RV Sessions: The Cloud Ship And The Elephant God

RV Sessions: The Cloud Ship And The Elephant God

by Cari Eden Kindl

June 18, 2012, Comments(5)
Ancient and Lost Civilizations, Ascension, Spiritual development

I was looking up into the center of my forehead with eyes closed to see what looks like the sun. When I wait and focus in I can begin to see clouds. Often I see what looks like an elephant being. It makes me think of Ganesh. He stares at me and is sort of floating in the air. He is different than the elephant I saw in the last vision, not as solid looking. He almost looks like an alien being. As I focus on him suddenly I start zooming into the clouds and there inside is a ship of some sort with human like beings inside. It almost looks like a blimp but I get the impression it is a cloud ship and that it is organic or biological in nature. I am able to look all around at the design which is open with rounded corners and different levels. I start zooming in on the walls for some reason and can’t stop. I go all the way zoomed into the wall and I am just stuck there. It seems like I am being shown that it is biological in structure. It is almost funny. I have to open my eyes to reset the vision. When I close my eyes again I am still on the ship. This happens a lot I notice. After I see something and open my eyes I will shut my eyes a few minutes later and see that the same things are still there happening. I apparently set my sights on a certain frequency and it stays there until I change it. The scene is just ongoing. Life is ongoing on all dimensional levels and I can tune in or out from this level. The trick is learning to navigate the dimensions and time lines by will.

After thought: I just saw the movie Prometheus last night, several days after this vision. The main “god” alien dudes look like elephants. . .I won’t give anything away, but it was very curious how it relates to my vision.



June 21, 2012, 7:00 pm
Thank you.
Maybe they wear jewelry to make other people happy? LOL

For me the practice of being able to resonate with a frequency so that I can see a different time line with my own eyes or experience something emotionally is far better than listening to something or someone else's thoughts based upon their own experience or what I believe is a mind matrix that feeds us the points of view of the collective like a big computer. I don't mind reading and listening but I am wary of allowing entities to come into my space when I know that Reptilians and humans have been controlling the 4th and 5th dimensions for eons. I prefer my own experience to theirs since they are highjacking human thoughts and experiences in the first place.

Some of the images I am seeing are reptilian looking beings. All I need from another being is love. I don't need to know what will happen in the future or what happened in the past. I only need to know what I need to let go of so I can heal and help others to heal.

A Visionary Like You Should


June 19, 2012, 2:19 pm
a visionary like you should definitely be channeling-
im not trying to jazz you up-
i actually think (think feel) it..

but then again, i seem to like poetry.

hi shining water- im chuckling-

hey, i really came to try to be funny and say...

are elephants happy because they wear jewelry? or do they wear jewelry because they happy ?

you should know this cari daway , crazy kuthumi says , i'm chuckling, and a lttle rolling my eyes,

did you know kuthumi likes shining water? yes, apparently , that is accurate- pretty strongly dang sure.

joy. yes??? joy .. i didn't even have to read your channeling , at all, to get this from the energy you have brought with this post location, comment,etc,

this is creation, what you did, with other join in, this is creationh , kuthumi say :-)



June 18, 2012, 6:23 pm
I think they are as well but that the "gods" are technologically advanced humans that came from right here on earth. There is no reason for an elephant being to be floating around in the clouds in the 3rd density unless it is a man in a breathing apparatus that LOOKS like an elephant and has his own biological cloud ship. And if it is a 4th or 5th density being then why is it showing me a biological ship? We only need biological ships in the 3rd density. They can only be technologically advanced 3d beings. There is only one creator and we are all that one creator. I see this when I go to the center void. It is the all seeing eye. From there I can create anything I want. But you have to go through the sun or the light of the world. Anything in the light is the hologram of heaven and all the lower kingdoms all created by mass consciousness. You have to go through the sun into the void of blackness to create your own universe. We can still play in the son's light if we like but they are time lines that are already established and in progress. They are already created.

There are some beings that try to convince you to stay and play in these realms because they can no longer do it themselves. They have lost their innate abilities. They have to rely upon technology and no matter what external technology will NEVER get you out of this universe. That is why they are trying to use the Haldron Collider to create a new universe or tear off a piece of the universe. How can scientists even justify doing this when they are seeking a UNIFIED FIELD theory? If there is no actual particle and we are all ONE then they are on a never ending journey. They will NEVER find what they are looking for. There can be only one. We are that one. It is like trying to make your image in the mirror another you and then fighting over who is the real you. It is ridiculous.

I Think Somebody Is Trying To

Shining Water

June 18, 2012, 4:48 pm
I think somebody is trying to communicate with you saying the ships and the gods are in oneness,which is last Greg message,too.....

I Love


June 18, 2012, 4:20 pm
I love reading about your experiences. Thank you!


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