Breathing In The Merkaba Field

Breathing In The Merkaba Field

by Julie Miller

April 15, 2012, Comments(3)
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Breathing in the Merkaba Field

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ April 15 – 22, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

April 15, 2012


Rejoice we did during the period of Lent. Celebrations and prayers were held around the world celebrating Easter; a definite sign in some areas of the planet that Spring has arrived. It is good to be back delivering through this delightful vessel, your sister. As mentioned from the previous transmission, we continue with our discussion of the Mer-Ka-Ba and sacred geometry.


The word Mer-Ka-Ba is actually derived from three smaller words; Mer, Ka, and Ba. These words as they are used together come from an Ancient Egyptian era.  Depending on the sect or religious creed there are various pronunciations of Merkaba; MerKabah, Merkava, and the Merkavah. It is the second word that often receives emphasis, example: Mer KA ba.


Mer denotes a particular light that was comprehended in Egypt during the 18th Dynasty that followed the re-adaption of all religions towards the devotion and dedication of one God. Mer was thought as two opposite rotating fields of light turning in the same place. These sacred fields are created and activated when you move through specific breathing forms.


Ka is your individual spirit


Ba is your spirit’s understanding of its actual representativeness. Your Ba is your physical body. In other spiritual realities where there are no physical shells, Ba is then the ideas or understandings of where that being exists.


Dear ones the sacred Merkaba is counter or opposite rotating field of light that is produced from the turning of particular geometric forms that concurrently affect your spirit and body. The Merkaba is a vehicle then that can help your mind, body and spirit to enter and experience other levels of reality and possibilities throughout your current life. The Merkaba is also more than a vehicle or way of accessing other levels of reality; it is also a means of connecting to your higher selves, and connecting to your Christ Consciousness. With the aid of the Merkaba your level of awareness heightens and brings in richer spiritual and personal potential.


In addition, the Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that involves specific geometric shapes that bring into line your body, mind and heart. This sacred geometric shape that houses an incredible field of energy surrounds and extends around your body for a great distance and spins. Due to lack of attention these fields of energy do and can slow down and stop working altogether. If your Merkaba is fully activated and maintained often, it will look something like a manufacturing of a galaxy or similar.


Your Merkaba dear ones allows you to experience a growth in your awareness, it also connects you with an elevated potential of higher consciousness and with the Christ-Self that so many dear souls desire to reach. The Merkaba has also been known to help restore and access memory of your being. When you are able to find a Merkaba mediation that works well for you and it is performed correctly, the energy will fluidly integrate your female and masculine aspects into perfect alignment of your mind, body and spirit. Your feminine aspect is usually described as instinctual and amenable whereas the masculine is described as vigorous and forceful. These I include as examples only. You know what it is that describes your feminine and male aspects better than anyone. {{Smile and light laughter}}


Dear ones when you learn the Merkaba, you will not only knowledgeably comprehend the geometric areas, you will also personally experience them and feel them noticeably around your own body. These sacred energy fields that live around your body dear ones are turned on by a specific way of breathing. The Merkaba meditation combines a 17 breath, Pranayama breathing procedure along with specific hand and finger positions called mudras are crucial to creating the Merkaba field. Your activation of the Merkaba field through the 17 breath meditation will produce a stronger and much more deeper communication with your Higher Self and consequently your Christ-Self. You will find every aspect of your life strengthened and from the use of correctly activating your Merkaba field. When you use the Merkaba meditation of the 17 breath often you will see a noticeable difference in your overall health, and especially your emotions and thought forms. Healing is not only a conceptual idea but an actuality. One important factor I must relay is that through the Merkaba activation and use many of you will begin to remember your nurturing experience with God in a safe environment that is fused with living light. One other factor that is most relevant is the opening of your heart chakra. Even with all the meditation techniques perfected without your heart chakra opened and if you are unable to love unconditionally the experience will be incredibly dimmed. Divine and Unconditional love is the chief element that permits the Merkaba to become a living field of light that surrounds your body, mind and spirit.


The living energy that surrounds your bodily form consists of two tetrahedrons, creating the Star Tetrahedrons during meditation. One will be pointing down while the other will point up. The Star Tetrahedron has been often commented that it looks like the Jewish Star of David. I urge you dear ones to learn some basic sacred geometry. I know some of the writing you will find will read as if it’s from another language. Find a version or explanation that fits your level of understanding. There are many videos that are also available, just as there are many documents regarding the Merkaba and its beneficial effects on you as a whole and complete being. Each of you has the capability of making this not only happen but to work effectively and efficiently. I will be having our vessel include a visual or two.


I am eager to watch you look, read, try and practice. Do not give up when the attempt seems impossible. Reach dear ones for my never-fading energy and I will uplift you and re-establish your own energy levels enough for you to find the motivation to continue. Your efforts will bring you much success.


Our discussion today has been nothing less than miraculous and inspiring. Breathe in the love of the divine spirit of God and feel your own heart swell with unconditional love for yourself and for all others.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller


link for above video in case I didn't embedd it correctly:

I AM Breathing In The Love!


May 19, 2014, 2:47 pm
I AM breathing in the love!

Exactly What I Needed On This


April 16, 2012, 8:17 pm
Exactly what I needed on this beautiful Spring day in the Northwest. Thank you dearheart for contributing to our continued growth and clarity. Please receive my gratitude & love, as you have given much. Blessings, Tiffany

Certanly You Are Going To


April 15, 2012, 7:42 pm
Certanly you are going to watch me as I look, read and try, Master. Thanks to you Julie for receiving and sharing.


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