Becoming A Spiritual ‘Seer’ To Help Transition The Earth

Becoming A Spiritual ‘Seer’ To Help Transition The Earth

by DL Zeta

June 23, 2012
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There is much in this world that waits to be seen, sparkling like stars behind a cloud-covered sky. Much of what obscures the "unseen" consists of the veils and 'overlays' in the heart and mind of the seer. Once a person learns to open their spiritual eyes, all that exists in the universe becomes visible.

Opening Your Spiritual Eyes to the World of the 'Unseen'

A great deal of what is considered paranormal is the sensing of the unseen with interpretations that often fall short in describing the inner workings of wisdom. The mysterious consists of that which our consciousness has not yet stretched to embrace. The value of the mysterious is its ability to draw attention to the unknown and the unseen. With sufficient attention, effort and right use of will, it is possible to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

If you have not yet opened your spiritual eyes to see through illusion, it may seem some realities are intentionally obscured from you. This is by design to protect you (and others) until you develop the wisdom and self-responsibility to manage your natural gifts and abilities. There are no conspiracies or hidden agendas in the universe. The only "conspiracies" that exist in your world are those contrived by humans. Do not give these your time and energy. The only mystery worth understanding is that of your own heart. As you pay closer attention to the feelings and passions that reside there, you begin to discover who you are. When you understand who you are, you receive the wisdom and clairvoyance of spiritual vision to see the universe as it truly is.

A World Full of 'Seers'

There are a record number of ‘seers’ incarnated at this time. The Earth plane is changing quickly. By the year 2100, over a third of those who remain on Earth will have the gift of clairvoyance. This number will multiply exponentially with each succeeding generation. It will become far easier to open to spiritual vision in times to come. There are several reasons for this. As more people on the planet shift to a high-vibratory pattern, this vibration will become predominant. The spiritually awakened will anchor and hold this energy for others to access.

Another reason greater numbers will open their spiritual eyes is that the Earth will become less violent and chaotic. The present moment is a difficult place to be when a being comes into their full clairvoyance. Those who see all bear witness to the suffering taking place within any given moment in many places on the Earth. Imagine going through your daily life and suddenly having an image enter your mind of torture and killings, of cataclysmic natural disasters; of the suffering of millions. Those who see and feel the pain of the world must daily love pain into a place of peace inside their own hearts. These are beings who light the way to the future of humanity.

Seers Transmute the World's Pain in their Own Hearts

Seers who transmute the world's pain and suffering began by transforming the pain in their own heart. They learned to love and forgive every person and every life circumstance. They know all life circumstances are events "staged" with the roving band of "actors" from one's soul group to create needed learning opportunities. When the conscious mind or ego accepts this cosmic truth, the spiritual eyes are opened to take in the parade of lifetimes. From this place, it becomes possible to truly "see" one’s self and others.

Once you open your spiritual eyes, you learn to practice discernment rather than judgment. If a person is standing before you with many sad stories of why their life is not working, you hear the words with your physical senses, but you see the truth with your inner eyes. You see the person’s energy field where their past lives play like a thousand movies depicting moments waiting to be unlocked and released. You see the soul in its quest for wisdom and growth like a pristine oasis beneath overlays of misunderstanding and regret. You see blockages crystallize in the energy field, preventing the free flow of life force energy. You see sadness and confusion manifest in the energy field. When you see a person at this level, you are able to hold a healing space for them to step into.

Clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairsentience (feeling/seeing) and claircognizance (knowing) go hand-in-hand with clairvoyance. These allow you to see through illusory appearances of the physical world, to feel what a person (or animal) is feeling, and to hear behind each word entire dissertations revealing the soul essence and vibration across lifetimes.

Self-Responsibility is Key to Accessing Spiritual Vision

No one gains access to the spiritual senses until they are ready to assume responsibility for the knowing that comes with such gifts. Just as there are many in your world who dream of becoming billionaires without full understanding of the tremendous responsibility that accompanies such wealth and the resulting karma (from mishandling it), there are those who seek inner powers without a willingness to accept the responsibility for their wise use. Even with great expenditure of effort, these individuals will never manifest more than the most minimal abilities.

Helping Others Open to Spiritual Vision

So how does the seer respond to the difficulties of those who have not yet opened their inner senses? First, with love and compassion. This is easy when one is able to cast their eyes backward into their own life experiences and the many lifetimes spent coming into spiritual knowing. Secondly, the seer can telepathically connect with the inner guidance of a person experiencing difficulty to determine how they can best respond - how they can best serve the person at this moment. Thirdly, the seer can bless the person and wish them the highest and best. Blessings open an energetic pathway for the person to step into, like a pocket of energy that can be used to boost the vibrational resonance.

Many seers in your world create books, works of art, offer teachings and disseminate information in many ways and forms. Whenever your guides bring your attention to such information, give it your time and attention. When you open to follow such clues, you find your life becoming more peaceful and aligned with spirit.

Consulting a Seer to Accelerate Your Spiritual Path

In the early stages of your awakening you may choose to accelerate your spiritual path by finding out a seer you can consult periodically. A true seer will allow you to see your self through their spiritual senses, and help you interpret and understand the information perceived through these senses. You don’t need to worry about accessing information that is not for your highest good, for a seer will work in conjunction with your guides and higher self, bringing forth the information that is of greatest benefit within the moment. As you are guided through steps to help you open to spiritual vision, you learn to access inner seeing on your own. Some day, you may even assist others in their quest.

By setting your intention to open your spiritual eyes, you express a desire to clear away all that stands in the way of direct access to your spiritual senses. When you express this desire, the universe will bring your attention to whatever needs to be healed and cleared to achieve the wisdom and self-responsibility necessary to access spiritual vision. As you come into your spiritual vision, other spiritual senses such as clairaudience and clairsentience will also open. As a seer, you hold all the universe within your loving gaze and help heal the Earth into the next phase of planetary evolution.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
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