
Apparently, the last Pope will be black before the end times according to St. Malachy, I think.
I would apply for the job myself but I would be knackered after all that altar wine hehehe
Much love

I Don't Think He Can Resign???

Black Ishtar

March 17, 2012, 12:29 am
Hey Noely,

Reflecting back on my days as a former RC (Rock Chucker), I was taught by the penguins (who btw - know everything about everything, even though they have never married nor had children - truly amazing are the nuns) that the Pope is Pope until the day he dies - whether it be of natural causes (which is very unusual) or he is poisoned or murdered by other means, which is his normal fate as history reveals. Hasn't that always been the case???
Can't see Pope Benedict aka Cardinal Rats-in-sack, going anywhere soon. Who knows - strange days are these. I've always been in awe of the traditions and rituals (the cabals love rituals - it's a big part of their organisation) of the Catholic Church - I've seen two Conclaves gather in the Vatican in my lifetime to elect another Pope - will I get to see a third in my lifetime???

Thanks for vid - very interesting.

Much love to you deary - onwards and upwards to the stars and beyond
Ish )O(

After Reading The Comments

Just A Dude In The Light

March 16, 2012, 11:51 pm
After reading the comments first Im not so inclined to watch the video but personally I never felt like this pope was a loving person, thats just from looking at his eyes in photographs so i could be off but its just the vibe i got from looking at him. Anyway if he did resign it would big a huge thing, weather your a believer or not. Oddly intresting lol

Making Way For The Last Pope,


March 16, 2012, 10:55 pm
Making way for the last pope, Peter the Roman? Let's wait and see.

Good Riddance, If Its True...

Mary Keating

March 16, 2012, 10:16 pm
good riddance, if its true... saw it on Fulford's blog and Fulford always leaves me unconvinced...do not see how he would have access to that info.. or indeed most of what he publishes...in bite sizes.. is he afraid we would become overwhelmed?? he certainly witholds more than he gives...he annoys me...so does the pope and the Vatican and all the other fundamentalists...

Thank You, Heather


March 16, 2012, 8:00 pm
Yes, we will have to wait and see as Popes don't resign and they are in the job for life.
I must admit though that there is growing excitement at the prospect.
Much love

Thank You, Inawe


March 16, 2012, 7:55 pm
I was just reading that news a few hours ago but never tied it in with this business of the Pope.
I thought at the time that he was young to retire from that position as normally, they have to drag them screaming and shouting in their eighties, to get rid of them.
Talk about the rats and the sinking ship, I think the captains are jumping overboard as well.

Hmmmm....I'll Believe It When


March 16, 2012, 7:54 pm
Hmmmm....I'll believe it when I see it! I personally think the last 'saints' that were apart of the Catholic church were Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II. I know it will happen, but who knows when and how long it will take! And when the Catholic church does crumble, prepare for a war!


Rowan Williams Resigns As Archbishop Of Canterbury


March 16, 2012, 7:48 pm

Rowan Williams resigns as archbishop of Canterbury
Rowan Williams is to step down as archbishop of Canterbury at the end of 2012 to take up a university position at Cambridge

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Andrew Brown
guardian.co.uk, Friday 16 March 2012 06.59 EDT
Article history

Rowan Williams announces his intention to resign as archbishop of Canterbury at the end of the year Link to this video
The archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is to resign and return to academia as master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Williams, 61, will leave at the end of December in time to start his new role next January.

His time in office has been marked by a slowly growing schism in the worldwide Anglican church, which he has failed to heal. Williams has been attacked by conservatives for his liberal views on homosexuality and by liberals for failing to live up to these principles.

But he has been respected on all sides for his gifts as a preacher of great eloquence and flashes of clarity.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, tweeted: "Rowan Williams will be sorely missed as archbishop of Canterbury; did what he said he'd do – challenge the imagination of our country."

Williams's generally leftwing politics have led him to clash with the government, most notably when he guest-edited an issue of the New Statesman last year, which was taken by Conservative MPs as a declaration of hostilities.

The prime minister, David Cameron, said: "I would like to thank Rowan Williams for his dedicated service as archbishop of Canterbury. As a man of great learning and humility he guided the church through times of challenge and change. He sought to unite different communities and offer a profoundly humane sense of moral leadership that was respected by people of all faiths and none."

The bookmakers' favourite to succeed him is the Ugandan-born archbishop of York, John Sentamu, whose energy is widely admired, but who has upset some with a reputed forceful manner.

The other name frequently mentioned is the bishop of London, Richard Chartres, who is opposed to the ordination of women, but has been increasingly quiet. Both men are older than Williams.

None of the younger candidates has yet made their mark on the world outside the church, though Graham James, the bishop of Norwich, and Nick Baines, the bishop of Bradford, are two names most often mentioned.

Williams, who was confirmed in December 2002 as the 104th archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the 77-million-strong Anglican communion, told the Press Association that occupying the post had been an enormous privilege.

He described the Church of England as a "great treasure" that was still a place where many people sought inspiration and comfort in times of need. "I would like the successor that God would like," he said.

"It is a job of immense demands and I would hope that my successor has the constitution of an ox and the skin of a rhinoceros, really.

"But he will, I think, have to look with positive, hopeful eyes on a church, which for all its problems is still, for so many people, a place to which they resort in times of need and crisis, a place to which they look for inspiration.

"I think the Church of England is a great treasure. I wish my successor well in the stewardship of it."

In a statement issued by Lambeth Palace, Williams added: "It has been an immense privilege to serve as archbishop of Canterbury over the past decade, and moving on has not been an easy decision.

"During the time remaining there is much to do, and I ask your prayers and support in this period and beyond."

He added that he was grateful for all the support he and his wife, Jane, had received.

"I am abidingly grateful to all those friends and colleagues who have so generously supported Jane and myself in these years, and all the many diverse parishes and communities in the Church of England and the wider Anglican communion that have brought vision, hope and excitement to my own ministry," he said.

"I look forward, with that same support and inspiration, to continuing to serve the church's mission and witness as best I can in the years ahead."

The timing of his retirement has nothing to do with gay marriage. But his children have both left school, and he will have served all through the Queen's diamond jubilee. By leaving now he makes time for his successor to prepare for the next Lambeth Conference, a worldwide gathering of Anglican bishops due in 2018. The last one was marked by a schism after the US Anglican church ordained an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson.

Williams planned to heal this schism by getting all constituent churches of the Anglican communion to sign up to a treaty or covenant which would stop them from ordaining openly gay clergy without central consent. But for the covenant to mean anything, it would have to be approved by a majority of the dioceses of the Church of England. Seventeen have so far rejected it, and only 11 approved. It seems likely that five more will reject it in voting this weekend, which would kill the scheme entirely.

The archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said: "It is with great sadness that I received the news that the archbishop of Canterbury will be stepping down at the end of this year.

"Our partnership in the gospel over the past six years has been the most creative period of my ministry. It has been life-giving to have led missions together, gone on retreats and prayed together.

"In his company I have drunk deeply from the wells of God's mercy and love and it has all been joyful. He is a real brother to me in Christ.

"The last decade has been a challenging time for the Church of England and the Anglican communion.

"Thankfully, Archbishop Rowan is a remarkable and gifted leader who has strengthened the bonds of affection. Despite his courageous, tireless and holy endeavour, he has been much maligned by people who should have known better. For my part he has been God's apostle for our time.

"His stepping down to pursue something he dearly loves – teaching and writing – is received with gratitude, as this will continue to be a blessing to the Church.

"I am delighted that he is not going far away and will continue to offer service to the Church of England and the wider church in its witness to our society. May God's blessing continue to be showered upon him."

Williams will continue to carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the archbishop of Canterbury, both for the Church of England and the Anglican communion, until the end of the year, Lambeth Palace said.

The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) would consider "in due course" the selection of a successor.

Williams's return to academia will mark the end of more than 20 years as a bishop and archbishop. He was consecrated bishop of Monmouth in 1991 and elected archbishop of Wales in 1999.

His departure comes amid tensions within the Anglican communion over the issue of homosexuality.

The Church of England general synod also looks likely to give final approval in July to legislation introducing female bishops, with the threat of further walkouts by traditionalists.

Williams's predecessor, Lord Carey, held the post of archbishop of Canterbury for 11 and a half years and retired at 66 in 2002.


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