Message For The Depressed?

Message For The Depressed?

by ceevee

July 3, 2012, Comments(1)
Channeling and channeled messages

ok here we embaressed to say this but i think im being told too.this goes to al the seriously depressed individuals

im not talking about having a bad day talking clinical.

i dont know how this will be received but i know this is the truth and wanted to let u know

you feel this way because you are special.depression is a side effect of something special in a way.

think of it as depression is your engine over heating because its being ran on unheard levels.

figure out your gift.figure out how to do what your supposed to do.know that you are experiencing this because you

hold onto something that others dont.its a sign of a blessing.our physical bodies are reacting the only way they know

how to something that it does not understand.and depression is the outcome.

i also feel these anti depressant drugs are being givin to hinder those who have this takes away the

positive side of depression that i stated earlier.

this is what im being told to say.please dont shoot the only mean to spread love.

Thank You For Having The

Dancing Leaf

September 11, 2012, 6:11 pm
Thank you for having the courage to post what you were told. i am depressed and your message helps me see things a little differently. i know i am stunted in my spirituality, i dont always get the chance to express myself and my beliefs and practises. i see from what you said that i can work harder to use my freedom to rectify this.
Thanks again


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