Sirian Archangel Hermes 6/23/12

Sirian Archangel Hermes 6/23/12

by Sirian Archangel Hermes

June 23, 2012, Comments(4)

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now through your expanded consciousness, upon reading or hearing these words you will know this as well. Many of you are going through immense changes on nearly all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Soon there will come a great activation of lightworkers on a level not yet seen before, and this will shift the global consciousness to new frequencies of thought and eventually manifestation. With this great activation comes a chance to more freely distribute information through your various sources of media and communication.

This is when you can call upon me, to aid in helping you better communicate and build a bridge between you, others, and the higher dimensions. There will also come a great disclosure of information that will greatly affect the consciousness of some who had become strong in their own beliefs and religions. They will feel lost and isolated. This is when you may be finding yourselves in the role of the teacher and counselor, those who are ready will know and offer their wisdom to those who will become greatly dis-oriented as the new paradigm is quickly becoming manifest. You will find your telepathic abilities increasingly more adept, as well as synchronistic occurances. These occurances will further strengthen your confidence in your abilities as confirmation greatly aids in building self confidence and motivation toward your highest goals.

Since you have began to incorporate infinite time into your light bodies, many of you now realize that you are much more multidimensional and intricate then you had previously thought. Memories of what you have been will begin to return to your own consciousness and you may find yourself at times overwhelmed or even in doubt. Remember that you are allowing what is happening, as you have chosen this path long before you incarnated in this sphere of existence. You may feel a great need to share information, remember though that you must not impede upon the free will of others. To argue with them is to direct further energy and effort toward confusion and doubt.

I wish to reveal to you at this time a bit of knowledge that was lost over the ages. Those who are seeing/hearing these words will be ready for the knowledge bestowed. With the advancements of technology will come the liberation of the inhabitants of this planet. In ways far beyond physical requirements such as energy for homes and resources. The Ark that is referred to in many of your scriptures, as Noahs Ark, or the Ark of the Covenant, applies to much more than what is revealed in your historical scriptures. It is a stargate, however not in the concept of many of your modern day portrayals. It is known as the source-consciousnesss-quantum, or bridge to the fourth spacial dimension. Your CERN or Large Hadron Collider are indeed one of these types of devices. It has been symbolized in many forms, such as the torus or the thornlet. It is capable of harbouring the cosmic consciousness as a toroidal ring in the third dimension, which allows communication with the fourth spacial dimension due to the multiconnectiveness of the toroidal geometry. This is due to there being a 'hole' in the 'doughnut' of the topological deformation of the doughnut into a singular connected spherical encompassment. A 'Hole to Infinity" in three dimensional geometry. Those of your scientists who discovered this, known as the "Math of God", were able to communicate with higher dimensional consciousness through thoughtforms. This is what triggered the great wave of technology in the early to mid twentieth century of your time. New ideas began to form after seeing this technology, and this is infact, the fourth dimensional consciousness. It is a multiversal symbol, indeed, it is creation.

Thought is, thought creates. In the coming days being mindful of your thoughts will be very important. Staying grounded and remaining compassionate, yet emotionally stable will serve you in the best ways. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light


Particle Colliders


June 25, 2012, 6:53 pm
Correct, they are smaller versions of the LHC. There has been a continual progress of this science leading up to the LHC. This LHC is nothing new.

The scientific use of those particle accelerators is to speed up the particles, smash the particles against each other repeatedly and study the collisions over and over again to detect what kinds of forces and matter exist that we are not able to observe directly. In the 1950s we confirmed the existence of antiprotons with such a machine.

How do we go from these particle accelerators to wormholes, then? Is it going to be claimed that scientists are being paid massive sums of money to perpetuate a hoax, that these are not particle accelerators as claimed but actually wormhole creators, hidden from the public?

If you study the science behind the Bevatron and Tevatron [and the LHC], you see they were a bunch of magnets to be able to hold the particle beam and circle it around [instead of it flying off]. This part of the science makes sense. How do you go from that to making these magnets create a wormhole, though? How do you control where it ends up? That part makes no sense.

I'm here on this site because I am open to learning new things, but when claims like these are made it all seems so depressing. It makes it seem that this information is not channeled at all, but comes from a schizophrenic person who makes up things on the fly continually, incorporating concepts and terms that come from science fiction shows [ie: Stargate SG1 = Wormholes]. If this is true, actions like these is seriously muddying the waters of the channeling spectrum.

I loved Seth from Jane Roberts because it seemed like he didn't care about flowery language and beating around the bush or coming up with ridiculous things. He had a point to make and he didn't stop until he had made that point. Jane would not channel for several weeks and when she resumed channeling Seth picked up right where he left off as if nothing had happened.



June 25, 2012, 3:28 pm
They are smaller versions of the LHC. They are attempting to create an artificial wormhole. Attempting and ARTIFICIAL are the key words. We are all capable of accessing wormholes with consciousness because that is what consciousness is. It is a toroid. That is what our EM field is. But our energy centers or chakras are corrupted. An artificial toroid would make it possible for beings to time travel with external technology. But this is the goal of those obsessed with the external illusion and control of the masses. Individuals can time travel by steering consciousness where you want it to go. You can enter any time line you like with focus. How do you think beings are able to stick around after they "die" or leave their bodies? They problem is they are confused about where they are because they did not die enlightened or AWAKE. Whatever you focus on becomes your reality.

No Idea


June 23, 2012, 2:37 pm
Those who are woefully clueless about science expose their ignorance in this message.

The LHC is a stargate? Really?

What was the Bevatron then?

The Tevatron?

Did they use THOSE as stargates too?


"With The Advancements Of


June 23, 2012, 2:36 pm
"With the advancements of technology will come the liberation of the inhabitants of this planet. In ways far beyond physical requirements such as energy for homes and resources."

This is what I have been saying. When we reach a certain point technologically External needs become obsolete. That is why it makes no sense for certain messages to claim they will give us technologies to power our homes for free and we will have a new financial system. That is only the option for humans that don't have access to unlimited energy and natural abilities. External technologies can still be a part of the 3d experience and a choice for those that want it but if you have your own light body, clairvoyance/remote viewing/teleportation/ and your want the earth to be pure and left alone, why do you need their external technologies? This is the choice we were being told we would have to make. Either you are a sovereign god with the powers to remote view and teleport with your light body or you are a fallen being that has to use external technologies to experience the world. Your eyes and ears are tools for experiencing the EXTERNAL world. So any technology someone offers you that requires your EYES and ears and HANDS is external experience of a 3d being in the 3rd density realm verses being sovereign being with access to all dimensions.


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