ALLFAARAA, ANTAARAA, AMAARAA - The Understanding Of Your Soul's Purpose Determine's Your Contribution Of LIGHT!

ALLFAARAA, ANTAARAA, AMAARAA - The Understanding Of Your Soul's Purpose Determine's Your Contribution Of LIGHT!

by Tanilla

May 14, 2012

Introduction to Allfaaraa written by Shawn Clark

posted by Tanilla 13 May 2012

This website - - is about the message Allfaaraa brings to humanity. As such, the information presented here is his. However, in the interest of reaching as many as possible, we have found it helpful for me to explain as much as I can from my perspective. Allfaaraa does not read books or listen to other teachers or research any of his information on the Internet the way I do. He does this to keep his own knowing as pure and direct as possible. His sources are the two highest in the Universe. That said, there is no need for him to seek news and other information from Earthly sources. He delivers truth at the highest level but it is not always in a form that is familiar to humanity. Why? Because he delivers both sides of the story. To the Christians he sounds like a New Ager, to the New Agers he sounds like a Christian, to the Buddhists and Taoists (and other nondual teachings) he sounds like a dualist, etc. It is in uniting the light and the dark that we become one. This is Allfaaraa’s message and that’s where I come in.

I’ve been reading books and listening to interviews and surfing the Internet (as well as contemplating and meditating within) for many years now, seeking the clues to our existence. I am a walk-in myself and have developed a high level of understanding through my investigations, both within and without. And as I said in our first interview, Allfaaraa is the best I’ve found. He’s the only one who has brought all the pieces together and explained how each piece fits with another and within the Whole.

It’s my opinion that if you are going to explain reality you must explain all of it. You can’t just explain duality, or just explain nonduality (oneness). Nor can you just explain light and leave out the dark. Everything must be on the table all the time. Science, religion, mysticism, the occult, paranormal research, enlightenment, near death, astral projection, past-life regression, etc. All of it must be included. All of it must be explained. The why and the how. How did we get here, what are we doing here, where are we going…and of course, every child’s favorite question, why, why, why.

That’s what Allfaaraa brings to the table.

My first role is to write down what he teaches. My second role is to explain it from my perspective. This is the first in a series of posts that are meant to give an introduction to the basics that should be understood before what Allfaaraa says has the best chance to make sense to you. And as always, keep what works and discard the rest. Only you can determine your own truth on your own journey at your own pace. Allfaaraa presents the truth of God and the truth of Lucifer like no one else on the planet. My part is to be the medium in bringing this understanding to mortal man.

Raise the planet!

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